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Positive Reviews of Jersey Eau de Parfum by Chanel

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Light musky floral that has a great dry down base to it - almost chocolatey or dusty cocoa. The opening grass notes thankfully don't last too long before Jersey lingers around a wonderful floral melody. Much like I'm finding with other perfumes from the Les Exclusifs line, the best parts shine after a good hour after initial application.
29th December, 2018
The edp version of Jersey is very similar to the discontinued edt, but I like it slightly more. It's a touch softer and rounder. The edt was so sharp, I felt like it's the kind of thing that could bring on a headache, and I don't get that feeling with the edp. At the same time, it's not that different, and I don't think it's lost any of the allure.

I still smell it as an iris-dominant (orris root) fragrance. It's sweeter than the edt, but just barely.

It's a great fragrance. With some minor changes, I think Chanel has improved it from the edt version.
20th October, 2018