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Neutral Reviews of Love by Victoria's Secret

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Bland, light, weak and neutral fruity floral like many others.
17th January, 2020
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United Kingdom
There is a apricote notes that I first get, and it is a bit bland. Then and very generic juniper arises, with whiffs aid an equally indistinct muguet. With time it’s sweetness becomes thickly, with notions of molasses developing. The fragrance note describes as ‘boyfriend T-shirt accord’ strikes me as too vague and a marketing gimmick, as this can take and many contrasting smells.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and a fairly limited longevity of four hours.

This spring scent is very synthetic and generic. 2.25/5.
14th January, 2020

Smells pleasant, but anything but memorable.....
04th January, 2018
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