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Positive Reviews of Eau Duelle Eau de Parfum by Diptyque

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This is fairly different from Eau Duelle edt. It is less lean and clear, with a prominent ambroxan-vanilla-powder ambiance, a people pleasing combination, yet my chypre nose ends up wanting more complexity after wearing it a while because it’s a long-lasting fragrance (most of a day). I will probably experiment with layering other fragrances. But on it’s own, I can honestly say it’s lovely, soft and pleasing, a compliment-getter.
22nd January, 2019
The Eau de Parfum
Top notes introduce a breath of Mandarin, mixes with the camphour of the Cardamom. Vanilla cloyness is non existent.
Altogether and balanced in scent.Leans Feminine, however definitely Unisex.

Circa 2017

Circa 2018

I wear this again, today, to recognize and appreciate it's natural pairing. I have to admit that I have recommended this, often, as a beautiful scent to highlight Vanilla.
It's Ambroxinized abstract carries a memorable accord.
23rd September, 2018
-4th of May 2018-
I have come in by chance on this link, repairing that this marvel (2013) has not been reviewed yet.

So is the world of perfume, ladies and gentlemen, just like the world in general.

You: I don't need to remind you because you're right next to me.

I invoke you today, so that in the future the old wise men will remember you, know your secret, and know, that in certain years ago good perfumes were made.
04th September, 2018
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