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Positive Reviews of Acqua di Gi˛ Profumo Special Blend by Giorgio Armani

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Feels like a cross in intensity between the original AdG and AdG Profumo, with some nice spice and incense thrown into the mix!

The AdG Profumo Special Blend certainly has a livelier, more classy quality to it that makes it a bit discernibly different than the basic Profumo. I wore it and it lasted all day on me, never becoming cloying nor boring in the least. I really enjoyed the mix of patchouli, sage, incense, et. al. that give Special Blend a feel-good, slightly warmed-down vibe that seems to work well in cooler weather.

Worth a check if you already appreciate the original AdG scents (save for the new Absolu, *sigh*) and would like to experience a fresh retake on their proven formulas.
03rd April, 2018
I love Profumo, so naturally I figured I would love the special blend, and I do.

It is quite hard to tell the difference initially...the only listed difference is the substitution of the aquatic notes in the original profumo for sea or marine notes in the Special Blend. The bottle of Special Blend also makes the distinction that the patchouli is from Guatemala.

So what is the difference? SB seems more vibrant, more green on top, and more alive overall. If I had the choice between the 2 I would pick the SB every time. If you cannot smell the difference (many won't) then it's a moot point.
30th December, 2017