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Positive Reviews of L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Or Encens by Issey Miyake

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Gorgeous rethink of L'Eau d'Issey.

Issey's Or Encens adds a fabulous mix of spiciness with daring cumin and exotic Brazilian pink peppercorn, a definite lifting up of the original's yuzu-cinnamon-vetiver-amber foundation. Incense is subtle, and in the base is a great collection of woods that add depth via cedar, sandalwood, and interesting pine-like amberwood essence. And the rose puts a classy touch to what is a great night-time fragrance fit for cooler weather.
11th September, 2018
First sniff: disorderly dark spicy woody oudy ambery; NOT for the faint of nose.

Like Noir Ambre, this is a niche quality fragrance available from a designer. I can see this never dipping below its current offer price; my advice is to buy it if you like it.

It takes a minute to settle on your skin, considering the one-two punch that is the head and mid notes (rose + labdanum to incense and pepper, yikes!).

Would not wear this in the summer: too spicy and dense.
25th February, 2018