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Neutral Reviews of Replica Music Festival by Martin Margiela

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Right out of the gate with this one I get a blast of apple, followed by the cannabis accord, which to my nose smells smokey, a bit sweet, and also smells reminiscent of some other aromatic green herbs. I find it to be an interesting note, and one of my all time favorite's (Black Afgano) uses the note as well, although to much greater effect.

As it starts to dry down, the apple moves to the background and is replaced by a hint of pipe tobacco, burning incense, and patchouli. However, to my nose, the cannabis is still the main player here. Later, Cypress comes in to play, which along with the Cannabis makes this fragrance quite green to my nose. I also detect some brown suede in the background which adds a nice base to the scent. However, I didn't see Leather listed as a note on the MM website, so perhaps my nose is playing tricks on me.

The performance on this one is average for me. The sillage isn't really all that strong (although perhaps that's a good thing *wink wink*); the scent lasts about 6 hours on my skin.

Overall, I actually really enjoyed this one. I'm not sure if it actually smells like Woodstock, and frankly, I don't really care as it smells quite nice. However, I still think this one is more of a novelty than anything else; I'm not really sure how often I would wear this (if at all) if I owned a bottle. While it smells good, I would prefer to smell this one via a candle rather than via perfume.
13th December, 2018