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Neutral Reviews of This is Not a Blue Bottle 1.5 by Histoires de Parfums

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I really like the concept of using all synthetics for a perfume, much as I found 4160 Tuesdays Alpha and Beta intriguing. This is my first sampling of the This is Not a Blue Bottle series, which is considered a 'Yang' perfume. Ozonic and slightly minerally, there is a touch of woody almost cedar notes to 1.5. From what I understand the Karismal Super is really methyl dihydrojasmonate (hedione), which is more a fixer or floral additive with some citrus and I admit it was hidden by the Ambroxan notes, which keep coming across to me as that cedar/wooden note.

1.5 was definitely not my style at all and the short time it was on my skin, about 3 hours, was honestly a blessing for my nose. My husband was unable to really detect 1.5 so this is best as a 'concept'. This does layer well with other perfumes (experiment at your own risk!) and helps boost certain notes or take some to the next level.
11th January, 2019