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Scent Tattoo.
The Grapefruit, Currant opening set against the Smoke and Floral whine of Peau d'Espagne is novel and presents a striking picture. For me,though, this sets off a Smoke of Electrical Carbon Resistor burn. Top it off with a dollop of relentless Marine Note and you have a scent, that does, do better on your clothing than skin.
Ultimately,this dries down Ugly.
Perhaps that's the point.
For this kind of thing, Beautiful, I reach for Blackbird's Taiga with it's Incense and Green Peppercorn and J. Hannah Co.'s Sloloo Silkiness.
11th August, 2018
Novel idea, hindered by the fact that it badly needs dilution. Otherwise a lovely honeyed leather accord. The drydown (that never goes away) smells like straight-up coumarin. Not terrible, but also not wearable.
02nd August, 2018