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Neutral Reviews of Bleu de Chanel Parfum by Chanel

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This is an underwhelming flanker. It doesn’t smell like a Chanel fragrance to me. It smells like something they outsourced. It smells like a mix of other synthetic-dominant perfumes on the shelves.

The opening is recognizably a Bleu de Chanel flanker, but depressingly disappointing; the kind of thing that could give someone a headache, or just a feeling of deflation that Chanel has sunk to this.

As it develops, though, it gets better, and goes a long way toward redemption. The opening is neutral leaning thumbs down, but the base is a more upbeat neutral.

The original edt had a promising opening, but disappointing development and base. It would be nice if they could bring some of the base notes from this parfum version into the edt.

The edt is the best of this series, to my nose. With the edp and now this parfum, I feel like the wheels have come off. They're not to my taste, at least.
10th February, 2019 (last edited: 11th February, 2019)
This one just doesn’t last long enough on my skin; the frag is AWESOME, but I’m not shelling out $150 if it’s gonna die out in 4hours.

A wonderful scent, but it lacks sillage and longevity for me.
10th February, 2019
If you're reading this, I'd mention that Wild Gardener's review below is spot on.

While I like the idea of Bleu (men's aftershave in the 21st century ?), I don't like the EdT (too scratchy-synthetic) or the EdP (smoother but too quiet and indistinctive). Parfum addresses the two concerns by being a smoother, richer (and somewhat 'dense') variation of the same idea. The grapefruit-geranium is polished, sleek, followed by a woody dry down that's subtly sweet. One good thing: very restrained sweetness, even more so on (my) skin than on paper. However, it's too meek, too quiet, and I wonder what is the point? I would have loved an expansive version of this that would form a bubble of Bleu. Duration is very much middle of the road. It lasts less than Egoiste or Antaeus on my skin (and my bottles are recent).

26th January, 2019
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Fruit purée, fougère, spiky woods.
02nd December, 2018
Very rounded with a powdery, grandma aura in the drydown. This one didn't get me.

EDT has the sharpness and fluffiness, feel of freedom of spirit that I want and appreciate.

EDP is more rounded, refined and mature. I can respect that.

PARFUM is too soft, too quiet, too meek. It kind of lacks "the world is mine" type of awesomeness and I dare say it lacks toughness.

Originality: 3/10
Scent: 6/10
Longevity 9/10
Projection 4/10
08th July, 2018
I'm going back and forth with this new Parfum.

It has both prominent notes from EDT (citruses, ginger, frankincense) and EDP (tonka bean, amber, sandalwood).

What I would add is an extra addition of cedarwood which actually was not that prominent neither in EDT nor in EDP.

For me it's about 60% EDP and 40% EDP decanted together into one Parfum bottle.

Might be bottle worthy - still - depending on price...
10th June, 2018