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Positive Reviews of La Lanterne Rouge Extrait de Parfum by Auphorie

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This unusual hyper-sweet perfume is like an olfactory representation of far-Eastern pop romantic sensibility – bright, busy, with an abundance of satin bows, hearts and all things ‘cute’; so over the top it can’t but be sincere. And, yet, if that sounds off-putting, disregard that description, as we are dealing here with an impressive feat of balance. Behold, sandwiching the saturated sweet notes is a leathery saffron zinging across the top and an amazing aged wood accord in its depths, apparently inspired by Chinese red Dalbergia wood furniture, soft, deep, with a kind of burnished feel to it that really does call to mind antique furniture in dimly lit perfectly appointed salons.
And then there’s the heart and soul of the perfume – sweet riches that seem completely exotic to my nose, fruity tones overlapping with honeyed florals in a novel, unforgettable mix. I know what the numerous suggested components smell like – dates, osmanthus, peony, mandarins – and yet I couldn’t have pinned them down in this perfume. It’s a heady, enticing mix, airy and diffusive, a scented street full of promise one can’t help but head down.
So far so fantastic, but one needs a sweet tooth to stay the course with this one, as in the deep dry-down both the saffron and the woody notes dissipate leaving a marshmallow core of ootchy cootchy hearts and flowers. It still maintains my interest, but I can imagine it may be touch excessive for some wearers.
18th June, 2018 (last edited: 26th June, 2018)