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Positive Reviews of Acqua di Gi˛ Absolu by Giorgio Armani

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i cannot understand all the negative ratings, this juice smells better that many niche and so called sophisticated fragrances on the market i understand is not unique or groundbreaking ask me if i care? this juice is beautiful,youthful smells amazing and will give you crazy compliments if that is not enough for you then oh well is your loss.
31st January, 2019
I'll keep this short: This is Acqua di Gio with maturity. I could easily discern the original, with a new spicy / woodsy addition. The opening quite clearly has pear and apple notes. The dry down reveals Geranium and Lavender blended together so well they're difficult to identify individually. Rosemary adds the rough spice note as it leads you into the base notes of Rock Rose and Tonka Bean. The "woody" note(s) I think may be Cedarwood & Sandalwood...subtle and not heavy-handed. I think for Acqua di Gio fans, this formula would be appropriate for evenings out or in the boardroom. It's still ADG, but with some seriousness and maturity added. The price is a bit high because it's new...most high end stores will give you a sample vial. Give it a free test drive.
20th December, 2018
Starts out slightly aquatic, but quickly turns into a sweet woody fragrance. I actually like this one. Not as good as the original or Profumo, but this can hang in there with the best in it's class. 8/10
12th July, 2018
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