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Negative Reviews of Fougère d'Argent by Tom Ford

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First thought was that it has a very common masculine profile. The lavender on top of the ginger and akigalawood seems to be the basic structure. There is something just a tad spice-like in the opening that never quite blooms into being. Overall, it reminds me of the Brut I splashed on after shaving earlier, though smelling of a completely different class of quality. Nicely blended, and I would almost hazard to say subtle for a fougere and for Tom Ford fragrances I've tried in general. It seems like many times that less potent "jump" from the opening in parfums leads to increased longevity, but that is sadly not the case for me here. Granted, I did not moisturize before sampling, but this settled to a skin scent surprisingly quick, and morphs into its final stage in about an hour. Here it is a vaguely woody with a very faint hint of labdanum, but I really have to bury my nose in here to pick it up. An updated version of a classic scent. To me, this is to Brut what Viking is to Old Spice. I like the scent, and an updated fougere would be an awesome thing to have this day and age, but the performance here is just bad. Bad enough that I'm knocking it all the way down to a thumbs down.
15th March, 2019
All I smell is woodyambers/norlimbanol/karmawood, call it agikalarshmood or whatever , smoother than the usuals but stll very much derivative . I don’t dig it.
Performance is tepid at best.
29th November, 2018 (last edited: 30th November, 2018)
poor performer
the opening is explosive
after a few minutes the scent

is just a skinscent!
19th October, 2018
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