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Neutral Reviews of Neandertal Dark by Neandertal

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Homo isoprene

Despite its copy waxing poetic about capturing the textural sensations of foliage and animalic depths, Neandertal Dark is more Encino Man than Quest for Fire. Throughout its development, Dark is synthetic and contemporary rather than organic and natural.

Opens with herbaceous green notes, grapefruit and geranium but a plasticky smoke soon takes over the fragrance. The burning rubber edge becomes less pronounced in the dry down, transforming into a more general smoke and ink while a touch of leather and amber warmth emerge. The fragrance remains pretty clean throughout in that it's skank-free.

Despite the difficult sounding notes, it is relatively easy to wear. It smells "niche" but don't expect the acrid smoky brusqueness of Fazzolari's Lampblack or Zoologist's T Rex. Within two hours, Dark is quite soft and tame on my skin. Fans of Bvlgari Black might like this.
22nd December, 2019