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Reviews of Jasmin des Anges by Christian Dior

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Arguably feminine niche fragrance from Christian Dior.

Jasmine certainly takes center stage as the dominant note overall, along with strong backing from the luscious apricot, peach and osmanthus (not listed above) which create a citrus-aromatic quality to this lovely scent.

Sillage is fairly low, though it feels slightly higher than a skinscent still. Lasts a decent length of time.

30th November, 2018
Very pretty and despite being a light fragrance clings to me for the best part of the day. I especially love it in my hair and it lasts well on clothing. I wish the sillage was a little stronger as I love it so much. Pricey as one would expect for Collection Privee but better than some for the longevity.
15th September, 2018