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Positive Reviews of L'oscar pour Homme by Roja Dove

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Fresh, woody-spice jewel of a scent from Roja Dove, an ode to the Hotel L'Oscar located at Southampton Row, London.

L'Oscar begins with tangy grapefruit, followed by a lush bloom of florals sprinkled with bright baies rose (pink pepper) and black pepper, tasty brown nutmeg, and various accords of greenness (galbanum), earthiness (vetiver, oakmoss), and fragrant cedar and sandal woods). The overall combination is aromatic, dancing about with spice and dry, sensual wood.

I smell opulence aplenty here! The L'Oscar is a converted Baptist church house, now a decadent, amazing 39-bedroom hotel experience. The scent itself is rife with rich, elegant notes that help me to envision that luxury place.

Quite a rare scent, hard to obtain except in decant form.
11th January, 2019