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Positive Reviews of Tuscan Creations : Terra Rossa by Salvatore Ferragamo

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Siena is a city in Tuscany, Italy; "Terra Rossa" is meant to pay homage, in the typical Ferragamo manner, to this place via this thoughtfully crafted fragrance. Siena is "...a magical adventure, a trip through many landscapes, from dense woodlands to old farms, from clay hills to stupendous paths" (according to the site).

And although I haven't been there, I can say that this scent does a great job inferring a visit to this place!

A rich, ambery-balsamic experience, Terra Rossa opens with a nice citrus-rose salvo, going into heart notes that I usually expect in the base (i.e. labdanum and patchouli) but experience immediately after spray-on. Amber and tonka round things out to this pungent scent.

I can wear this as a man without feeling awkward, and ladies may enjoy it as well esp. if they enjoy patchouli-amber type scents.
14th October, 2018