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Negative Reviews of Cairo by Penhaligon's

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When I first sprayed this it seemed really familiar. A lovely sweet and spicy Saffron, Rose and Oud combo... then within a second or two it came to me. This smells exactly like Monotheme Black Oud available from Marks & Spencers for £17.00. I'd go as far to say that MBO is actually more potent and better in the dry down too.

Penhaligon's are infamous for overpricing what in effect are designer fragrances that should sell at £60.00 but in this instance they really are taking the mick. At £170.00 this is ten times the price of Monotheme Black Oud. I'd recommend that you pop into M&S and save yourself £153.00. You can thank me later too! ;)
03rd December, 2019