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Tabac Vert and Vintage Tabarome

Upon application (TV on L, VT on R), these two smell quite a bit alike.

This is the first time I have ever smelled VT (THANK YOU!!!!) and knowing I could be headed for heartbreak (completely unaffordable), I was grateful for what could be a cheaper alternative...

But as they both developed, differences emerged - where-as the TV was in my mind Spring Green, VT was more Golden. Now, I get that my description is somewhat unusual, but I often think in color and texture. Plus, I'm not sure I can actually ADD to everyone's impressions - they are all so spot-on...but I digress.

TV was really the winner until the dry-down - and VT won. I mean, it REALLY smelled amazing - and I was not really in the "mood" for a warm, amber scent, but it was truly elegant. Don't get me wrong - the TV was still lovely, but it smelled to me more "dry". It was not bad, but I needed some moisture in the dry-down, and VT gave it.

Over-all, if you love VT, and cannot afford the crazy eBay pricing, TV is an excellent substitute. I would possibly consider TV FBW based on quality, scent and price. I would definitely buy a decant.
28th February, 2019
The initial blast I get is akin to paint thinner. But this blast is short lived (say 90 seconds) to an acrid tobacco leaf. Over the next hour the tobacco cedes to the cedar, and both mingle closely while not joining together in an accord. About an hour and a half in it reads to me as a dusty cedar. Elegant.

I get the wood paneled cigar room motif mentioned. Its close, but to me it smells like a wood paneled study in a rich old house. The same décor and ambiance, but there has not been anything smoked in this room except maybe a nightly pipe in a long time. Nothing ashy or burnt, just many leather bound books on the wall and assorted trinkets from a life well-lived.
I enjoyed this more each time I smelled/sampled/wore it.
I saw someone mention a makeup bag, or powdered makeup. This is one of those things that if I think about it while I smell this, they do smell similar. But if I am not thinking about it, it doesn't draw that to my mind.
06th February, 2019
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United States
With a name like Tabac Vert, I expect a plant still in the ground, not this delicious pipe tobacco in a paneled man cave. Rich, sweet, with amber and maybe sandalwood. There is also a powdery underbelly that suggests face powder. The waft is rather fruity. As it dries down, there is less tabac and more face powder. For some reason the whole experience makes me think of sitting in a speakeasy; makes me feel rich and famous, going incognito.
06th February, 2019
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This one has been suggested to have similarities to Creed Vintage Tabarome which is my favorite Creed. These are my thoughts.

For the first few minutes the opening was bright and invigorating, this I believe is the bergamot note. The opening of Tabac Vert I would say is the closet in resemblance to VT. The tobacco and pepper starts to emerge giving it a darker and dry feel. In addition, the mossy accord begins to take effect thanks to richness of the oakmoss present in the scent. The similarities are definitely there between the two scents. I do feel that TV is a bit more modernized than VT not exactly the same but it’s not far from it. I think if the average nose were to compare the two s/he wouldn’t be able distinguish the differences. The base contains wood notes provided by the sandalwood and cedar. The oakmoss never goes away in the drydown but becomes more subtle. A prominent tobacco based scent that really connects with the old world of fragrances. Wearing this I imagine myself in either two different places: a gentlemen’s club or at a barbershop.

For those who have never smelled Creed Vintage Tabarome or can’t afford it, Tabac Vert would be a great affordable alternative. Nothing will beat VT but this is probably the closet resemblance that I’ve smelled of it. I could see myself wearing this as a cheaper alternative to VT.
13th January, 2019
Aromatic leaves of tobacco warmed over a bed of dry cedar and resinous oakmoss. Tabac Vert eschews the conventionally heavier vanillic accoutrements in favor of a lighter brighter approach, resulting in an elegantly fresh woody chypre.

If Vintage Tabarome reminds one of wood-panelled cigar rooms in men-only clubs then Tabac Vert takes you elsewhere to a private bar with a cigarette on your lips and a glass of Old Fashioned in your hand.

04th December, 2018