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Positive Reviews of Beau de Jour by Tom Ford

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Does smell quite similar to Rive Gauche pH, which is to say it is an excellent barbershop scent with very good performance. Clean, soapy, spicy and pleasing, masculine florals.

I got very good projection for the first 4-5 hours and longevity for the skin scent was 8-9 hours.
14th February, 2019
Beau de Jour marks another great release from the Tom Ford Private Blend line in the wake of Fougere d'Argent, another creation that blends the modern and the classic in a seemingly heavy-handed nod to classic men's fragrances of decades past.

The key note in the fragrance is fresh, sharp lavender, further sharpened by geranium, with the herbal touch of rosemary, and supporting anchors of patchouli and amber. There are a few other additives but these are the main players that factor into my perception of the fragrance.

Again, to compare to FDA, as there's a natural sort of continuity, BDJ is sharper and a little more challenging to wear, but feels more like an "daytime all-day" fragrance, while FDA feels more apropos at night, and is slightly sweeter and overall easier to wear.

Moreover, BDJ, like, FDA, is a great performer, not in the uppermost tier of the Tom Ford Private Blend line (a high standard, for something, like Tobacco Vanille).

And, at $235 for 50ml, it's good that interesting new offerings are still in what is the LOWER tier of pricing for Private Blends, contra the higher end at $320 for 50ml. There are plenty of deals to be had on secondary markets or Facebook enthusiast groups.

Overall, a great release, and I hope to see more like these from Tom Ford, though I wonder how many they can realistically churn out like this and FDA without being too redundant.

8 out of 10
08th January, 2019