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Reviews of Jardin Exclusif by Mancera

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One of the new Mancera releases, Jardin Exclusif, is somewhat floral, as its name suggests, but it's mostly fruity. The ensemble of fruit notes (lemon, orange, blackcurrant, green apple, pear, peach) is significant and has an almost candy-like sweetness. It's bright, varied (only the blackcurrant sticks out significantly), and overall pretty playful, as most fruit medleys tend to be.

The florals and mixed dry down, therefore, serve mainly to temper the otherwise nearly-overwhelming fruity component. The florals (jasmine, rose, violet) aren't particularly provocative, nor is the base (amber, white musk, vanilla, sandalwood), but predictably the fragrance becomes less fruit-forward and more nuanced/blended over time. Still, it remains pretty darn fruity for hours.

Pricing is $180 for 120 ml retail through standard outlets like Osswald NYC and Beverly Hills Perfumery. Presumably, like most Montale and Mancera offerings, it'll end up end up with discounters.

Despite the slightly heady feeling of the opening, in particular, Jardin Exclusif is an interesting enough fragrance that's frankly easy enough to wear, but I don't regard it as special within Mancera/Montale's immense catalog. It's good, but not great.

7 out of 10
17th January, 2019