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Neutral Reviews of Gentle Fluidity (Silver Edition) by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

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A soft, warm aromatic juniper fragrance with a sweet pine-sap aroma and some spiciness via (most notably) nutmeg. Juniper has that sweet, fresh-piney green sap smell and here it’s the main accord driving the fragrance. If you’ve ever smelled the sugary sap note in CH Men or Bentley Momentum Intense, they’re a good reference point to get a handle on the dominating smell in Gentle Fluidity Silver, though the fragrances themselves are different enough so as to not require any further comparison. Fluidity has a smooth, blended, modern feel and stays close to the skin. It’s clean without relying on any white florals, musks, or lavender, and it’s one of MFK’s most easy, laid-back releases. At the same time, simultaneous releases (in this case Gentle Fluidity Gold and GF Silver) can often leave both feeling a little unfinished and incomplete. I can’t help but find myself wishing there was a little more here, something to make me raise my eyebrows or something to really sink my teeth into. It’s a nice enough fragrance (it’s very pleasant) but I don’t think I’m being unfair when I say that something is lacking. And it could just be performance. Silver is indeed gentle fluid, projecting no further than six inches off the skin and lasting about 5 hours. I’m not the kind of guy who typically complains about projection and longevity either, but I’d be doing you all a disservice if I didn’t mention Gentle Fluidity’s lackluster performance here. And while in some ways I enjoy a reserved scent, this one feels like it wouldn’t hurt to crank it up a couple notches and maybe add another dimension to it in terms of complexity. Final rating, 7/10

I'm giving this one a neutral, just short of a thumbs up. But it really feels like something is missing here, and without it, I can't give it a thumbs up.

Side note: Kurkdjian’s taken a departure here from his usual use of opulent floral notes and super-clean white musks, orange blossoms, and neroli. This is a fragrance that finally feels relaxed—still clean and composed—but completely at ease. It’s a smooth wear and it’s soft on the senses as well. Also, the aromatic warmth is good here, it adds to the relaxed nature of the fragrance and makes it even more comfortable to wear. Put Gentle Fluidity next to Amyris Homme in terms of its laid-back feel and simple, but enjoyable smell.
12th August, 2019
Mmm. Gin, tonic, vanilla pod, ambroxan. A very gentle fragrance that will offend nobody and most users will approve. A subtle Kurkdjian unisex creation that descends from the family line that produced APOM and Aqua Universalis. It is a pleasant fragrance, but I look at new scents from MFK with a skeptical eye after he sold the business last year to the big corporate players. Is it really good? Is it?
02nd August, 2019