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Positive Reviews of Aenotus by Puredistance

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A gorgeous and enveloping citrus. Cool and fresh notes dominate from top to base, though the overall effect is to wrap you in you in a warm buzz that (in my experience) lasts much longer than other complaints would lead you to believe.

True, this is not a projector. Still, at 48% oil concentration, I'm not convinced that volatility and launch of all of these essences was what the perfumers had in mind. Instead, this is a scent that you wear for yourself and the one lucky enough to get close to you. It's clean and green (or yellow... as bright lemon is the strongest of the citrus accord), freshened by mint and the sweetness of black currant. Unlike so many colognes, top notes do not disappear quickly to leave whatever base was deemed necessary to give the perfume weight. I think that's what I most appreciate in Aenotus; it's a citrus that retains its citrus throughout while holding its balance over the musks and oakmoss.

Aenotus is a shapeshifter, but not in a linear fashion. Again... the top doesn't fade and the bitter moss, petitgrain, or sparkling patchouli never take over. Instead, you get a carousel of the same notes that feel progressively closer and more distant (then closer again) as the scent spins on your skin.

Another exceptional (errrr... 'master' ?) perfume from Puredistance and one quite unique to the line of traditionally dense and heavy sillage monsters. It's the freshest and most uplifting (yes, I'm even looking at you, "white") of the range. Safe in a crowd, long lasting (I do suggest you aim for the clothes and one spritz to the hair), exceptionally beautiful, and completely unisex.
24th August, 2019