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Positive Reviews of Fougère L'Aube by Rogue Perfumery

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Smells like a fougere. Green clean and just a bit of sharpness. Soapy clean oakmoss similar to Mousse. A few hours in I started to smell something just a pinch spiced. Good longevity, though not as beastly as Mousse Illuminee, but then again, what is? Thumbs up. Worth a sample is fougeres are your bag.
19th March, 2019
The scent opened with a fresh bergamot with a green galbanum note. The opening was crisp and refreshing going along the lines of Creed Green Irish Tweed. Not exactly the same scent but does have some similarity. Lavender florals emerged in the heart that blends with the existing galbanum. I do pick up on a violet leaf note that is present in GIT. I definitely pick up a dominating fougere here. A few hours in the florals started to taper off while the oakmoss and wood notes started to creep in. Some of the magic from the fougere effect is lost but is replaced with the mossy accord that we're used to seeing that is present in some of the other rogue scents. Decent longevity and silage. I must say It carries a timeless feel similar to GIT that it could fit in with the modern times. Overall I would consider this a gentlemen like scent, formal, classy, and clean. If one enjoys the smell of Creed Green Irish Tweed, one will likely enjoy Fougere L'Aube. Great work Manny!
14th March, 2019