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Personally, I find Aventus Cologne a fairly disappointing experience. After seeing other people's reviews my expectations had been managed but I still couldn't give more than a neutral for this.

It opens with a generic freshness that's followed up by a synthetic undercurrent of "nice smell". It's not unpleasant at all but it just isn't great. It puts me in mind of Prada Luna Rossa. I'm not saying that the notes are the same but the experience is very similar. Generic, fresh, synthetic.

I love the original but I do feel that it hasn't aged well due to the saturation of sauvage and others making it a cliché to smell so boldly "nice". Every other dude at work or in the supermarket now strongly smells great. This flanker just falls even more into that designer led cliché. It's just a "sport" version of aventus which has ripped the heart out the original by stripping away everything which isn't fresh.

Still, neutral cause it smells nice.
10th November, 2019
As usual, Zealot Crusader hit the nail on the head - this is Aventus for a climate with killer summers. I’m about to head into an Australian summer and I like Aventus - surely I’m the target market?

Oddly enough a couple of days before I got my Aventus Cologne sample, I got a whiff of Mont Blanc Adventure on a testing strip. I like them both... but I just don’t like Aventus Cologne enough to fork out the money for it.

If I’m considering paying well above the going rate for most designer fragrances, I expect some originality on the behalf of the creator, not just good execution.

Neutral - it’s not bad per se, but I can’t recommend it and can’t see anyone but a diehard Creed brand advocate wanting it.
07th November, 2019
The truth is that Aventus Cologne smells pretty decent. The question remains....Was it needed? My answer is no!

AC is really just a sport version of the original. By sport I mean toned down, more of a generic type feel and overall slightly designer. I just don't get the point?? Are users that gravitate towards those type of scents going to blow a packet of this stuff?? I can't see it. Not when they have a multitude of choice for a 10th of the price. Creed is probably my favorite fragrance house and have no problems paying top dollar for a fragrance as long as it smells special. This does not.

01st August, 2019
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United States
A completely meaningless and uninspired flanker. Fresh citrus and fruits on top of Aventus light ... only to dry down to Aventus Ultra-light. Creed should have gone in the other direction by releasing Aventus Parfum or at least something less redundant.
02nd July, 2019 (last edited: 15th July, 2019)
Aventus Cologne...finally received; sent for a sample from Creed Boutique and it finally arrived today.

First spray, this reminds me of a fragrance I had back in my high school days Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani. Perhaps Acqua Di Gio with added oud.
The opening is very aquatic, fresh, citrusy, yet smoky all at the same time. As it dries down therein lies the original Aventus vibe, but a fresher citrusy feel.

Aventus Cologne is not as smoky and not as dark as the original. My wife's take on this is, that it is not as strong as the original nor is it as manly, but toned down and reserved.

Conclusion: A manly fragrance that is targeted for men; I like it, however not something I will rush out to purchase; My wife likes this more than the original Aventus, which I find interesting considering they are similar in style and genre.

Projection:6/10 (not a fragrance that will get you noticed)
Performance: 7/10
Longevity: 7/10
Silage: 7.5/10
14th June, 2019