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Positive Reviews of Saffron Tobacco by Korres

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This blend from Korres is for those of you who, like me, are tired of fragrance houses using honey, vanilla, or amber to smooth over the rough edges of spiced tobacco.

Korres Saffron Tobacco is a bit like an exotic spice shop or bazaar in a bottle, opening with a saffron blast that gives way to cacao-dusted tobacco and a woody base with skanky patchouli. It's a simple, efficient blend, one designed not to attest to the cleverness of the perfumer but the complexity of the notes, which compliment each other well. The ingredient quality is seemingly fairly high insofar as each note feels three-dimensional, and Saffron Tobacco makes a pronounced evolution from that dry, spicy, smoky saffron opening to a dirty chocolate-patch drydown (for those who fear the word "chocolate," whatever is going on here is much too earthy to qualify as a gourmand.

It's an EDT, and any higher concentration would be too much; this is fairly persistent, with enough airiness in the structure to let the notes flirt with one another without congealing together.
18th February, 2020