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Día De Los Muertos by Urban Scents

One of the better appointed smoky/rubbery-floral frankincenses in my personal olfactory experience. This juice conjures me intensely a favorite of mine, the muskier and equally citric-resinous Etro Messe de Minuit. Urban Scents Dia de los muertos is a superb assertive fragrance rich of liturgy and spirituality, a scent which evokes in my mind midnight masses impregnated by the aroma of burning incense and memories about juvenile walks around the churchyard's silent alleys pervaded by the aroma of flowers and "dust". Frankincenses, rubber, woody-smoky patchouli and citrus are heady but I'm quite sure several further notes are included in the blend (I suppose myrrh, balsams, musks and some floral patterns). The aroma is vaguely fizzy/acid for a while along the top stage, in order of sliding soon towards a spiritual fruity-floral aura incredibly pervasive (definitely obsessive) and almost "yummy" (yes it seems to stimulate senses and palate). I detect neroli in particular, a spicy neroli quite intense and "relentless" (the day of dead is pervaded by the aroma of flowers as well). I appreciate enormously the well calibrared juxtaposition of smokey resins and citrus/floral, overall enveloled by a sort of connective musky/amberish blanket. A wonderful evocative fragrance able to teleport us in to a southern medieval atmosphere countersigned by burning torches, secret ceremonies, massive nobiliar buildings, medieval towns and nocturnal masses. Excellent.
03rd December, 2019

Patchouli Intense / Patchouli Homme by Nicolaï

This incredibly handsome patchouli-fougere-mousse fragrance is thick and rich as shaving cream. I call it a mousse fragrance because it very well may be just as much about the wet, well-lathered moss as it is about green patchouli. There's no earthiness to be found here: just a balance between long-lasting, creamy-fougere notes and the more minerally, vitamin-esque side of moss and geranium. Light vanilla peeks through toward the end. I often wear this to work, but sometimes, I even wear it when I'm having a stay-at-home day.
03rd December, 2019

Smoke Show by Vilhelm Parfumerie

A slightly fruity vetiver that is subtle after the first couple of minutes and barely lasts even two hours. It's nice enough, and wears well in Fall/late Fall, but does not tempt me to purchase more than a sample.
03rd December, 2019
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Cairo by Penhaligon's

When I first sprayed this it seemed really familiar. A lovely sweet and spicy Saffron, Rose and Oud combo... then within a second or two it came to me. This smells exactly like Monotheme Black Oud available from Marks & Spencers for £17.00. I'd go as far to say that MBO is actually more potent and better in the dry down too.

Penhaligon's are infamous for overpricing what in effect are designer fragrances that should sell at £60.00 but in this instance they really are taking the mick. At £170.00 this is ten times the price of Monotheme Black Oud. I'd recommend that you pop into M&S and save yourself £153.00. You can thank me later too! ;)
03rd December, 2019
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United Kingdom

Hiris by Hermès

Iris, carrot and coriander are the unequivocal component ms in the opening triad. The iris is delicious in its intensity and quite typical in its character; this a clean iris The carrot is well done too, and the coriander with its slightly tart touches blends in very well. This quite a unique opening.

The drydown add bundles of dry hay, combined with a rose that is rather light, a bit mundane and more in the background on me. Hints of néroli add a bit of brightness.

The iris still is going strong, and does so well into the base. Touches of a dry almond-infused vanilla and of cedarwood are present, but they are very weak compared with the earlier stages. A musky undertone owed to the ambrette seed joins in at a later sees it out until the end.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

In this autumnal scent it is the first half that truly convinces, be it by the good representation of the iris, or by the original approach that is taken. The second half is less titillating, but it is crafted well always. Overall 3.5/5.
03rd December, 2019

Santal Royal by Guerlain

Red Door for the 21st century, but "unisex".

This is a scrubber.... Glad it's only a sample.

Honestly, this is the absolute last Guerlain I'll ever try.

Edit: After 15 minutes of pure olfactory punishment, I wrapped a washrag around a bar of soap and took a few mils of skin off in the shower.

And I may need to repaint my bedroom, as there was a thick fog of Santal Red Door Royal hovering over the bed. AFTER the scrub session..... So if nuclear beastmode Red Door is your thing, well roll around for a week with a spritz of Santal Royal.
03rd December, 2019

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

I can remember pretty much every detail of my first experience with this because it was that significant to me. I bought it blind, mail order and it was one of the 30ml bottles (they no longer do) because my budget couldn’t stretch any further. I’d read numerous articles relating the names of famous wearers and thought ‘this must be some good shit’.

I’d had it delivered to work but left early the previous day so missed it arriving. On my way in the following morning, I stopped by the post room and picked up the package. I was a smoker at the time so made my way to the area designated for toxic outlaws like me and as it was still early, there was nobody else around. I hastily got the box open stopping only for a moment to admire the bottle and cap. In an instant I got the first spray out onto the back of my hand, held my hand up to my nose and everything changed. Everything I thought I knew about fragrance went out of the window in one breath. I’d never smelled anything of this quality before. Did I expect it to have a Cool Water vibe? Of course I did but I never expected anything quite as incredible as this. Multi-faceted, layered, complex and yet transparent, refined and reserved. It almost shouts politely.

To say there is no difference between this and Cool Water is pure ignorance. The two are undeniably similar but it’s the detail. It’s like comparing a fake Rolex to the real thing. At first glance they may look identical but on closer examination, the differences become not only apparent but blatantly obvious.

To date this is my favourite Creed. I went on to try Millisime Imperial, loved it but wasn’t bowled over by how light it was. I then went for Royal Water, also nice but it just didn’t seem like something I would wear.

I’ve sampled others; Erolfa, Virgin Island Water, Original Vetiver, Silver Mountain Water, Himalaya, Original Santal (and of those Silver Mountain Water and Himalaya stand out the most as being truly excellent) but none of them had the same effect on me as Green Irish Tweed.

Is it Green? Yes. Irish? God knows. Tweed? Utter nonsense. Who cares??

I recently revisited with a new bottle and there has been a change for sure and I think it’s the Peppermint that stands out in the current version. Never-the-less it still has that thing about it that just does it for me.

To date, and after some 20+ years of being a fragance enthusiast, this remains my Holy Grail fragrance, the one I’d take to the desert island if I had to pick only one and it wouldn’t even be a hard choice. That may change but it’s about 15 years since I first smelled this and nothing has even come close since.

To liken it to others; yes there’s Cool Water, also Freshman by Truefitt and Hill but it is the quality of this that really stands it apart.
02nd December, 2019

L'Art de la Guerre by Jovoy

Beautiful apple & rhubarb fragrance from one of my favorite houses. There is also a dash of lavender & nutmeg. Unlike most Jovoy fragrances this one does wear a tad light. Not my style but very nice.

02nd December, 2019

Pourpre d'Automne by Violet

A lipstick perfume done right – all the chalky, waxy, soft sweetness in a light and easy to wear creation. For me there are three main elements to Pourpre d’Automne held in elegant harmony – a softly powdered and gently diffusive violet at the forefront, backed by smooth and fatty iris to tease out that olfactory memory of lipsticks of a bygone age, and a judicious does of red rose in the heart giving a little something more until it fades out again. There are many perfumes in this vein by now – and they usually feature iris and/or violet. And while Pourpre makes a better stab at it than most in the early stages, by the drydown it gets denser and somewhat rooty, losing its advantage.
02nd December, 2019

Musk by Lorenzo Villoresi

Silken rose, expressed in a downy, powdery style with the added warmth and comfort of cardamom, sandal and vanilla. A classic floral oriental in many ways but without the heavy hips. I find the overall effect extremely soothing, an invitation to doze and dream. At first, musk, clean or otherwise, is not what this perfume seems to be about, but after a few hours a close-to-the skin muskiness begins to cloud it over, moving it in a decidedly more grown up, sensual direction.
02nd December, 2019

Join The Club : More Than Words by Xerjoff

Could a Montale perfumer be moonlighting for Xerjoff on this one? It’s a big, brash synthetic oud drenched in sour woody and syrupy rose-like floral notes pulled out of the bottom drawer. Underneath is a musky much of a muchness; I think an ambergris effect was being aimed at. More Than Words seems like an apt name – one does feel rendered a bit speechless by the gall. Subsides into a sweet ambery oud-type perfume of dull familiarity.
02nd December, 2019

Lumière de Venise by Chabaud Maison de Parfum

Too many Chabaud perfumes have an odd fuzzy haze around them – and this is one of them. It smells like a cross between knitting wool, a hot steam iron and scalp skin, and does nothing for the compositions. What is left of Lumière de Venise beyond this olfactory distraction is a bit of transparent rose and peach that may have been nice enough had they not been obscured by the woolly intruder. Eventually the whole thing slumps into a nondescript and frowzy fruity sweetness.
02nd December, 2019

I Love My Man by Dear Rose

A fusty rose perfume that is bound to attract a certain kind of wearer’s attention. If you like your roses smelling of lipstick and powder compacts, spiked by the trad spiciness of carnation and backed by an entirely expected woody resinous base, this one’s for you. For me, it’s a ‘could have been’, a decent composition betrayed by the nagging impression of thinness regarding ingredient quality that I get, rightly or wrongly, from all the offerings I’ve tried from this line. And then there’s the small matter of its utter pusillanimity once it has settled…
02nd December, 2019
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Marfa by Memo

Wow. This is one you're glad you tried the sample 1st. A little of this goes a long loud way. This leans way towards feminine and I'm male so not for me. Opens as a strong perfume of old type scent something my mom would like and she's 95. Middle notes tone down to become a more unisex type scent not so in your face as opening. Iris dominates thru the middle. As the Iris fades the woods and musk come thru but not enough to save it for me.
02nd December, 2019
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United Kingdom

Calèche Eau de Toilette by Hermès

In the original formulation the opening is a citrus l-based mix in lemon, orange, mandarin and a good dose of neroli on top of it. In spite of an Initial assumption to the opposite, this is not a refreshing citrus mix, but a bit darker and settles.

Most prominently, however, is an aldehyde that is very sharp and crisp initially, and makes its mark not only during the top appearance of the top notes, but throughout Calèche’s whole longitudinal development.

The heart notes are a floral potpourri: I get a lot of muguet, a bright and elegant rose, and an ylang-ylang that manages an intense creaminess that is nonetheless neither thick nor cloying. Iris and jasmine underscore the importance of traditional floral underpinnings in the extensive drydown, and whiffs of oleander round it off. Clearly the florals are at the core of the matter in the longitudinal progress of this olfactory journey.

An incense note, enforced by coumarin and oakmoss - the latter neither harsh nor loud but fitting in well - mark a turn to darker regions, enhanced by a bit of amber and musks in the background, whilst a tonka impression adds more sweetness to what the floral basked already provides - but still steering clear from being too heavy. Towards the end woody notes appear - cedarwood mainly on me. Apart from a dimly glowing vetiver in the back room the base is not such a bright affair. For the second half there is an civilisedly sumptuous powderiness accompanying the mix.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

Whilst this deliciously rich and complex scent for evening outings in spring and autumn is of classic and confident elegance and grandeur. In all its richness it never ceases to be refined. The only drawback is that the sheer load of ingredients - all of excellent quality though - makes and appreciation of all the details nigh impossible. Overall 3.75/5

02nd December, 2019

Gentle Fluidity (Silver Edition) by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

The "Gentle Fluidity" concept by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is rather novel: take the same ingredients and adjust the levels to create two separate perfumes of a pair, but leave them without gender designation so people can decide for themselves which is which. For my part the concept works, and while I have difficulty pegging which one should be masculine or feminine, I do find Gentle Fluidity [Silver Edition] (2019) to be the more office-safe, casual, and warm weather-friendly of the two. Gentle Fluidity [Gold Edition] (2019) is far warmer, sweeter, and much better for romantic evenings, formal use, or cold weather. There are no sharp edges, no herbal bitterness, no stoic professionalism on display with the gold iteration like there is with the silver version, meaning the gold version doesn't feel "masculine" in the traditional sense like the silver, and therefore might be pegged feminine by some. Of course, following this interpretation sort of goes against the point of expanding mental horizons with the intentionally-undefined line itself, but such as it is with people needing hard-cut gender boundaries in their fragrance selections, and no interpretation is really a wrong one anyway. Additionally, the Gentle Fluidity line itself is not your usual MFK fare, and doesn't rely on white florals or evident citrus notes to really push off like you might expect, but it does contain the same filigreed blending and synthetic sheen that Francis Kurkdjian favors.

The opening of Gentle Fluidity [Silver Edition] is very sharp and almost harsh. You have powerful juniper presented in almost a gin-like way with dusty nutmeg backing it up, smelling like a bottle of Bombay Sapphire at first before taking on a softer glow with a heart of coriander and ambroxan. Once Gentle Fluidity [Silver Edition] settles, it enters a groove similar to Creed Aventus (2010) or Montblanc Explorer (2019), but without all the fruity sweetness of the former or sage of the latter. Without any real discernible citrus note, this may be the driest take on the mega-popular masculine accord yet, with musk ambrette, vanilla, and norlimbanol creating the "ambery woods" effect of the base. There is less vanilla here than in Aventus, but the musk ambrette adds a bit more body in a different sense, even if the display of norlimbanol is scratchier than either Aventus or Explorer. The real star of the show here is that "gin accord" created by the juniper surrounded by whatever synthetics are in the top, so fans of that kind of smell should love Gentle Fluidity [Silver Edition]. Wear time is about 8 hours, and sillage is strong even if projection is not into the stratosphere, which is par for the course. People looking for a clean generalist will be bound to like the silver version of this over the gold, and I'm a gin fan so this ranks slightly higher in my book, although that isn't to say this scent is particularly boozy either, at least not according to what I consider boozy. There is no noticeable alcohol/cocktail vibe past the initial five minutes.

People who love Roja Parfums Elysium Pour Homme Cologne (2017) but wish it had more juniper in place of all the usual Roja Dove complexity will find this to be a better and slightly-cheaper alternative, even if neither of them are anything close to being a bargain. Naturally, having any similarity at all to Creed Aventus is an automatic cause for alarm among the sycophant armies that worship the scent as their personal liquid messiah and scrutinize every batch like they're looking for the Golden Ratio in every drop., but if you can ignore that highly-vocal and irrational minority of the fragrance community, you should find Gentle Fluidity [Silver Edition] to be just the kind of "everyday clean and mass-appealing" scent that Maison Francis Kurkdjian needed. Sure, the various colognes and Aqua lines could all arguably be called generalist and clean too, but they're too specific with their presentation of neroli or other citrus facets to be universal in appeal, plus don't have the versatility they need to deliver what this does. Gentle Fluidity [Silver Edition] is not your usual MFK, but also more familiar than you think, and very clever on the part of Francis Kurkdjian. Of course, people who need "for him" or "for her" won't find either Gentle Fluidity release very clever, but there are enough other MFK releases to satisfy them. Thumbs up.
02nd December, 2019

Exceptional Because You Are by Exceptional

I like this because it is not over powering and it's a nice floral with freesia and lilac. If you want a bold scent, this is not for you. If you want to over power others around with you a scent, this is not for you. The only thing I don't like about it is the plain packaging and strange name that doesn't seem to suit it very well. But I just bought a bottle of this because I like it and it smells clean and simple.
02nd December, 2019
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United States

No. 5 Eau de Cologne by Chanel

Thank you to the admins for adding the EdC! This is the concentration I recall my mother wearing in the 1970s, the one that seemed the most “modern” and “liberated” in character at that time, and the one she has tried to approximate since. It has long been discontinued, but I do not know the date (1990s?). I’d welcome comments from those of you with more expertise about the differences between incarnations of this classic scent.
02nd December, 2019

La Yuqawam pour Homme by Rasasi

Chemical mess, scent notes clash, something doesn't fit well at all with the tobacco, and the (sort of) raspberry is very synthetic.

Glad I was gifted a sample, which saved me from a(nother) bad blind buy..
02nd December, 2019

Gentle Fluidity (Gold Edition) by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

The "Gentle Fluidity" concept by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is rather novel: take the same ingredients and adjust the levels to create two separate perfumes of a pair, but leave them without gender designation so people can decide for themselves which is which. For my part the concept works, and while I have difficulty pegging which one should be masculine or feminine, I do find the Gentle Fluidity [Gold Edition] (2019) to be the warmer and more sensual of the pair, in addition to being louder as well. Gentle Fludity [Silver Edition] (2019) comes across as the more office-oriented or casual of the two, without as much sweetness, and no lingering sense of romance or sentimentality in the sillage like with the gold iteration. I suppose one could stretch this to say the gold one is more feminine because of its more emotional nature, while the silver one is more "down to business" and therefore masculine, but we run the risk of falling into close-minded gender stereotypes with this mindset. Fans of the Maison Francis Kurkdjian house might also notice a distinct lack of plush white florals and citrus notes that tend to run through most MFK creations, although the penchant for synthetic futurism and seamless blending is still present, meaning this won't feel unlike a typical MFK perfume, but of a different ilk from the usual fare from the house.

The opening of Gentle Fluidity [Gold Edition] hits you in the face right away with sweet vanilla, coriander, and musk ambrette. The juniper in this instance acts more like a top note than part of the core fragrance like it does with the silver counterpart, and doesn't have that gin-like sharpness, but it is always present. If the silver version reminds one of another take on the Creed Aventus (2019) phenomenon, this gold iteration reminds me most of the "clubber DNA" found in Paco Rabanne 1 Million (2008), but obviously upscaled into niche levels of refinement. There is no juicy blood orange here nor a load of foghorn aromachemicals to make this scream feet from the wearer, but Gentle Fluidity [Gold Edition] does convey the same attention-wanting playful romanticism of a club fragrance, the "come hither" eyes condensed into a perfume. The mid section of the perfume is where the nutmeg lives, and continues into a drier and warmer spice trail as the base of ambroxan and norlimbanol create the "ambery woods" note listed by the house. This is shockingly simple for a gourmand/oriental type of synthetic perfume, and fans of MFK Grand Soir (2016) or the ever-popular Baccarat Rouge 540 (2014) would appreciate the familiar territory covered here. Wear time is over 8 hours and sillage is intense, but don't expect the projection one might get from a scent in this style, as Gentle Fluidity is as the name describes it and not a "beastmode" kind of experience.

I recommend this for evening use, cold weather, formal, and romantic situations as hinted at earlier, while the silver component if owned covers the other bases of casual, office, and daytime use in warmer weather. "Gentle Fluidity" as a line may ruffle some feathers of older Maison Francis Kurkdjian fans who got their start on earlier releases like those from the APOM, Lumière Noire and Aqua Universalis lines, which still had clear-cut his/her releases or unisex fragrances that weren't split into variants for guessing games, but the future is now and I applaud MFK for turning the "traditional pair" on its side. I mean, let's be honest here; the idea of his/her versions of the same fragrance is a concept only made popular since the 1980's when houses like Calvin Klein went back and made "for him" versions of their popular standouts like Obsession (1985) and Eternity (1988), and that was a mind-blower back then because masculines usually stood apart with unique names. If anything, MFK is just taking the work of CK further, as evidenced by their reliance on forward-thinking synthetic compositions, but I digress. Fans of sweet ambrette and vanilla accords with the budget to handle MFK should seek this out, everyone else should otherwise sit this out, for the long and short of it is that Gentle Fluidity [Gold Edition] is a sweet slow dance kind of perfume regardless of who wears it. I enjoy this, but I also prefer the silver edition to it, so I'd start there if sweetness isn't your kind of vibe. Thumbs up.
02nd December, 2019

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

Thumbs up for a great scent, great longevity, average silage.


Thumbs down for ripping off Kenzo Air Intense a year after its release.
02nd December, 2019

Gold Knight by By Kilian

Maybe it's my skin chemistry, but I get a near carbon copy of Creed's Royal Oud, with a powdery twist.

I'll definitely take the Creed, every time.

02nd December, 2019

Burberrys for Men (Original) by Burberry

A classic, refined and gentlemanly leather scent, perhaps the best Burberry has ever made for men.

Moderate projection and reasonable silage for a few hours (in both the after shave and the cologne), after which this stays close to the skin.

The opening reminds me of Bogart Pour Homme (1975) but this lacks the green and smoky power of Bogart's first opus as it is ultimately a classical leather scent, undoubted manly but without loudly proclaiming its virility in the same way as Knize 10 or Moschino Pour Homme do.

I pick up very little in the way of floral notes in this, although I acknowledge that my 30 year old bottles may have deteriorated over time, but the earthy moss, subtle musk and irresistible leather base are still very pronounced and the combination equates to a nigh on 40 year old composition which is as well blended a leather scent as I have come across in 3 decades of olfactory exploration, this is wonderful stuff.
02nd December, 2019

Zino Davidoff by Davidoff

Opens up with a mulled wine accord to me. I see nothing in the notes, save rose, that it could be. Obvious lavendar. I dont find it overtly patchouli forward. Blended in. That initial sweetness blends in in about 20 minutes, taking its place and balancing the fragrance out. Becomes a bit more floral in the heart, with a touch of smokyness. I get the sandlewood as well. It is a good fragrance with a thick bold charecter. I went 5 sprays today and it was way too much initially. Jammy floral fougere is a basic description. Has a "cologny" feel that seems so present in 80s beasts. This is one of those things that shows money doesnt neccesarily equal quality, as this is pretty awesome, and cheap as chips. Thumbs up.

Vintage Lancaster bottle.
01st December, 2019
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United Kingdom

Gold Leather by Atelier Cologne

Gold Leather - definatley a worthy night-out scent which gets compliments. This one really breaks away from the house style. More like a TF private blend or middle-eastern inspired montale scent. It did feel a bit like a box ticking exercise: leather-oud / saffron-oud / rose-oud / general booziness - all present by the truckload. This modern type oud aroma-chemical almost works as an airy top-note creating a scented force-field about a metre around the wearer. The opening reminded me a lot of MFKs oud (original), creating a golden haze via the saffron-oud combination. The dry down had a very similar leather to TF TL. And there was a ubiquitous rose-oud. I honestly can't fault the quality, ambition or opulence of the scent. Thing is im just a little jaded by these kind of note combinations. And to have them all in one fragrance was a little too much. And the rose was a bit too floral-feminine when combined with sweet fruit. If I came to this earlier i'd have loved it. Right now I'm ambivalent, although it achieves what it set out to achieve. It will stand its ground beside TF TL, Montales and even MFK it smells like money! - but then, similar themes can be found at Marks and Spencer for a tenth of the cost.

extroverted performance. more is more here. Overall a tricky rating of 72/100 I hope the others in the premium 'metal series' do a little less.
01st December, 2019

Just Me by Paris Hilton

Overall: 2/5
Sillage: 1/5
Longevity: 2/5

Similar to Lancome's Miracle, but lacks sillage, longevity, and depth/complexity to the notes.

Alright for the price, and pretty safe, although might be for younger people. Smells pretty synthetic and one-dimensional when compared to Miracle.

Very generic-smelling since it tries to be a dupe of a pretty mainstream perfume as well.
01st December, 2019

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

Overall: 2/5
Sillage: 2/5
Longevity: 3/5

Good if you wake up one day wanting to smell a bit like citrus, greens, sun, and sea-breeze. Definitely perfect for a summer scent.

Safe and inoffensive, but has a distinct smell that you know everyone else has smelled like at one point in their life.

Dries down to an almost powdery, yet citrus scent for me, but before it settles, it's mostly a salty and citrus scent that just won't have me reaching for it.

Decent sillage with above-average wear
01st December, 2019

Signorina Eleganza by Salvatore Ferragamo

Overall: 3.5/5
Sillage: 2/5
Longevity: 3/5

Wears well in different temperatures, and appropriate for a wide range of ages

Light enough for daily wear, but distinct enough to bring until late afternoon or dinner.

For me it starts off with tart pear and a sweet almond, and dries down into sweeter warm scent, although I'm not sure if that's the white leather, the patchouli, or both.

Inoffensive scent that's both elegant and delicate, with average sillage and decent longevity

I have both the Signorina EDT and the Eleganza EDP, and while this smells a bit more into twilight, a bit more classy, mature and warm as compared to Signorina (brighter and more approachable), both are highly wearable for daytime and work
01st December, 2019

The One Grey by Dolce & Gabbana

OMG! This is a new take on GUCCI RUSH POUR HOMME.

I've just tried this beauty recently on a cruise. Love the minty opening and the drydown. It is very linear but high quality.

Once I tried it, it hit me that I've smell this before feeling ???. And Voila! It took 2 days and several trying to realised that this smell very similar 98% to GUCCI RUSH POUR HOMME which I have and cherish so much, and wich is so expensive nowadays I think is discontinued.

THE ONE GRAY DG being a little more minty, green. A new interpretation of Gucci Rush Homme. Love them both. Sharing gray woods(The Gray) and (Gucci Rush)gray musks in base notes, both lavande,and other notes which might give the same final result.

I'm sure I'm gonna buy this one. It last for hours on skin and feel very sophisticated niche quality at least for me.
01st December, 2019

Aventus for Her by Creed

More like Aventus for Them

Overall: 2/5
Sillage: 3/5
Longevity: 4/5

Smells very distinct—in the Creed Aventus sort of way. When you smell it, you know what it is. A complex, unisex scent.

Repurchase? No

Detested this on me: practically unwearable and migraine-inducing

Unsurprisingly smells like Aventus, but with green apple. Smelled pretty good and fruity the first 3-7 minutes, but upon drydown I was left with this invasive, nauseating, high-frequency, chemical-like smell.

Desperately wanted to like it, but just wasn't my cup of tea. I just can't ever see myself not getting a skull-splitting headache if I ever smell someone wearing this.
01st December, 2019