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Soprani Uomo by Luciano Soprani

Soprani – Man (Uomo) 1988

The sample which I am reviewing came on a card with quite a different note tree than the one provided on this Basenotes page.

Top: Bergamot, Apple, Melon, Basil, Rosemary, Clove, Coriander
Heart: Jasmine, Muguet, Lavender
Base: Oakmoss, Patchouli, Leather, Vetiver, Teak, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk

Thus, I assume I am reviewing a reformulation of the original.

I perceive the melon and apple opening, which disappears quickly. I am left with a dry, bitter oud scent that is linear. None of the other notes are detectable to my nose. It is quite ordinary and rather unpleasant.

My partner perceives the scent differently. He initially experiences the lavender with a thin layer of a heavy rose, deep and dark. A touch of citrus with a decent floral-herbal background.
The overall effect for him is light and intriguing. Winter day scent, but too dark for office wear. Conundrum. Pleasant. Good but odd.

Overall this rates a neutral.

11th April, 2019

Citrus Bloom by Mark

Sweet and sour citrus. Juicy slices of mango. Bright. Sunny. Fresh and clear. The heart is more of a green leaf, mixed with flowers. A bit sharp, not sweet.

Eventually a more flowery odor appears. Delicate notes with honeysuckle taking the spotlight. CB is not artistic, nor trailblazing. It's simple and decent enough for a workplace scent. It's unisex.

The base is very mild. Ever so slight wood notes. Citrus goes on and on... Sandalwood stands out more on the skin, as time goes on.
11th April, 2019

Honeycomb by Library of Flowers

Sugary, dried fig. Honeyed sugar. Honey syrup. Cake icing. Flowers like honeysuckle or Lydia Broom. Buttery undertones. Light beeswax scent, too. The tiniest earthy-green note on the skin. Delightful, summery fragrance.
11th April, 2019
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Nebula 1 : Orion Eau de Parfum by Oliver & Co.

Kind of sweet. Buzzy, fizzy, resinous. It's got earthiness. It is balsamic. And that, is just from the first moments. I can tell it's an Oliver & Co. fragrance. It has a certain signature to it... With all of its notes it truly smells like something from outer space. Atoms, particles, gases smashing into some sort of perfumed quasar.

I find, it's the earthier notes, so to speak, that grab my attention: safraleine, benzoin, styrax, tolu balsam, white musk, woods, and castoreum. The floral notes hover above the skin, in a haze-like form. As with a lot of frags from this house, I find it difficult to describe. It's a big fragrant mess that seems to just work. I almost sprang for a full bottle of this one - almost. I enjoy it that much.

Champaca, orange blossom, light fruit, some rose, violet, and vanilla, all create that "haze-like" cloud that hovers above, the space-earth thing, on my skin. Crazy concoction, this.

The craziness of this all settles later. A lightly sweet floral remains. Earthy, incense-like notes stay, close to the skin.
11th April, 2019

Velvet Desire by Dolce & Gabbana

Big, bold, honking tuberose. Velvety? More like burlap. I get a buttery, hot, rum-like undertone. I smell something like ground, white pepper. The tuberose is excellent here. I don't smell anything remotely resembling gardenia. This fragrance certainly does not warrant such a high price. I can get a similar, an even better tuberose, from wearing L'Artisan Parfumeur's Nuit de Tubereuse.

Later, there is a hint of something else floral. Can't put my finger on it. It is something a little sweeter. It may be the frangipani as it seems a bit tropical. Not much else noteworthy. Tuberose continues to have that buttery tinge underneath.
11th April, 2019

Replica Jazz Club by Martin Margiela

Replica Jazz Club is perhaps a very misunderstood fragrance. Folks tend to focus on the name alone and find the scent to run counter to expectations. It is, in fact, a decidedly urban scent and a lovely one at that.

So many reviews argue that it doesn't at all evoke a jazz club. And that's quite true if your idea of jazz club is something from some bygone era a la the Roaring Twenties replete with flappers and rolled cigarettes or some film like The Cotton Club or Bird.

However, Replica Jazz Club does not at all attempt to replicate the scents of the past. Rather it attempts to evoke a very modern, vibrant and decidedly urban jazz club hence the qualifying copy that details the exact time and place as 'Brooklyn, 2013' as with all Replica fragrances.

With that in mind, the scent very much draws from the atmospheres of contemporary urban jazz clubs. The vanilla, tobacco and vetiver do not bring to mind austere cigars in a parlor room, but sweet blunts smoked over coconut rum.

Either the styrax or vetiver most definitely nudges the fragrance toward just the slightest hint of marijuana in an incredibly clever way. It certainly doesn't reek and is something you find upon examination more than anything else, at least to my nose.

The scent is also deceptively complex. Initial sniffs are easy to dismiss Jazz Club as a linear, somewhat boring scent. This has not been my experience at all. It most definitely goes on a bit of journey, especially as it becomes more herbal in the dry down, the clary sage and vetiver intermingling with the vanilla and rum.

Finally, Jazz Club is a crowd-pleaser. It's an incredibly easy scent for others to like. While it leans sweet it's neither cloying nor loud. It comes across as both a classy scent and playful one - a difficult feat, but one that Replica manages to accomplish in Jazz Club.

11th April, 2019

Momentum by Bentley

Does smell very similar to CH Men but a little less sweet and a little more subdued/mature. Has some extra spice too. Feels better for cooler weather and more formal than casual.

It projects nicely for the first 2-3 hours and then sits close to skin, making it a nice work version of CH Men. Could also be a nice night out fragrance since it never gets too loud. Skin scent longevity lasts past 8 hours.
11th April, 2019

Vetiver Patchouli by Montale

One of my favorite new Montale scents this year that combines clear patchouli with green natural vetiver. This is obviously a vetiver scent, especially at the opening and through the mid notes but as it wears on it gets darker and cooler. The rooty carrot oil aroma adds earthiness and takes this vetiver perfume into a dark and cold place as the combination of carrot, patchouli, and rooty vetiver is very stark and turns to a vulcanized rubber smell which at times is not pleasant but still very intriguing. I rate this one 4 of 5 stars.
11th April, 2019

Zino Davidoff by Davidoff

Spicy bergamot with the herbal-floral notes of the sage at the start. It's very pleasant, this smells timeless. Even the floral notes that embody the middle stages (rose, lily of the valley) are all refined and come across as masculine, as they aren't particularly powdery or sweet and are offset with sandalwood and cedar. It's a spicy-herbal fougere that ring with hints of sweetness under the core, the vanilla and tonka are there to brighten the scent. Those notes play skillfully in the backdrop: this never becomes to sweet, or cloying, or synthetic. It is a LITTLE synthetic, which given the very low pricetag I expected, but it's a great, great value for the price. Don't apply it like a madman and you'll be fine. This smells just excellent.

Unfortunately, the projection (after what I'm assuming has been several reformulations-I have a new batch) is below average and the staying power isn't particularly strong either. However, there is nice depth and complexity here and this scent smells sophisticated, refined and unique. It has been some years and I haven't touched Cool Water in awhile, but it's my belief that this is a signature smell from Davidoff and should be in just about every man's collection, no matter what their age.

11th April, 2019

Cuirs by Carner Barcelona

Blind bought a 50ml bottle, that I thought was a good deal.

All I get is cumin and saffron on top, and a blend of patchouli, labdanum, woods and pepper which give an idea of oud. Like previous reviewers stated before, if you want to smell leather, look elsewhere.

As for similarities, to my nose it's 20%LM Black Oud and 80% Gucci Intense Oud. Similarities to Nasomatto Black Afgano is vague and limited to the chocolaty/oudy drydown. Don't expect a clone of NBA, but a copy of GIO reminding of LMBO.

Sounds good, except that... the projection is VERY soft. Unacceptable at this price point.
I had Terenzi LN and LM Black Oud on the other arm, and as stated before it's similar to BO in the top and drydown, but has no similarity at all with LN (nor in scent nor in performance).

Thumbs down for me.
11th April, 2019 (last edited: 10th April, 2019)

Fume by Hendley Perfumes

Fume is dealing in the same territory as Norne, as has been mentioned in many reviews. But their construction is different enough it feels like they started from the same center and headed off in opposite directions. Norne is more abstracted, Fume is evocative, a fragrance memory. The conifer wood ash came through to perfection and took me back to times and places I smelled the original. It is wonderfully spot-on, naturalistic. But I’m not looking for a snapshot of an ashy campfire, a Demeter fragrance. Fume has a lot more to say than campfire ash.

As mrmorel wrote so perfectly, it is a forest fire chypre. Being a chypre-holic, this fulfilled a perpetual fragrance need in me. How perfect an idea, how obvious - extending the chypre into campfire territory. There may be others like this I somehow missed. If so, I’d love to try them - Fume is the only one I’ve come across that is so evocative, yet uses the chypre pattern to such advantage. One of the beauties of oakmoss was its wonderful ashy grrr. This fragrance plays on that aspect beautifully. It seems a little inspired really, with it’s smoky Lapsang Souchong note smoothing out the raw ash.

It’s a long-lasting, close-to-the-skin fragrance that wafts as an ashy smoke because it has air, which Norne does not. I thought this might be a fragrance I would like smelling in the sampler vial from time to time as an environmental snapshot, but instead I want to wear it as a perfume, because it creates a realistic, evocative smoldering campfire note, and takes it further into chypre territory. Really nice.
10th April, 2019 (last edited: 11th April, 2019)

Patchouli Absolu by Tom Ford

opens with unmistakable aromatic earthy wet patchouli...not a hippie smell...if i had to throw an adjective at it, i would say a goth patchouli...dark and dense...a little added mossiness and herbal it evolves it gets more woody notes, but till the bitter end this is still a patch fragrance to me, overall...projection and longevity are both pretty decent...this is a middle of the road patch to me , straddling the line between something really heavy like Mazzolari Lui and your typical head shop patchouli...not bad, but I think I'll just stick with a decant and use it to layer a little patch on other fragrances...
10th April, 2019

Kapsule Floriental by Lagerfeld

A fresher take on the Hermes Ambre Narguile genre, sort of like Tobacco Vanille (ashy pipe tobacco constructed out of cedar and chrysanthemum) with the vanilla replaced by sweet fruits and flowers, so it's a bit more feminine and a lot more bright. It's also reminiscent of CK One Shock for Him, but with the abstract designer sheen replaced by a whole lot of clove and that Joop cherry cough syrup note.

This lacks the richness in the base that makes Tobacco Vanille or Ambre Narguille special, but that's forgivable for the price.
10th April, 2019
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Mandala by Masque

I had real difficulty with Mandala, a reaction with some aroma-chemical or other, that produced a gassy, urinous smell. I gave it some time to settle on my skin, but that only re-inforced it. I haven’t had a reaction of this sort with a fragrance since CB I Hate Perfume Musk, which produced the same piercing gassiness. Beyond salvation.
10th April, 2019

Fetish pour Homme by Roja Dove

Men's scents owe a lot to the iconic and legendary Bel Ami by Hermes. For many of us the benchmark leather scent, it is one I have come to love and think of as something as close as possible to a signature scent as a frag-head can get to.

Fetish by Roja Dove fails to impress on originality right away. Its opening notes are a relatively good interpretation of that original smoky-leather-chypre called Bel Ami that we all know and love. I for one wouldn't be able to distinguish the two early on in a side-by-side comparison.

The similarities unfortunately end there. The heart contains bucket loads of cypriol - perhaps Roja Dove's scent DNA - which makes the scent reminiscent of moth-balls. By the dry down, the smooth and crisp vetiver note joins the party and the curtain draws to a close. There is sadly no encore.

There is a well-known obsession among niche perfumers recently to rip-off classic scents and this reeks of a lack of originality. Uninspired is an understatement. What else could they do? Roja has intentionally borrowed the top from Bel Ami and then made a complete hash of the rest. Surely if you're going to make a copy, you should do it right? Or improve it at the very least?

I am surprised a house that is obsessed with bling is able to create a fragrance with such a bland and uninspiring heart and dry down. With this level of cypriol, it makes me wonder who Roja thinks he's kidding.

The current edition of Bel Ami should be in every man's wardrobe and costs a fraction of Fetish. Fetish (and it's not too distant cousin Puredistance M) are redundant in this sense and all fragrance enthusiasts, including any millionaire readers, should steer clear of this one.
10th April, 2019

Elysium pour Homme Cologne by Roja Dove

As fragrance houses go, Roja Dove's is one that continues to focus on bling, ignoring the fact that those in this hobby actually care about the juice above all.

The Elysium bottle however is nice; which is a shame as the juice is not worth the asking price. A distinct similarity to Chanel's well-established Bleu line makes Elysium the most pointless creation ever to grace the shelves of Harrods, Fortnum & Mason et al.

The opening is fresh and zesty - sparkling with aldehydes even. As it settles, the similarities to Bleu are obvious. Elysium's composition may well be of a higher quality, but to my nose the scent is obsolete given the three Chanel versions - EdT, EdP and Parfum.

Elysium settles with a crystal clear vetiver note that for something of this price point should emit gold leaf petals at you throughout the wearing.

But alas, this is after all juice in a bottle. It may be a high quality juice of something already out there (zero marks for originality once again, Roja), but at nearly £600 retail (at the time of writing) for the 100ml Parfum, this is a distinct 'nil point' from me.

The fragrance could have stood on its legs at a much lower price point. But alas, Roja chooses to market his scents at those living on yachts off the Southern coast of France. Pass.
10th April, 2019

Mistral Patchouli by Atelier Cologne

This is my signature spring scent and in my top 3 of all Atelier Colognes fragrances (with Emeraude Agar for fall and Oud Saphir for winter). It sure helps that I am a huge anis aficionado, a love which started with the Anis de Flavigny bonbons in my mother's car and came to devotion when trying out Pastis, Ouzo, Raki and Absinth while travelling Europe as an adolescent. It smells a bit like a cold Pastis with a good squeeze of pomelo in it. I usually do not like perfumes which smell like food or beverages, but I am happy to make an exception for anis. The smell of anis evokes solitary travelling and discovering new places, therefore I think it was the perfect choice for Atelier Cologne to choose Anis to evoke the French Mistral sea wind, which is a sharp, cutting wind instead of a gentle summer sea breeze. M.P. is not a sweet, licorice or Sambucco alike anis, but tart and sour. It reminds me of a spray of cold sea water on my face when sailing in late spring. Luckily the fragrance does not smell like sea water itself, as these sea scents usually smell very chemical. M.P. smells very natural. Rather than a perfectly photo-shopped image of the sea, M.P. evokes a man's confrontation with the sea with a few brush strokes in green and blue.
10th April, 2019

Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

The only problem about this cologne is all the ideas around it... Mall, preppy 20 year olds, the fact that A&F sprayed it all over their stores...

But the cologne itself is great, I have received many compliments while using it...

I really enjoy it but as a 30 year old male I don't think I should use it anymore..
10th April, 2019

Choco Musk by Al Rehab

I thought it was about time I leave a review for this little beauty. I have the 6ml oil. I usually wait until the end of my review to talk about preformance but I think it needs to be said up front that this is a powerhouse BEAST of a scent. With one or two (if I'm feeling daring) drops to the wrist- I literally just tap the ball once onto my skin- this scent will fill a room. It will last for hours, until I rub or scrub it all off of my wrist. If I put it behind my ears or hair, it will last until the next day. It never loses it's strength and for an oil it has better preformance than over 90% of other perfumes I've tested in the eau de parfum concentration.

The scent is pure chocolate. It has what I detect as a slight metallic tang, like the metal mixing bowl you might be whipping your chocolate confection in. For others, it is a biscuit smell and I can see that while I'm reading it. When I'm not it just translates to metal mixing bowl or whisk, dripping with warm chocolate. This is the yummiest scent I own. The compliments and attention I get when I wear this are unmeasurable. Everyone thinks I smell like chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, anything with chocolate I've been pleasantly accused of, and I have to tell them it's just a chocolate oil, much to their shock. Most people are convinced I am carrying around some sort of dessert in my purse. That's a testament to how potent and yet realistic this scent is.

With a price that I can't believe and yet I feel blessed that I am able to easily spend to afford such a luxury. I am tickled by how inexpensive this scent is for the quality you get. I would recommend this scent to anyone seeking a chocolate scent, a gourmand scent, a sweet scent, or just anyone in general. For people who recommend or seek out perfumes costing exponentially more than this I ask why? Give this one a chance first, and test them side by side to see which one you think it worth it's asking price. I know which one I'm sticking with.

Two big thumbs up, I'd grow an extra to give it three if it was humanly possible. This is absolutely amazing. Please test it out. If you don't like it I'm sure there will be someone in your life more than willing to take it off your hands, just make sure you instruct them this is not ingestible!
10th April, 2019

Chocolate Greedy by Montale

I blind bought this and now I'm kicking myself for doing that. One, because no Montale I have tested to date has wowed me enough to own, and two because not only did this scent prove my previous point, it smells exactly like a fragrance that I already own. That I paid less than a 10th of what this costs. I still enjoy this scent but knowing the other scent in my wardrobe smells pretty much identical, and almost a bit better, I can't imagine choosing this one over it.

The scent I'm talking about is Al-Rehab Choco Musk. This one smells exactly like it. To me they both smell like pure chocolate sauce, with a hint of a metallic note, like you could be making brownies in a metal mixing bowl. Many people complain about that in the Al Rehab and say it's because of how cheap it is, it must be in the low quality of the scent. But I have to say that in this Montale that metallic note is actually stronger on me. There is almost as much emphasis on the metal as there is the chocolate. That may be their take on some "dried fruits" or whatever but it's undeniably taking away from the rich sweetness of the chocolate and somehow makes it less decadent.

And where the Al-Rehab has at least 12 hours of longevity and insane projection, with only 1 drop to the wrist filling an entire room, this one doesn't match up to that. It's good performance don't get me wrong, with at least 8 hours of longevity and great sillage, but it's no one drop wonder...

I just can't justify having this one over the Choco Musk, to me it is a better scent across the board and with an unmatchable price. I also find it annoying that Montale lists a bunch of notes that you clearly do not smell and leaves out any mention of chocolate despite including it in the title. It's like they're trying too hard to be ironic without stating the obvious, which could be misleading for some people who might take a notes list for a fragrance too literally. I don't and still find it aggravating. Like I said, it seems as though they're trying to make it seem as though they are creating a specific scent without mentioning the note in their pyamid list so it seems more impressive. It's not, and this house has done very little, if any, to impress me on anything.

I was stupid enough to blind buy this because it came up for a crazy good deal and I believe it's one of the brand's most notorious and highly rated scents. But I can't really find anything redeemable in this so it might be time for me to throw in the towel and give up on this house. There might be one or two more that I'll test but I'm not going out of my way and I certainly won't be buying any more (not a single drop) of their fragrances until they prove to me otherwise.
10th April, 2019

Field & Flowers by Library of Flowers

Smells like midsummer in the country. Fresh sliced fruit. Light honey. Flowers are dainty blooms. There is a slight starchiness as if mimosa (?) were one of the flowers. Non-specific floral notes, that smell blue-colored. Rather enchanting. Whimsical. Light and delicate for the workplace. Airy. Creamy, later. No overt sweetness.
10th April, 2019

But Not Today by Unum

I smell celery. I smell something like burnt chocolate next. A hint of rubber. Some animal note, as of waste material or foul nether regions, briefly. I get light floral notes in the air. More skank, mixed with lily and jasmine.

The oddness of BNT begins as an artistic experiment, a thing. For me, it eventually settles into something enjoyable. I begin to detect a metallic note. It mingles with indolic odors, throw in some animal funk, some leather, and you've got a trademark Filippo offering. His, are always exciting to sample; some are a challenge to wear.

The sillage offers more "sweetness", than directly on the skin. The sillage has a more high-pitched note to it.

BNT settles into a resinous, balsamic accord later, with leather, still. I find this very enjoyable overall.
10th April, 2019

Magie Noire by Lancôme

I never would've imagined falling in love with this scent, but that's exactly what happened. I received a sample of this and randomly selected it out of my "mountain" and had no idea what to expect because I hadn't looked at reviews or notes or anything, I just knew that this was a vintage scent and had no idea of if mine was the older formulation or not.

After the wearing I have reason to believe that it is the reformulated version and here is why: It's considered a chypre and heavy on the animalics/oakmoss. On my skin it's a lovely soapy floral. It's like rive gauche with it's heady green roses but take away the aldehydes. I get a hint of sweetness but I'd never have guessed honey. It's way too subtle, like the natural sweetness of flowers. They lie on a bed of woods, no green oakmoss. I would've guessed sandalwood or cedar as there's a touch of creaminess in there and nothing sharp about it. I didn't really get much of a development from top to bottom notes, and that could mean that it's either a vintage with it's top notes evaporated or that it's the newer formulation that they simplified to make it mass pleasing.

Either way, it manages to be wearable with a vintage charm. Old school but not so much that I wouldn't wear it in modern times, but I might feel a bit self conscious wearing it out in public. I would be paranoid that someone else would think I smell too "mature" or dated. This is a scent I would wear for myself cozied up at home maybe a hot cup of tea or coffee and a mystery book. It might be dark and storming outside. For some reason for a scent that is so pleasant and sweet (feeling) this evokes a dark nature. Like a beautiful rose bush deep in the forest where beasts and monsters might be lurking. Like the temptation that led Aurora to prick her finger on the spinning wheel.

This scent is so pure and precious yet contains an elusive darkness that calls to me. This scent doesn't feel as though it's entirely meant for me and yet I know that I will yearn for and seek her out anyways. Maybe when I am older and wiser, and "riper" if you will, the scent may feel more like it belongs on my skin. But regardless I would still like to seek a small bottle to own in the meantime, brought out and worn on special and specific occasions. Whether I wear it or it wears me...

I might need to seek a newer bottle in store (though I can't imagine where they would stock this over the 500 LVEB flankers) to compare and see if this matches my sample. If not, I will start hunting for a vintage bottle reasonably priced. Hoping the oakmoss isn't a standout in either; The one I have is perfect as it is.
10th April, 2019

Orchid Soleil by Tom Ford

I wish I could give this five stars, because it smells absolutely gorgeous. Tuberose, pepper... creamy, nutty, with a skanky white floral backdrop that only smells sexier and more indisputably feminine the hotter and sweatier the wearer gets.
But, it needs to last a whole lot longer. I feel the need to carry this about and reapply, which for the price (and it being a TF) is mightily annoying.
I sprayed this in a store more than a year ago and was immediately transfixed. My fume-virgin partner was equally impressed. When I found I was still thinking about it a year later, I finally got a bottle. I know I'm going to be repurchasing this one every summer.
Layer with Guerlain Terracotta, to brighten. On hot days, it's Terracotta by day, and Orchid Soleil by night.
10th April, 2019

Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

I wear this to work because I know it's not going to p*** anyone off. Well-made, sweet, classy and inoffensive, but absolutely nothing new. I mostly get vanilla get pink, fuzzy vanilla. Can reapply through the day without drowning in it.
10th April, 2019

China White by Nasomatto


Not a bad fragrance but surely more suited to a Woman?? Very un-Nasomatto if you catch my drift!!??

10th April, 2019

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extrême / Eau de Parfum by Guerlain


|I love this parfume but since it is reformulate and changed the pakage i guess it is not the same
10th April, 2019

The Scent Of Peace for Him by Bond No. 9

Middling synthetic citrus opening. I'm getting a cheap pineapple (unlike Aventus, which smells much more natural) along with artificial smoke and bergamot. I'm surprised that anyone finds this to be particularly powerful, as it becomes a skin scent very quickly for me. For me, the best part of the scent is likely the vetiver, which does add a decent greenness that is reminiscent of Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver: but again, like comparisons to Aventus, this smells like a cheaper and watered down alternative. There's a bittersweetness to this from a very cheap juniper berry that makes me want to recoil.

This feels like a muddled, mixed imposter of scents that themselves are not very impressive. Furthermore, there is nothing in the projection or the duration of the scent that would recommend even for a cheap purchase (which this is not). Hard pass.

10th April, 2019

La Fumée Arabie by Miller Harris

I notice in the absence of much but sand and scrub and pines that I have come to wear La Fumee pretty much all of the time. For just like I wouldn’t wear my beloved Shalimar to a zen retreat, its excesses can seem gross and unconscious in the starkness of the desert, too.

I experience Arabie as largely the same as the classic La Fumee, but with some additional facets and texture and contrasts noted by others. I do think I prefer it if I could only have one, for it loses none of the subtlety and classical beauty of what came before.

The inclusion of vanilla doesn’t make it sweeter; if anything, it’s drier and less sweet than the original. But - this seems to be key - the vanilla note is real botanical vanilla, so its woody aspect amplifies the other woods instead of softening or sweetening them. Makes for a gorgeous and warm and discreet drydown that wouldn’t be out of place at a zen retreat.

10th April, 2019
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United Kingdom

Bulgari Man Wood Essence by Bulgari

The slightly lemon-infused spicy opening is quite pleasant; I get cardamom with whiffs of opoponax at times initially. The drydown takes a woodsy turn, with a floral touch present off and on.

The base continues the woodsy theme, with an unsual attempt at an ambergris impression being notable.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

A spicier start of this autumnal creation gives way to a lighter finish. Overall very generic and predictable - except the attempt at a synthetic ambergris in the base, which is less than convincing. 2.5/5.
10th April, 2019