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Aura by Thierry Mugler

I've gone back and forth on this a few times. One day it's love, the next it's not.

Overall though, it keeps drawing me back in. The bizarre green lifesaver/menthol opening is just enough to keep me going back. It's just SO weird. Following that, it morphs into a nicely panel-tested vanilla oriental, with a few tropical florals thrown in. The green candy creeps back in now and then, which keeps it above the boring spectrum. As does the weird wintergreen. Not a mint I typically love, but it's at a hazy, inoffensive volume at this point.

All-in-all, I'll probably shell out for a small bottle. For Mugler, it's easy to wear. The volume doesn't get crazy, the bottle is beautiful, and it's a novel accord I've not encountered before.
13th July, 2018

Angel Muse Eau de Toilette by Thierry Mugler

Passionfruit Angel. More in line with an actual Angel flanker, rather than the child of the bizarre Angel Muse.

Not terribly exciting, but not bad. I happen to love passionfruit, and love Angel, so I like it. That being said, the only thing it adds to the original is that the volume is turned down to a wearable level.
13th July, 2018

Angel Muse by Thierry Mugler

Well this threw me for a loop. When I read they threw in some Nutella to the Angel formula, I expected just that - Angel (fruit + chocolate-patchouli) but with the gourmande accord incorporating some hazelnut. I was wrong. Eazy-peezy.

After a strange green citrus opening - I get a bizarre chocolate-fougere. I happen to loathe the fougere accord after it's been used and abused by every masculine under the sun, so I find this very unappealing. Add in an undercurrent of the Angel-family-accord, and you end up with quite the little mess.

Still - it didn't bore me, so one thumb up for that. But not for me.
13th July, 2018
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Eau de Quinine by Geo F Trumper

Nothing here to suggest the astringency of aromatics or tonic water, as suggested by the name. Rather, this is a powdery floral, and not a bad one, with hours 1-3 showcasing some rather good performance. But if you're going to call something Eau de Quinine, don't be surprised if I end up craving something different.
13th July, 2018

Solo Loewe by Loewe

Very good light refreshing masculine fragrance. Citrus without being overly citrusy while still tangy. Why can't Hermes do this? Wear anywhere anytime but in cold weather go for Loewe 7 Anonimo (which is a poor mans Amouage Journey Man). Longevity could be better. After a couple of hours the fresh citrus had all but evaporated leaving a light pink pepper rather like an expensive fragranced tissue wipe which in my opinion points towards cost cutting and saving on imagination over-utilisation by Loewe but at least its pink pepper rather than the acrid - I can't imagine anyone genuinely liking this laziness of attitude or smell- get up your nose peppers used as a base in a lot of other fragrances.

Fragrance: 7.75/10
Projection: 7.5/10
Longevity 6.75/10
13th July, 2018

Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Nauesatingly sweet with overwhelming white floral scent. I think it may have been the datura note that actually made me feel ill. Scrubber.
13th July, 2018

Eternity for Men Aqua by Calvin Klein

Eternity Aqua is a very fresh fragrance. Fruity and citrus with a touch of aquatic. I just discovered it in 2018 and I love it. Perfect for the summer months. Lasts a long time on me. I'm glad I purchased it.
13th July, 2018

Tacit by Aesop

A nice summery vetiver. There's a citrus open which I find fairly fleeting and then a move through a crisp green phase (the notes say basil but I don't get that specifically) and then a grassy vetiver dry-down.

Very little sillage / projection but a nice vetiver freshy for the summer months.
13th July, 2018

Eiderantler by January Scent Project

Eiderantler (love the name) is mostly a lavender fragrance on my skin. Unfortunately it seems to contain sweet vanilla and a kind of musk which I don't really like. Thus it is not my kind of fragrance. However, try it out for yourself.
13th July, 2018

Vaporocindro by January Scent Project

All of the January fragrances are interesting and unique. Vaporocindro opens with a floral statement possibly with narcissus and lilac and with brown spices and musk on the side. The florals later withdraw and the stage is set for a musky/spicy dry down.

It is unique and quite beautiful and rather long lasting. Unisex.
13th July, 2018

Rich Leather by Zara

Zara Rich Leather is one of a handful of Aventus-like clones, the more notable being Vibrant Leather (EDT and now EDP). I was able to quickly try and buy a bottle of Rich Leather, though, and found it quite satisfying.

It's one of the better Aventus clones I've tried, adequately capturing the pineapple and woods of its inspiration. It's only bright at the very opening and then quickly dries down to the fruity, woody, musky, and rather sobering base.

Performance is about what I'd expect for the price. A skin scent within a couple hours but a pleasant, balanced one.

I believe its retail pricing in the US was $29.90 for 100ml EDP, which is as modest as any pricing I've seen for a decent Aventus clone.

7 out of 10
13th July, 2018

Ambre Fétiche by Annick Goutal

I loved the very unisex amber, powder and mushroom opening but then the projection became too masculine (leather) for me at times. Amber, vanilla and incense. I would absolutely love it on a man, but I know some may say the powdery (iris) feel would be too much for them. Great fragrance anyway.
13th July, 2018

Bentley for Men Intense by Bentley

This is an amazing fragrance and the hype is very real for this one. It's a masculine fragrance with a very strong boozy rum note along with spices and leather in the background. The rum note in this is extremely well done, and the fragrance overall smells like the winter flanker to Guerlain Homme Eau de Parfum (another fragrance I own with a very good rum note, but mixed with lime and mint as in a mojito). Along with the rum, I get strong wafts of bay leaf and dry spices (especially cinnamon and black pepper) as well as a hint of benzoin which sweetens the aroma very slightly. On the drydown, it gets dryer and the leather note becomes more apparent. I think this is a perfect fragrance to pair a good bay rum aftershave with, as it has a very similar aroma to bay rum (surprised no one else picked up on this yet). Sillage is moderate leaning strong while longevity is moderate leaning strong at about 6 hours on my skin. Overall the feel of this fragrance is of sitting in the cargo hold of an old pirate ship with cases of rum and dry spices, and the scent along with the performance makes it a perfect choice for the winter time (but not for summers at all). Wetshavers who enjoy bay rum should have this in their cabinets, especially as it's going for a steal of a price these days.

13th July, 2018
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Boss Bottled Intense by Hugo Boss

Review for the Eau de Parfum version:

This fragrance is a masterpiece that smells like spiced apples with vanilla and cinnamon. I can also detect a hint of orange blossom. It's extremely pleasant to the nose and leans masculine although it's sweet. It smells kind of like something you'd order from Starbucks with apple and cinnamon in it in the fall. As this is the Intense Eau de Parfum version of Boss Bottled, it smells spicier and darker than the regular Boss Bottled (an iconic mens' fragrance with a primary note of apple) and would work best in fall or winter in my opinion. On the drydown it smells the same but the apple and cinnamon notes become even stronger (while the orange blossom disappears). Sillage is strong while longevity is also strong at over 8 hours. Overall, this is by far the best thing to come out by the Hugo Boss house in my opinion.

13th July, 2018

Cologne Sologne by Nicolaï

A beautiful, light cologne strength splash in spray bottle. Excellent neroli note, along with bergamot, orange, lemon, rosemary, lavender, patchouli and some light musk. As mentioned, this doesn't really progress much from the opening, but who's a fabulous fragrance, perfect for this time of year with the hot weather.

I know Sologne is an area in France, but the name of this fragrance makes me think of the Oreo commercial.

There's a board meeting in 1989, where the members are trying to come up with the name of their new product. One of the board members is asking if anyone has any ideas for the product name, and one of the other members asks him if he wants a pretzel from the tray on the table. The board member who is trying to get suggestions says, pretzels schmetzels! We need a name for this new cologne! The other board member lights up and says, that's it! Cologne Sologne! And the rest is history...
13th July, 2018

L'Envol Eau de Toilette by Cartier

Honey money watch and wallet
Drink it breathe it eat it call it

TJ blind buy holy grailer
Cinematic mind-blown trailer

Blame it on the guaiac wood
Not like perfume's understood

Rocked my world with E D P
Rubble bounced with E D T

Beehive royal ovulation
Citric chypre combination

Feel that smell?

All day long
It's stll there

Magic moment music maker
Melifluent fluid faker

Mead messiah Maid Mathilde
Your ambrosia now my shield

Nervous system integration
Ol' factory fascination

'Lectric lightbulb limbic wires
'Lumined laser's lathing fires

Nervibronic frequintessence
Kleptron bro-san moss fluorescence

Sense the ghost note mystery
Au Ra buzzing like a bee

Apparatus bulbous bottle
Knurly nozzle metal throttle

Spray some lose some smell some more
Win some bin some 'til you score

Cartieric pillarama
Field emergent left-turn drama

Paper loser tragedy
Eye of skin required to see

Fibonacci Cart coorsive
Etchy sketchy steely forcive

Terre d'Hermèsive collar nut
Twist it wrong to close it shut

One-piece flash lamp flask for flanker
Paperweightish twist-top tanker

Lovely liquid light deluxe
Lampy dampy ampy flux

Vaporescent ourobori
Bumpy clumpy 'lectric tori

Close the bottle 'round their wires
Silence vapor's thermal lyres

Thank the Maker for this making
Meadful mother's liquor's faking

Raise a glass or bottle downed
Here's to one more 'lightful round.
13th July, 2018

Signet by Avon

Signet by Avon (1987) is another "nobody knows and nobody really cares" masculine from the Malaise era of Avon, that 80's to mid 90's period when Avon was so flush with cash from the booming 50's through 70's heyday that they were too busy rubbing elbows with celebrities and other industry giants to be bothered researching and developing exciting products. This period of Avon is identified by a distinctly out-of-step selection of fragrances, more so on the then increasingly-neglected men's side then on the women's, since the American working class ladies still loved their Avon makeup and perfume, so the company had more incentive to put forth the effort to at least fake it there. Avon has always been apt to roll out "catalog pork" even in the old days: scents very close to what style was popular, or had been popular in the high-end segment a few years earlier became ripe for bringing downmarket. 1960's and 1970's Avon for Men (as it was called before Avon finally dropped the sublabel at the end of the 70's) was very solid, if humble in style. However, the Avon men's segment had taken a creative nosedive at the start of the 80's, with the house copying drugstore styles instead of high-end ones and making bizarre tie-ins like the Jeep CJ cologne (1983). Avon began working with designers and celebs wanting to break into fragrance, a practice that eventually became common in the industry decades later, at the cost of their own brand identity. 1985 saw Avon produce (and distribute via catalog) Louis Féraud's debut scents, while the year Signet released saw Avon buy Giorgio Beverly Hills, which would go on to make fragrances in the 80's and 90s under Avon stewardship. This meant Avon-labelled perfume floundered, and Signet is a more charming-than-expected example.

Signet was the first real masculine push from Avon's in-house brand since 1982's Cordovan, which itself was a delightful rosy and ambery 70's aromatic fougère that felt like a more romantic cousin to the Halston twins. Signet shoots strait for the early 80's "alpha male" powerhouse style, Avon's typical "Johnny come lately" debut in that vein, if we disqualified Féraud Pour Homme (1985) since it didn't carry an Avon badge on the bottle. I feel like Signet was really targeting Yves Saint Laurent and Bogart in it's opening, as it's a huge bergamot and muguet blast that instantly screams Kouros (1981), but swaps in the jasmine, fir, and castoreum of One Man Show (1980) in the middle. The base note structure is very light-handed naturally, because it is still Avon and limited to eau de cologne strength, but there's still a bite of real oakmoss, cedar, musk, and that ever-present Avon amber note. The opening is a dead ringer for a bastard child of Kouros and One Man Show, which is a similar quirky methodology Avon would repeat with the Cool Water (1988) and Eternity for Men (1989) splicing found in Triumph for Men (1995). The soft whimpering dry down is the thing here that keeps Avon Signet from attaining true glory, but I guess the idea was frequent reapplication and repurchase back in the day, something which proves impractical 3 decades later now that the stuff is long-discontinued vintage stock and is non-renewable. Signet is certainly the manliest thing to come from Avon in years since Avon Leather (1966), and just like it, will prove to be a challenging wear in polite environs. Signet isn't strong enough to get you in trouble outside the copy-pasted urinal cake opening it borrows from YSL, but until it hits that quiet Avon amber base, you might want to avoid office mingling.

Avon Malaise would see a few more oddball releases, and another attempted budget powerhouse in the form of Legacy for Men (1988), a scent with the distinction of being an early work of Ann Gottlieb. Signet doesn't carry quite the same pedigree as it's nose is unknown, like the bulk of Avon, but was subcontracted out to a chemist firm like most other commercial perfume houses since Avon ditched the traditional in-house perfume staff model after the end of the 70's, meaning somebody from Givaudan, IFF, etc. is to blame for this, so fess up!! All jokes aside, Signet does satisfy a certain curiosity about why Avon never made any real powerhouses during the 80's and just stuck to mild barbershop tropes long after they had lost favor, and the answer is in Signet's performance; the stuff just feels cut off at the knees, like a bad downmarket modern reform of a classic masculine. I'm sure working stiffs with no cash for YSL nor knowledge about perfume otherwise thought this was canned heat with a dose of greased lightning back in the day, much like they did with the Aramis-like Avon Clint (1976) a decade beforehand. Original pour bottles of Signet have a neat removable plate that can be engraved (or could come engraved from Avon at an added charge), which is likely a gimmick they stole from Ralph Lauren Monogram (1985). Signet also came in a full toiletry suite like most Avon men's fragrance, and had one of the earliest examples of the Avon "pill bottle" 3oz spray that the house started dumping current at first, then past masculines into (and still does in some markets), which is a better option if you hate hand application.
Signet is another "collectors only" vintage Avon because a powerhouse lacking power can only appeal to so many (not even shirt sprays fix the scent's fast track to anosmia thanks to the amber), but it certainly is interesting!
13th July, 2018

Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto di Calabria by Acqua di Parma

Very light, refreshing lemon citrus in the opening mixed with floral notes for a very clean and unisex effect. The florals continue into the drydown mixed with a soft musk, making this lean more feminine to me. In the final phase, I get mostly soft musk and vetiver which is pretty nice and not as feminine.

Performance is interesting as the projection is below average during the entire development but I actually got all workday longevity. I sprayed on my clothes and that seemed to help a lot.
13th July, 2018

Casamorati 1888 Mefisto by Xerjoff

very similar to SMW but , to my nose , much better...more robust and leaning toward the yang/dark side , which I like...SMW is more airy/metallic/aquatic...perfect blend of citrus/flower/wood...a lot better longevity and projection also...smells solid and well blended and put together...
13th July, 2018

4711 Remix Cologne 2018 by 4711

A nice Remix of citruses.
First of all after the initial spray you'll get a lot of Bergamot instead of Lemon, and tea Accord is not present.
The stronger heart notes are ( to my nose ) Bitter orange and a bit of Neroli. You'll get a lot of Bitter orange for several hours if you spray at least 5 times at the same spot.

It does not resemble to the original 4711, but it's definitely a nice summer scent to try out.

Projection is so so… first hour is actually good, but then it becomes close to the skin.
12th July, 2018

Luna Rossa Black by Prada

This scent is boring and unimaginative. It is Le Male in a better bottle.

Buy Perry Ellis 360 Black for a third of the price. You’ll get a better fragrance that is in the exact same vein.

Applied at 9am and barely noticeable at 5pm. Call it relevant for about four hours. Decent projection.

I’ll rate this exactly how I rated 360 Black, solely on principle.

Scent: 6/10 (0 for originality)

Longevity: 5/10

Sillage: 5/10

12th July, 2018

Love and Luck for Men by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

This has a very nice opening and fresh smell, but that goes away in about 15 minutes. Then, it dries down into a very feminine flowery smell, so I won't be able to keep this. WAY too feminine! I'm not sure who this would be good for, maybe a metro dude or young teen, or a girl of any age. Decent sillage though and last about 3/4 hrs on skin. I can see why they discontinued this one! It does have a nice pressence, just not for me.
12th July, 2018

Armani Code Colonia by Giorgio Armani

Generic, but not bad. I could wear this one with no problem. Pretty safe for man or woman. Armani should have took a chance and changed up it's CODE! This SAFE is too easy to crack. Slightly aquatic in the initial spray, but it seems they tried to turn this into a woody fragrance that kind of fell to the side.6/10
12th July, 2018
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United Kingdom

Oudy by Al Rehab

Wowsers been a while since this had a new review!

Right off the bat - I get CdG's Wonderwood - like not sure I'd tell the difference.

Has the thick woodsy fuzz of WW and a stronger agar note. WW and this always struck me a pretty rough edged. Definitely less is more as its powerful and thick so a little will let it really breath and develop.

Tried Golden Oudh - Molton Brown today - kinda a more 'stinky'barn oud , but its definitely more dapper and refined,what with honey and beeswaxy supporting notes.

Haven't (shock horror) even tried TF Oud Wood - but Oudy is a solid oud. No messing about here!

Oudy, pepper, sandal, cedar.

Erring on neutral - but for the buck - you get a massive bang.
12th July, 2018

Acqua di Parma Colonia Pura by Acqua di Parma

Great review by JohnnyCakes.

I’ve been a longtime user of the original Colonia. But even I get tired of it. Particularly the powder/rose. I like (but don’t love) the original flankers Assoluta and Essenze.

I’m pleasantly surprised by Pura. I like the addition of mandarin & petigrain to the signature ADP bergamot opening and the substitution of Jasmine for rose. Updated and still masculine. All notes seem sharper than the original. For me, it works very well.
Full bottle purchased.

12th July, 2018

Eau de Passion Men by Franck Olivier

This smells absolutely amazing. Frank Olivier has managed to reproduce the scent of Chanel's Platinum Egoiste but for $20. It literally smells identical to Platinum Egoiste to my nose. It opens with the same very cooling barbershop accord of neroli, vetiver, geranium, lavender, mint, and rosemary, and dries down into the lavender-geranium-mint scent of Platinum Egoiste. Platinum Egoiste is my favourite barbershop cologne of all time and I'm happy that Eau de Passion Men performs well enough that I don't even need to buy the actual thing (which I might add is very overpriced by Chanel). Sillage and longevity are similar to the actual Platinum Egoiste on my skin, projecting well for 4-5 hours and then quiet for many hours more after that. Overall it's a really great rendition of Platinum Egoiste for a fraction of the price; I also love how the bottle looks.

12th July, 2018

Gucci Guilty Black pour Homme by Gucci

Can't say anything bad about this one. The flip side is I can't say anything good about it either. Nothing black about this at all! Just another safe generic fragrance made for the masses. 6/10
12th July, 2018

Vert Bohème by Tom Ford

The magnolia and violet smacked me in the face. I can see where TF tried to go with this one, but it just didn't work for me. The notes seem generic and kind of cheap IMO.
12th July, 2018

Acqua di Giò Absolu by Giorgio Armani

Starts out slightly aquatic, but quickly turns into a sweet woody fragrance. I actually like this one. Not as good as the original or Profumo, but this can hang in there with the best in it's class. 8/10
12th July, 2018

Light Blue Eau Intense pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

That salty aquatic accord was the deal breaker for me. Been there, done that. I prefer the Italian Zest version over this one. Seems like they tried too hard to make another aquatic clone. 6/10
12th July, 2018