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Boss Sport by Hugo Boss

Worst Boss Fragrance ever !!! It smells like toilet cleaner ! Very bad !!
23rd August, 2005

Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

Very good. I love this fragrance. A little bit old fashoned.
23rd August, 2005

Bleu Marine by Pierre Cardin

Yeah... not bad.. but I wouldn't buy this fragrance anymore.
23rd August, 2005
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Fracas for Men by Robert Piguet

Sir, what's happened to your Habit Rouge? It smells [i]different[/i].
"Yes, indeed, my friend, for I am not wearing Habit Rouge, but instead I am trying Fracas for Men. For years women have been up in arms over their Fracas, and I decided to see what all the fuss was about with their men's scent."

Fracas for Men is an eau de cologne, and a strong one at that! The notes include mandarin, lavender, sandalwood, vetiver, orange flower, basil, and musk. It is a very difficult fragrance to characterize. The best analogy I can use is that it smells "sleek and silky." It is very aromatic after first applied, but tones down quickly and settles into to a long duration for an EDC. I wondered if there might be some tuberose in it, but apparently not. The lavender and sandalwood are perhaps most evident, with the other notes subordinate. It almost comes off sort of medicinal and/or soapy; this is what I infer when I use "sleek/silky" to characterize it. This is not like anything I have experienced before, and Habit Rouge is probably the best, though mediocre, approximation.

22nd August, 2005

Vetyver by Jo Malone

Sir, that is a sparkly little number you're wearing today! What is it?, my valet enthusiastically asked me.
"My good man, that is Vetyver from Jo Malone, and I'm trying it for the first time. It is quite bubbly, isn't it?"

This scent is great straight out of the bottle, with sparkling citrus leading the way over the top of a very subtle vetiver. The Jo Malone website notes that vetiver “is blended with sweet orange, nutmeg, and tarragon to create this powerful, mysterious fragrance.” True enough, I can appreciate the spices, though they too are quite subtle. Unfortunately, as has been my experience with other Jo Malone scents, Vetyver quickly tapers off and after just 120 minutes I can barely appreciate it. However, all in all I like it quite a bit and, given the chance to reapply a couple of times each day when worn I think this could be a winner!

22nd August, 2005

Elite by Floris

Doctor, are you developing a cold?, my able assistant asked me last night. "I ask because you smell like you might have applied some linement to your chest."
"No, my good man, I'm testing yet another fragrance this evening, Elite from Floris and, yes, I can see where you might think it medicinal."

This scent cannnot quite figure out what it wants to be. It is quite vile when first applied, like stale champagne the morning after. It soon settles down, though this is of only very modest benefit. Containing fresh grapefruit, bergamot, lavender, tuberose, oakmoss, and woods (Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vetiver), Elite is indeed quite sour, and aromatic to boot. There is a minty, or menthol-like note that is given off, thus evocative of liniment. I suspect this is due to the combination of the tuberose and grapefruit. In any event, I don't see what all the hub-bub is about, and am happy I only acquired a decant to try.

22nd August, 2005

La Chasse Aux Papillons Extrême by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Lovely lovely lovely! I'm usually not a fan of fragrances that are soft florals, and just soft florals, but La Chase extreme has enchanted me! Surely, this is the fragrance that all other soft spring florals aspire to be.

It begins with a melange of orange flowers, tuberose, and other florals that are too well blended to be picked out individually. Some spices, such as pink pepper, brighten and uplift, giving character and individuality without messing with the softness. After a while, jasmine emerges to mingle with the other flowers and bring sensuality. Lightly sweet, but never too sweet. Definitely wistful. Very playful. Perfect for the sophisticated woman, who shuns sweet characterless florals, to show her youthful and playful exuberance. After all, just because you're a pretty young thing doesn't mean you don't have a wit to contend with! A must try.
22nd August, 2005

Fleur de Peau by Keiko Mecheri

Spectacular fragrance! This one is quite perfect, with brilliant composition. The fragrance begins with heady jasmine and light balsalmic notes. The base, which is present quite markedly from beginning to end, is full of animalic civet and sexy sexy leather. Slightly fecal, but only if you really know what you're looking for and you're sniffing your wrist over and over again. Do not worry that anyone else will find it fecal on you. Rather, the subtly fecal scent is one of the most alluringly sensuous possible components of a fragrance, if executed well as it is in this.

In some ways Fleur de Peau reminds me of Bandit, with its jasmine, civet, and leather. But Fleur de Peau is...more refined, and softer. More soft suede to Bandit's wild black leather. For the less bold of heart, or for a more refined or formal occasion. Reach for Fleur de Peau instead for the office Christmas party.

Definitely unisex, but not in a bland or ambivalent way. A man wearing it will come off as sexy in a masculine way, and a woman wearing it will come off as sexy in a feminine way. Brilliant sillage and very impressive longevity, this fragrance is powerful and softly sexy at the same time.
22nd August, 2005

Gold Man by Amouage

I really love the men's gold. It is a fragrance of supreme luxury, elegance, and power. To be honest, Amouage Gold is what brought me into a whole new level of fragrance appreciation. I first fell in love with the women's Gold, and then, in rapid order, the men's. After joining basenotes I thought that perhaps it was just my first foray into true quality and niche fragrances, and that after sampling other high quality fragrances I would find it less attractive. But no. Amouage Gold still is, and will probably always be, my holy grail.

Amouage Gold Crystal for men is very similar to the women's, only darker, to my nose by an extra dose of rich, dark, and smooth patchouli in the base. You still get that deliciously decadent and complex jasmine and orris, that musky and sensual civet, and that precious and almost awe-inspiring silver frankincense. It doesn't get any more complex. It doesn't get any more opulent. It doesn't get any more sensual.

Some people may find it too feminine for men, and I agree it can be worn by some women, but...well let's just say that smell is often linked to taste, and when I smell Amouage Gold Crystal for men I conjure up an image of a tall, handsome man with an exquisitely tailored suit and a predatory gleam in his eye...which is exactly what I have a taste for. ;)
22nd August, 2005

Ciel Woman by Amouage

Upon reading the notes, I could tell that Ciel would be one of those fragrances that I like, but are simply not me. Lovely, to be sure, and very well crafted, but not my type. And I was right.

It's difficult to pick out individual notes in Ciel. In the beginning, I detect gardenia, peach blossoms, and a light sprinkling of jasmine. There are also green notes and fresh aquatic notes. To my nose, the fresh aquatic notes smell a bit synthetic, which is very different from the others of the Amouage line. It's also fairly sweet, which does not please me but may appeal to others. A slightly woody base comes through, but it's subdued by the sweetness and the freshness that's central to this scent. Longer lasting than most fragrances of it's type, but not terribly long lasting compared to all fragrances. About 5-6 hours, I would say.

Overall, I think this is a nice fragrance if you like the light, sweet, floral-aquatics, which I don't particularly. However, even if you do, I think that you can find similar fragrances that smell just as good for a more appealing price. Nice, but simply not unique or wonderful enough to justify the price.
22nd August, 2005

Shalimar by Guerlain

A well made fragrance that has endured the test of time. While not an exceptional fragrance, Shalimar is certainly a great one. It opens with a medley of bergamot and lemon, with bergamot's greenness keeping it from becoming too sour. The heart of jasmine and iris is quite sensual and and floral. The base is elegant, with sweet vanilla and warm smooth sandalwood with a touch of woody patchouli. Very very feminine, but sophisticated and lady-like. Shalimar accentuates the sweetness of a woman's mysterious allure. You will never know all her secrets, but somehow you like it that way...

Shalimar has quite spectacular staying power, with the very sensual and soothing vanilla and sandalwood drydown lasting overnight! Sillage is nice, and not overpowering. Lovely, elegant, and sensual, Shalimar is as romantic as the story behind its name, and is surely classic in every sense of the word.
22nd August, 2005

Dia Woman by Amouage

When I first tried Amouage Dia for women, I dismissed it off hand because I had fallen so head over heals for Amouage Gold. Why in the world would I, or anyone, for that matter, wear Dia when I could wear Gold? But I have since learned, that just because you love a scent to death does not mean you can wear it EVERYWHERE and at ANYTIME. In the heat of the day, Gold can be too much, and Dia is the perfect choice for casual elegance.

Dia is very similar to Gold in some ways and very different in others. It begins the same jasmine, orris, and silver frankincense, which last throughout the day, upon a base of civet and powdery musk. However, all of these notes are softer, more muted, and Dia adds a very smooth heart of powdery rose that's just really spectacularly incorporated.

Dia is Gold's softer, more powdery, and less heady daytime sister, with a strong rose accord. It has the same longevity, but slightly less sillage. Dia is definitely a try-before-you-buy, due to it's high price, but is utterly lovely and charming, in a complex but unobtrusive way.
22nd August, 2005

Gold Woman by Amouage

My love, my love, my one and only. Never again shall I stray! I shall henceforth spurn the company of others, so that I might spend my days in adulatory contemplation of your magnificent splendor!

Umm...or maybe not. But close. Very, very close. This is the one scent that sometimes makes me wonder why I would ever buy anything else. To be honest, Amouage Gold is what brought me into a whole new level of fragrance appreciation. I first fell in love with the women's Gold, and then, in rapid order, the men's. After joining basenotes I thought that perhaps it was just my first foray into true quality and niche fragrances, and that after sampling other high quality fragrances I would find it less attractive. But no. I have sampled far and wide, and found many other lovely and well crafted fragrances, but none have surpassed Amouage Gold's splendor. Amouage Gold for Women still is, and will probably always be, my holy grail.

Amouage Gold for women begins with lovely, intoxicating, and decadent jasmine and orris. Rock rose blends in lightly, lending a slight balsamic tone. Precious silver frankincense, prized since biblical times, brings an air of mystery and awe. Civet and musk reveal themselves slowly, growing increasingly powerful as this complex fragrance develops. Heady, rich, complex, and opulent, there is no fragrance as sensual as Amouage Gold.

When it comes to sillage and longevity, you cannot ask for a better scent than this. Lasts all day, and often well into the next, even on the skin, and you're going to have to wash it out of clothes! The absolutely incredible silage will turn heads in wonder.

Sample first, due to the somewhat exorbitant price, but I swear to you it is worth every last penny!
22nd August, 2005
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Mg Eau de Toilette by Trevor Sorbie

Nothing special sadly...entirely unremarkable.
22nd August, 2005

Nine Flags: Hong Kong - Patcham by Colton

This is definitely the BEST fragrance ever. It must have pheramones in it because when my husband wears it, it drives me crazy. He still has some & "saves" it for special occasions. Wish they would make it or something like it again!!
22nd August, 2005

Paul Smith Extreme Men by Paul Smith

It's my daily scent for the office. Bought it because I like Paul Smith's clothing designs and it smelled very nice when I tested it.. Smells nice initially, very fresh. But absolutely not long lasting. After about 10 minutes I cannot smell it on my skin, neither can other people... Beautiful bottle.
22nd August, 2005

Tuscany / Etruscan by Aramis

Fragrances often evoke memories that transcend time and place. This is what Aramis tries to do with its classic offering, Tuscany Per Uomo. This scent’s concept is to create the feeling of being in Tuscany. Everything from the packaging design to the colour of the juice and even the bottle cap embodies the spirit of Tuscany. It is no wonder then that Aramis took the production of this scent out of the US and into the verdant, rolling hills of Firenze, Italy.

The fragrance opens with the biting citric quality of bergamot and lemon with a touch of lavender to counter the harsh astringency of those two sharp citruses. The golden juice in the sleek, stylish bottle is the embodiment of the warm Tuscan sun as it rises above the distant hills, casting its warm golden hue over the lush, fertile land.

The midnotes appear soon after, offering a spicy heart as the sun warms the hot red tiled roofs of Firenze. The anise note is cleverly combined with hints of amber, geranium and a strong patchouli presence that promises a persistent aromatic accord.

The basenotes of leather and tonka ensures that the scent will linger on the skin for quite some time, just as the memory of a visit to this charming land blessed with both the bounties of nature and culture is sure to stay in one’s mind as a lasting memory.

Tuscany Per Uomo is a formal scent ideal for cool evenings. It recalls other classics such as YSL pour homme(1971) and Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur(1972). Comparing it to Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur, Tuscany Per Uomo is much sharper with the herbaceous basil and geranium blend, while the orange in Pierre Cardin smoothens out the scent. Tuscany Per Uomo is also longer lasting which is a bonus with citrus based scents. Overall, the concept fits the packaging and scent to create in effect, the essence of Tuscany bottled!
22nd August, 2005

Very Sexy for Him 2 by Victoria's Secret

this one is soooooo much better than the first...i liked the first one but this one hits it right....a great melody of notes that smells great and the ladies love!!SPICY and Smooth....very well done
22nd August, 2005

Echo by Davidoff

in my opinian it wa a nice try...but its way too sharp and synthetic and ozonic...Davidoff has to try to win with another...nice try though....
22nd August, 2005

Aramis Life by Aramis

This is interesting when first applied but it lacks the depth to be a great fragrance...similar to perry ellis 360 in terms of drydown...there is nothing bold about this...
22nd August, 2005

Jeans Couture Man by Versace

it smells good... i actually think the drydown is much better than the first burst of...and i do prefer dreamer over this...but this still smells good...good for juss hangin out in the city with couple of friends...ehhh maybe clubbin too lol
22nd August, 2005

Very Sexy for Him by Victoria's Secret

I liked this alot...but i do prefer Eternity over this and i can understand why a reviewer has said that its a clone...but dont get me still great...and I actually very sexy 2 hoever is a more improves fragrance
22nd August, 2005

Zirh by Zirh

well its nothing extraordiniary....this os one of those spicy fresh scents available throughout the market...but its not bad...juss wud have been better with a better drydown
22nd August, 2005

What About Adam by Joop!

I am a big fan of JOOP indeed, JOOP HOMME and NIGHFLIGHT are both awesome...and i was even more excited and releived when i first came across this..What about Adam is fresh, herbal and quiete honestly almost MEDICINAL...I feel as if I am relaxing in a Italian Spa when i apply this magnificent bottle of cologne...And i love the tomato leaf note which adds alot of character and depth to the fragrance...
22nd August, 2005

V/S for Men by Versace

a very warm and special fragrance...almost similar to kourous for men...this is a good fragrance for a night out or a date...
22nd August, 2005

The Dreamer by Versace

THIS IS favorite oriental ambery fragrances were always JOOP OR its defintly this... its veryyyyyyyyy smooth and has a great tobacco note to it thats just too daym sexi for the ladies.... deyll sniff you all over!!
22nd August, 2005

Sport de Paco Rabanne by Paco Rabanne

This is by far the best Paco Rabanne fragrance ever...It is defintly original and not like the other typical "sport" versions of a fragrance. It has great character and depth... its aroma is a opens with fresh burst of citrus and trails off into a field of magnificent woods.. there are defintely some magical notes in there that I am nor anyone is aware of. 2 BIG THUMBS UP!!
22nd August, 2005

Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren

this fragrance is very nice....i had trouble at first accepting it when i smeeled it in a sample...however until my uncle bought it and i asked him what dat great smelling fragrance was he replied "SAFARI". Well i was shocked and i bought myself a bottle...and i learned to love it...its great...fresh and spicy citrus burst..with a beautiful leathery drydown...goodstuff
22nd August, 2005

Quorum by Antonio Puig

Qourum does have a lot of fans...but it smells very outdated...not interesting at all!! its of a genre that we today dont smell in the modern fragrances from the indusrty...maybe im not brought up used to these Fougery scents...but this is quiete harsh and in your face...didnt enjoy it nor did my girlfriend...she hated it
22nd August, 2005

One Man Show by Jacques Bogart

a very outdated smell which gives incredible migraines...TOO STRONG AND IN YOUR FACE!! ALMOST RANCID
22nd August, 2005