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United Kingdom

Blu Mediterraneo : Mandorlo di Sicilia by Acqua di Parma

The opening blast reeks of orange, anise and a big dose of almonds. A touch of bergamot provides some freshness, but more a glimpse of it than a ray.

The almond grows stronger in the drydown, with the addition of a slightly creamy ylang-ylang together with a vanilla note resulting in a slightly boozy aroma that is halfway between Sarsaparilla and a root beer.

The base adds a woodsy undertone - cedar mainly - that adds sone more depth. Later in the base a balsamic impression develops, but this Tolu balsam, as it is proclaimed, has neither balsamic nor any medicinal characteristics on me; it is more an accompanying element to the sweet almond-vanilla-ylang concoctions, which is endowed with some white musks towards the end that have a minimally powdery undertone.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and ten hours of longevity on my skin.

This wintery gourmand is rich and comforting. The performance is a plus, whilst the at times overly synthetic and generic nature of its ingredients are minus points. Overall a bit middle-of-the-road. 2.75/5
05th January, 2020

Eau de Rochas by Rochas

Eau, bold, fresh citrus
Tinged with little temptations
And complications

Satisfactions and
Rumors of satisfactions
In Eaux de Cologne

Things not of genre
But rather effortlessly
Thus reminiscent

Don't make me make you
Stay away from my wardrobe
Just linger longer

And prove your beauty
Your Coco sister magic
To this greedy boy

Just make me regret
That I found her before you
Before you soothe me

With seductive thoughts
That it was the only way
I would have found you

Then as you praise her
By the flattery of your
Coy deviations

Each one becoming
A new beauty of your own
Let me not question

Appreciating magic
Nor question its loss

As loss of our own.
05th January, 2020

East India / Vi Et Armis by Beaufort London

Amazing smoke, peaty, tobacco notes - the inside of whiskey barrels that have just been charred, the various smoke from woods used to cure fish, notes of Lapsang souchong and cigar tobacco. Reminds me of Laphroaig or Talisker.

This is so different and masterfully captures it all. Subsides and smooths out after a bit of wear, but so intense and strong.
05th January, 2020
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Berlin by Gallivant

This is my least favourite from the Gallivant “Nomad Set.” Extremely sharp citrus assault on opening that went on and on; later, vetiver.

It gave me a headache, but to be fair perhaps I already had one brewing. I think for people who don’t get a headache from it, it could be a cool, crisp, but rather generic masculine-leaning cologne. Inoffensive but also unoriginal. For some reason it really reminds me of a Glade Plug-In room scent.
05th January, 2020

Brooklyn by Gallivant

This was in the “Nomad Set” sample box of Gallivant EDP I received. I really wasn’t crazy about the beginning of this one, but I am glad I didn’t scrub it off because I loved how it ended. It is definitely not linear, and it moves very quickly.

The opening is very fresh, perhaps a blast of...neroli? A bit sharp, too bright; if it were a colour, it would be blinding white. To my nose, it’s a bit unpleasantly harsh and synthetic at first, but that part mellows out pretty quickly and settles down to something more powdery. Weirdly, I don’t hate it even though I usually dislike powdery scents.

It keeps morphing and morphing which makes it really interesting, and it progresses within one hour to the musky, ambery dry down, which is just lovely.

If the beginning is white, the ending is golden.
05th January, 2020

Blu Mediterraneo : Mandorlo di Sicilia by Acqua di Parma

No complaints with this at all, sweet initial deployment not too heavy dries down to that lush Almond and Vanilla combo, had me salivating...decent length and easy relaxed wear... thumbs up from moi.
05th January, 2020

Nobil Homo : Ottoman Amber by The Merchant of Venice

Boring pretentious accord of resins (definitely oudh and smoky opoponax), dark fruits, musk and amber, smelling more or less (with faint variations among the following) close to various creations focused on the same "oriental" theme (La via del profumo Mecca Balsams, Memo Shams, Ortigia Ambra Nera, Armani Privé, SL Ambre Sultan, Parfume d'Empire Cuir Ottoman etc). I detect sort of chocolatey/ambery patch, plums and smoky resins (oudh, myrrh, a tad of frankincense?). The aroma is somewhat linear till the end. Liturgical smokey opoponax is dominant under my profane nose. Longevity and projection are in the average.
04th January, 2020 (last edited: 05th January, 2020)

6.0 by Zara

Just okay. Definitely a different scent in the sea of Sauvage and Bleu out there, however I haven't found myself really reaching for it in the 2+ years I've had my bottle. Have not gotten any compliments either. For the price, perhaps worth it to break up your usual routine or scent pallet.
04th January, 2020

Telegrama by Imaginary Authors

Sweet, burnt vanilla-sugar, reminding me of BR540, is what jumps out about this scent overall. However, it's not all about the sweetness as the base is green with lavender and slightly powdery. That powder resembles talc, but not in a weird way that's trying to be hyper-realistic. Just gives it a slightly medicinal feel.

Feels very unisex and modern. With as much sweetness is going on here, it seems best for cooler weather. Performance isn't all that big though, so it could be pulled off in warmer weather possibly. Longevity and projection are average with minimal sprays, so go big and on clothes to help with both.
04th January, 2020
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United States

Baikal Gris by Areej le Doré

Baikal Gris opens with a lush coniferous green woody fir coupling with just a hint of salty ambergris before moving to its heart. As the composition reaches its early heart, the early coniferous fir gives way to pine-like coniferous cypress rising from the base that takes the fore underpinned by natural smelling, slightly sharp cedar wood and relatively dry and smooth real sandalwood. As the progression continues through the heart phase, the coniferous cypress gradually recedes, as the sandalwood and cedar woody tandem add a soft leathery facet with just a tinge of slightly powdery green oakmoss joining moderately sweet, powdery vanilla in support. During the late dry-down, the moderately powdery vanilla takes command, with remnants of the powdery oakmoss and sandalwood smoothing things out through the finish. Projection is slightly below average and longevity average at 8-9 hours on skin.

The first time I wore Baikal Gris the ambergris spiked coniferous open didn't agree with me at all. In fact, it bothered me enough that I pretty much stopped paying attention to things right there. I was fully prepared to slam the composition in this review based on the initial informal wearing, but an extremely rare thing happened this occurrence... I have done a complete 180 degree change in my opinion. Maybe it took me some time to adjust, or maybe I just wasn't in the right mood for the composition last wearing, but today I am enjoying everything about it. Ironically the weakest aspect to me is the salty real ambergris that gets top billing due to its scarcity. In truth, the real allure is just about everything else, with the cypress, cedar and sandalwood notes the most prominent. Also prominent and unexpected was a gorgeous deep, soft leather accord not unlike the stuff found in vintage Bel Ami that reveals itself midway through the heart. Apart from the relatively benign ambergris, the composition is only slightly marred by its powdery mundane vanilla driven late dry-down. While that is kind of a "dime a dozen" finish, it is relatively short, and the rest of the journey is every-changing and highly enjoyable getting to it. The bottom line is the $195 per 30ml bottle Baikal Gris took some adjusting to, but turned out to be fabulous, earning and "excellent" 4 stars out of 5 rating and a solid recommendation to all.
04th January, 2020

Tola Pure Oil: Harrods Agarwood by Bond No. 9

Beautiful & long lasting version of Harrods Agarwood in a pure perfume oil form.

Thumbs up!
04th January, 2020

Sublime Essence Ambre by Ex Nihilo

This is a really nice slightly sweet, ambery oud. And I definitely smell some non skanky oud. There is a nice light woodiness to it, and maybe a touch of incense. Definitely high quality and worth a pretty penny imo, but maybe not the big retail price tag. I found a great deal on my FB, so I’m more than happy!
04th January, 2020

Mortal Skin by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

This is one for the loquacious connoisseurs.
This is a nice office fragrance. It comes across slightly effeminate early to mid, amber vanilla becoming increasingly peppery with sandalwood and settling close to the skin. That's it.
Now , of course, if you look at the notes, you start thinking, wow! Of course! I can smell blackberry, iris, Myrrh, musk, how clever, I can really appreciate this.
However in the real world that is not what you will be thinking. In fact instead you will be crying with the knowledge you could smell a lot better for a lot less.
This is one for the Tate Gallery for the cognoscenti to admire in their own time at their own expense.
I have Nasomatto's Absinth on my other arm. Now you're talking! Expensive but unique great sillage and longevity and gives simple souls pleasure.

Fragrance: 4/10 considering the expense. Otherwise 6.5/10 at face value.
Projection: 6/10
Longevity: 8/10
04th January, 2020
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Salted Green Mango by Strangers Parfumerie

It's a new take on a fruity perfume and Im here for it. It reminds me of the sea more than some marine scents do and the saltiness is real. For all its strangeness it is easy to wear and might lean a bit masculine.
04th January, 2020

Double Extrait de Fleur d'Oranger by Guerlain


The oils of rose and orange graced many a nineteenth century parfum, lotion, soap and toilet water. Most prevalent and affordable were the so-called “waters,” oils in alcohol to be added by drops to basins of water, which Madame or Monsieur could use to splash or sponge face, arms and neck to cleanse and scent. Although both sexes used these, men could safely adhere to the orange and feel totally crisp and fresh in the workplace with no accusation of heaviness or femininity, as might occur with the rose.

Guerlain’s Double Extrait de Fleurs d’Oranger is certainly a powerhouse of orange in all its forms, flower, leaf, twig and fruit peel. These are beautifully balanced, taking their turns emanating from the bottle or your skin. That marvelously dry accent of Petitgrain, extracted from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree, add the proper counter point to the richness of the orange flower and peel.

These are supported by almond, coumarin, benzoin, sandalwood, musk and vanilla, but sparingly, these bringing a roundness and powdery effect to the orange mixture.

Not being satisfied with the creation itself, Guerlain doubled the amount of oils used. Recall that hygiene in 1902 was not what it is today, the world bathing rarely but using sponges soaked in scented water to remove unpleasant body oils and odors, so this doubling of oils was perhaps more practical than showy.

All in all a splendid evocation of orange in all of its aspects. Rarer than hen’s teeth, decants are still available from internet sellers. If you love the scent of orange, do seek it out.
04th January, 2020

Iris Poudre by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

This has lovely notes of ylang and jasmine with iris showing up a bit later. For an hour or two, it was glorious and then it was gone.
I've tested several of Luten's fragrances and sadly, none of them have adequate longevity on me to justify their cost. I'd like to get at least 4-6 hours from an edp.
04th January, 2020

Coconut Milk by Sarah Horowitz Parfums

I tried this reluctantly since I'm not a coconut fan. What a pleasant surprised. It's a warm, comforting skin scent which lingered for nearly 24 hours and the coconut is very mild.
04th January, 2020

Casaque by Long Lost Perfume

i still have some of the original bath oil as well as parfum. Sadly, the soap and bath powder are gone. This is a beautiful floral fragrance.
04th January, 2020

Une Voix Noire by Serge Lutens

If I would have to choose between Beyond Love by Kilian et Une Voix Noire, as they are not unlike each other, the choice is easy:
Une Voix Noire.
UVN is more profound in its darkness and in its light tones and has better projection. Although being a rather subdued kind of perfume, it stands out, proud of its own character.
In comparison BL stays quite muffled, which I consider very inconsistent with its name, besides being an unwanted quality in any perfume.
UVN, to me, leaves "Beyond Love" behind and enters the stage to act a more vibrant part: "Because of Love".
04th January, 2020

Carnation by Mona di Orio

The opening, to me, is quite disconcerting: both a heavy metal note and the memory of kindergarten glue dominate.
In about 10 minutes the carnation, which I think causes this, subsides more to the background. Then a luscious yet stingy ylang-violet-jasmin-amber opens up.

Carnation immedialetely reminded me of Amouage Jubilation for women (because of the ylang), so I sprayed this on my other arm for comparison.
If I had to choose, Jubilation (obviously to me) wins. It is lovely right from the start and much, much more refined, with a sillage and drydown which are as desirable as they are rare in perfume, so good.

But I can appreciate the raw vibe of Carnation. It is more brusque and pushy and I believe we do need those characteristics at times in perfume.
A happy and bold summer perfume, which may need a new category: Oriental Green.
04th January, 2020

1969 Parfum de Révolte by Histoires de Parfums

Usually I do not like prominent peach nor chocolate in perfume.
Also, I'm not very much a gourmand fan, nor a fruitchouli one.
But... jtd is right: here is a lesson to be learned.

This is a contemporary classic with a merry and defiant character: playful, sweet and spicy.
If only all revolutions were so beautifully balanced.
04th January, 2020

Times Square by Masque

This is overly sweet and too nutty for me.
The sweetness is quite synthetic and the hazelnut is so powerful, it makes my stomach turn.

Times Square feels like an odd sort of candy, something I do not seek in perfume.
Of course the projection is enormous.

Nice house, gruesome perfume.
04th January, 2020

Une Fleur de Cassie by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

A cold salon at dawn in New York.
Melancholy wafts of flowers right before their wilting sets in. Used stockings thrown on a chair, a short sleep has set off their wearer. All windows are closed.
Within an hour a maid will enter the building, very softly.
04th January, 2020

Bee by Zoologist Perfumes

Bee by Zoologist is amazing...I absolutely love it! Yes it's sweet, but the sweetness is perfection to my nose. The ginger syrup and orange with the royal jelly accord in the opening is my favorite phase and I smell the individual notes. Once the opening begins to fade Bee becomes pretty linear, but I don't mind at all because it just smells wonderful! Full bottle worthy for sure in my opine.

Honestly, Bee is one of my new favs...brilliant!
04th January, 2020
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United States

Vengance Extrême by Juliette Has a Gun

Does not smell like an amped up version of Lady Vengeance. Woody patchouli with a little spice.
04th January, 2020
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United States

Reflection Woman by Amouage

inoffensive watery, green, springtime flowers. Generic and not worth the price imo.
04th January, 2020
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom

Sea Salt by H2O+

This fragrance is named very aptly: sea salt this really is. From the start a fresh crisp sea salt aroma is present. Touches of orange blossom are there towards the end, together with hints of black tea leaves, but I get minimal smokiness only.

In spite of the sea connection, there is very little of an ozonic character present on me.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and four hours of longevity on my skin.

A lovely sea salt impression - not much more but not less so. Simple, and quite straightforward. 3.25/5.
04th January, 2020

Muguet Eau de Parfum by Molinard

Fresh, white flowers in the opening, but not the stinky kind. This is very pleasant. The drydown reminds me of expensive hand soap. It's soapy, clean and powdery. I'd be happy smelling this on my wife.

It seems like a nice warm-weather scent since it's not heavy. Projection isn't huge but it is easily smelled throughout the wearing. In fact, it's better in the air than smelled right up on the skin. Seems to last most of the workday.
03rd January, 2020 (last edited: 04th January, 2020)

Tulipano Nero by I Profumi di Firenze

Yes, a dandy-retro fragrance, kind of nostalgic, vaguely bohemien, aristocratic and courtesan. Dark orchid, languid rose, supposedly dianthus, soapy ylang-ylang and balsams are quite dominant under my vulgar nose. Tulipano Nero is supremely floral, almost indolic/potpourri and definitely decadent. A sort of Il Profvmo Black Dianthus-twin, being either dark and sinister as a decrepit nobiliar building in a Charles Dicken's novel (Great Expectations).
03rd January, 2020

Dafne by OLO

This bears no resemblance whatsoever to actual daphne blossoms. It smells of cedar and cashmere woods, with a slight yellow flower undercurrent. This is especially disappointing as I live in Portland Oregon which is Daphne bush central, and you would think someone who makes a Daphne fragrance here would know what it smells like...apparently not...
03rd January, 2020