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Bill Blass for Men by Bill Blass

I remember this!!! I just realized it has been discontinued. :( Why, tell me why would Bill Blass discontinue their namesake fragrance for men? This was the ABSOLUTE BEST of ALL the Bill Blass fragrances. Bill Blass for Men was PURE CLASS. I was very saddened when Calvin by Calvin Klein (in the dark blue bottle) was discontinued. I wish they'd bring them both back in their original concentration (strong and long-lasting). Too many fragrances today are watered down, only using the minimal amount of essential oil, gone in five minutes! Come on, the public wants fragrances that will last, not spray their hard-earned money into the air to disappear in five minutes.
12th July, 2018

Replica Lazy Sunday Morning by Martin Margiela

Floral, with a bit of zest from the Lily of the Valley and Iris. Feminine for sure. Luckily this becomes less cloying after about 40 minutes or so. Be warned, easy on the sprays with this one ladies. 6.5/10
12th July, 2018

Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum by Burberry

For some reason, I keep getting a pest control spray vibe with these. This one is not as bad though. Just seems like too much going on with this Parfum version. 6/10
12th July, 2018
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Pi Air by Givenchy

Nice! I like this one a lot. Future purchase. Slightly sweet with a fresh vibe. Kind of aquatic as well, without going overboard. Reminds me of the original without the vanilla.
12th July, 2018

Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme by Gucci

Plastic Band Aid to the extreme. Not for me at all. I've smelled a lot worse though. I know there are a lot fans on this one. I'm guessing because it's different. 5/10
12th July, 2018

Sel Marin by Heeley

Heeley Sel Marin has a top-tier reputation among aquatic fragrances, so I'm glad to finally sample it (via a Luckyscent dabber, albeit). I gravitate toward heavier / cold weather fragrances so it's always a treat to try a new freshie.

As it's name suggests, it's salt water, mainly, with a few interesting hints added: seaweed, vetiver, birch, and lemon, each proving useful to add both variation and depth to the blend.

On my skin, Sel Marin comes off slightly minty, as well, not necessarily good or bad, but it makes the blend more nuanced.

I like salty aquatics like this. One that comes to mind is the rarely-discussed Nautica Oceans that rarely atomizes well but instead is launched in watery bursts and provides the simply scent of salty water but without the dirtiness of calone.

Sel Marin is more subtle, by comparison, but I have reservations about whether it's worth the $180 for 100ml retail pricing. As a premier aquatic offering, it could be worthwhile to anyone who loves it, but I have a difficult time regarding its performance as strong from a dabber, and if it requires a bunch of sprays to last, that could diminish its value.

At minimum, it's a very good entry that I'd like to wear some more, and clearly it was created with care, and is worthy of sampling by anyone, as it's a solid warm weather option.

7 out of 10
12th July, 2018

Poivre by Caron

Clove, black pepper, rose, incense and amber are the notes I get and love. I’m happy I was able to test this weirdo and I’m happy to love it. Great performances.
12th July, 2018

Ivana by Ivana Trump

This is a big, bold white floral with lots of tuberose, ylang, jasmine and gardenia. It has nose-tickling aldehydes in the drydown and some note that I can't place that gives it a sharpness as the sweetness burns off. It's not oakmoss. There's sandalwood in the base and maybe a light hint of musk. Very pretty. Average longevity and sillage as it dries down. Can't find any info on notes. Definite oakmoss in the final drydown in the base.
12th July, 2018

Royal Mayfair by Creed

Out of the more than 50 colognes scents (including other Creeds) I own, this is the one that I get the most complements from.

I have to wear a suit and tie everyday to work because of my profession. Royal Mayfair has been one of the best scents that is complementary to my level of dress.

The scent is very fresh and clean and last the whole 8 hrs while at work. My girl tell me she can smell it in my suit jacket the next day. This is even after having it sit in a ceder closet over night.

No sure where the hate is coming from however, for me it is nothing but love from me and those around me. If you want something different and unique then this should be on your list to pick up.

12th July, 2018

Colonia Intensa Oud Concentrée / Colonia Oud Concentrée by Acqua di Parma

If you ever thought an oud and leather based fragrance couldn't be fresh and clean then try this. To put things simply ..this reminds me of spray starch mixed with leather and a drop of oud. The fragrance is extremely sartorial and would be perfectly matched to a summer wedding day or an office night out. Sometimes I think of high end hotel bed sheets with a top quality leather coat nearby. Like most of the acqua di parma fragrances, they all seem to carry that Italian airy sophistication about them and this is no exception. The price may seem high but it does garner compliments, lasts a good while and finishes off your smartened appearance more than most typical designer scents, plus there's a bit of niche originality in the mix here with a fresh/dirty creation I can't compare to anything else yet.
12th July, 2018

Best by Lomani

Lomani is something of a cult Parisian fragrance house that is known for it's cheapo masculines that have remarkable style even if they lack somewhat in the performance department. The one that started it all, Lomani Pour Homme (1987), is a soapy barbershop fougère that follows in the footsteps of Drakkar Noir (1982), but unlike so many that also did similar, gets accused of being an attempted clone, when it is in fact less similar to Drakkar Noir than several of it's peers that don't get the same accusation. I feel much of this has to do with the Lomani price point and misinformation, but regardless, the eponymous debut scent carved out the path of an underdog hero which facilitated not only this follow up from the same year, but also the erection of an entire house in time. Best by Lomani (1987) is obviously not an appropriately-named sophomore effort, because even people in the know about Lomani Pour Homme often haven't heard of it, so how can it be their finest hour? Lomani would release so much stuff, some original, some near-clones, that they unintentionally drowned Best in an ocean of meh. The fragrance feels sort of like the darker, muskier, more mature brother to Lomani Pour Homme, almost like both formulae were made at the same time a la Halston and it's Z-14 and 112 (1976), but given distinctly different packaging unlike Halston, and staggered by a few months apart. Lomani Pour Homme would appeal to the crowd looking for fresh and clean, while Best would appeal to a more mature audience still seeking aromatic scents like Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme (1978). Best plays out much like a marriage between something such as the aforementioned VC&A scent and the debut Calvin Klein masculine called Calvin (1981), with touches of castoreum and fir like Bogart One Man Show (1980) and the later Rochas Globe (1991), not that it's as high-quality as any of those.

Best opens with some interesting 3-way citrus action of bergamot, lemon, and mandarin in the top, bringing it a semi-oriental vibe with the sweet mandarin especially, giving Best a fruity countenance usually reserved for oriental masculines, but rather than commit to that path, it heads down the fougère road like Lomani Pour Homme with lavender, balsam fir, and an herbal composite "fern" accord that reminds me of the orris in Paco Rabanne most. Comparisons to One Man Show and Globe also start near the middle, but the fougère/oriental/powerhouse hybridism of Best gets even stranger when the base comes on, as a train wreck of notes hits you in the face, almost nauseous at first until they calm down. The final drydown shows the inexperience of whoever composed this and the lack of quality control on the house's part, but considering it's under $10 (cheaper than an Arden or Avon), this can be forgiven slightly. Sandalwood, cedar, pine, patchouli, vetiver, cinnamon, ginger, amber, and musk are all touted to be in this. The last 4 definitely are, but the rest are just in a barf bag jumble until they calm down, turning Best into a spicy, fruity, musky and leathery coumarin bath with hints of clove and castoreum that brings in the Calvin comparison with the musk, but with a fraction of the budget and half the strength. Best is an enjoyable scent once all the chips fall, but that last transition from midddle to base is so clumsy and over-stuffed that it's almost offensive, making the scent a nice opener, but then queasy and almost scrub-worthy, until it redeems itself at the end with a smooth finish. If you don't mind a little bit of challenge in your fragrance, or are just masochistic, you probably won't take issue with this, but having a fragrance that is pleasant then really unpleasant, and finally pleasant again just works my anxiety a bit and makes me deduct points. Spraying on shirt keeps top notes around longer, so like with Lomani Pour Homme, doing so corrects some of Best's issues (which in this case is the dry down and not the longevity).

Ultimately, the way I approach Best is like a great song with a terrible guitar solo: the singer and rhythm section are on point, but when the lead guitarist steps out, it's just wammy bar and random dive bombs without any real fretwork, which is what the transition from fougère-like middle to whatever that is in the base feels like to me. You wait out the cacophony until the final refrain emerges and the song gets on with itself, which is what happens once Best stops trying to be a Swiss army knife of aromatic proportions on a Kmart budget and just settles into being the cheap guilty pleasure masculine spicy musk it's touted to be. Best is still soapy like Lomani Pour Homme, but is for the guy that wants some virility with his soap, but couldn't shell out for the big boys back in the day, or still can't in modern times because all his favorites are discontinued and astronomical in price, so he wears this instead. Best by Lomani is a misnomer because it reeks of settling for less, unlike Lomani Pour Homme, which actually tried to be a low-priced but competent competitor in it's genre and succeeded. Despite the tough love, I still like Best and give it a thumbs up, but only because it's dark broody Victorian style is gradually becoming extinct outside a few niche selections, and it's one of the few easily-accessed surviving examples of it's kind. Best by Lomani in the 21st century has transformed from an inferior devotee of stronger specimens, to an affordable window to a forgotten time when guys wanted to reek of soap, spice, peat moss, animal funk and musk. It smelled like 1978 on a budget in 1987, and now it just smells deeply esoteric if a bit hairy in that final transitory phase to the musk. A fascinating cheapie, not an everyday scent, and probably not something to wear in social settings, unless we're talking about the Middle East, where Lomani is actually competitive with giants like Coty.
12th July, 2018
12th July, 2018

Soir d'Orient by Sisley

Honest to God, I actually picked it up at a thrift shop for 99 cents and figured I could use it as air freshener.

Man's perspective: I have a pretty gifted nose, I can dissect notes as well as the rest, but I'm not picking up any of the complexity described above. I detect only one thing in this fragrance: a rose bomb. What others have described as "rich," I would say are dense and opaque, and so cloying a rose note that it drowns out nuance of any kind.

If I were sitting next to a woman wearing this, I would honestly be annoyed and have to move away. I wear women's fragrances if they are basenote-y, but rose florals (Brits love 'em) are not quite my thing in a man's fragrance. This one would be impossible for any man to pull off in any situation.

All-in-all, it reminds me of that cheap-smelling Marshall's and TJ max "Tea Rose" fragrance, which, to its only benefit, is at least a bit sheerer.
12th July, 2018
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Bracken Man by Amouage

The opening smells like a soapy, winter holiday memory, maybe even a little medicinal. Cool green (cypress) notes mixed with the cloves and nutmeg give it the North American "holidays" feel. Wife said I smelled like pine cones, but not in a bad way, ha!

Not a favorite of mine but it is nice, clean and pleasing. Feels more dressed up than casual but otherwise, should be versatile any different temperatures because of the cool, cleanness. Also, seems pretty linear on me after the brighter top notes fade off.

I get good projection during the first 4-5 hours. The skin scent lasts all workday.
12th July, 2018

Cardinal by Heeley

one of the lightest and most refreshing incense fragrances I've smelled...a lot of nice little nuances...but overall a very nice and fragrant churchy smell, but very subdued and gentle...I like it a incense you can probably get away with wearing to the office....
12th July, 2018

Solo Loewe Sport by Loewe

A nice surprise:
Starts with bright mandarin then mixes subtly with pepper but just enough to make it masculine as if its the zest from the peal.
Never collapses into a base of acrid pepper as is the habit of the usual Loewe sport flanker and indeed the backstop of a lot of designers.
Think of Cartier Declaration but it is masculine and does not smell of armpit.
Although it is 'sport' it is not really that fresh apart from the opening, but it smells surprisingly good.

Fragrance: 7.25/10
Projection: 7.5/10
Longevity: 7.5/10
11th July, 2018 (last edited: 18th July, 2018)
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United States

Bentley for Men Azure by Bentley

The Bentley Azure, sister car to Rolls' Corniche, is a coupe convertible of the greatest luxury. As both names suggest, this is a car to be driven along beautiful coastal roads, the blue of the sun-drenched sky mirroring the blue of the sea. So it is natural that when Bentley started building out its fragrance collection, that their fresh, oceanic offering would bear the name of this famous car. And oceanic it is-the Orcanox/Ambroxin sees to that, with fresh notes of pineapple and a violet leaf reminiscent of Aventus and Green Irish Tweed in the top notes, sage and lavender in the middle notes and Tonka joining the Orcanox in the finish.

Azure brings nothing new to the table but is beautifully done-as all of the Bentley fragrances tend to be-and a welcome addition to any line up of warm weather workhorses. Very good performance for a fresh aquatic scent with a passing resemblance to many of Creed's offerings-these same notes are almost house notes at Creed. You may not live within striking distance of the seaside (and may not have a luxury convertible to drive there even if you did) but Bentley Azure has a fresh yet luxurious air to it that brings a little shoreline elegance into each wearing, wherever you may be. The bottle is crazily close to Ferragamo's Subtil which is interesting since that is another perfect example of a fresh yet luxurious designer scent done right.
11th July, 2018 (last edited: 14th July, 2018)

7 Loewe Anónimo by Loewe

Very similar to Montale's full incense but here the incense is more subtle so the fragrance is less categorised. It just smells delicious and rich warm, well balanced. It does not last as long as Montale's effort though but is more wearable and much cheaper. It also overlaps with Amouage's outstanding Journey Man. In fact if this had significant longevity it may have been the good value alternative but after an hour the delicious boozy component goes leaving a slightly powdery floral vibe just on the masculine side of acceptable.
Loewe's colognes seem to suffer from this. The brilliant Solo stays brilliant for an hour and blows away anything else citrusy as it is citrus masculine rather than citrus metro -Hermes take note- then degenerates into an insipid pink pepper. The trouble is if you have to keep on re-applying it then bang goes the value. Amouage is still evident on the shirt collar the next day.

Fragrance: 7.75/10
Projection: 7/10
Longevity: 7/10
11th July, 2018 (last edited: 13th July, 2018)

Fougere d'Argent by Tom Ford

The Tonka Bean is up front and center in the opening with some sparkle from the ginger. Lavender is definitely making itself known too. The opening is actually quite nice! I don't smell any mandarin. Hoping to get some patch from the Akigalawood as this dries down. Now that it's dried down for several hours, it smells quite a bit like Masculin Pluriel by MFK.
11th July, 2018 (last edited: 12th July, 2018)
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United States

Oolang Infini by Atelier Cologne

A little bit of soapy floral, no tea that I could detect, very subtle scent and very little projection on me. About 20 minutes later, poof gone like a nice cup of tea.
11th July, 2018

The One Gentleman by Dolce & Gabbana

Not a bad fragrance. Would have been better if they toned down the vanilla though! 6.5/10
11th July, 2018

7 Loewe Sport by Loewe

This is similar to 7 Natural but more synthetic, less classy and frankly rendered a curious excessive irrelevance by the former. I gave my bottle away.Perhaps for teenibopers summer parties.

Fragrance: 4/10
Longevity :6/10
11th July, 2018

7 Loewe Natural by Loewe

Fresh tingling Yuzu and incense. The first takes centre stage initially then incense begins coming through but still remains subtle and masculine. Leaves you with perfectly balanced fresh richness. Simply the best fresh fragrance I have found which is not an aquatic blast or synthetic floral overkill. It is so good that it would demean it to call it a Sport flanker. Well done Loewe.

Fragrance: 7.75/10
Projection: 7.75/10
Longevity: 7/10
11th July, 2018

Lady Rose Lion (Monkey Unicorn) by 4160 Tuesdays

Stardate 20180711:

Peach stale rose. Not the kind I like but it is nicely done. I can see people liking it. Classic style similar to that Doe in Snow but unfortunately not for me. Peach is not for me.
Thumbs up for composition.
11th July, 2018

Limon de Cordoza by The Different Company

The Different Company Limon de Cordoza is centered around the eponymous note of lemon and other citrus, but touched with bits of mint, vetiver, gaiac, freesia, and neroli.

It's predictably fresh, overall quite light, and nuanced, sharpened by the mint and vetiver, specifically, which prevent the fragrance from drifting into "citrus-only" or "juicy, sweet citrus" territory.

It feels fresh but classy, exuberant but reserved, making for a versatile offering as far as gender and age.

Pricing of $125 for 100ml walks the line between being excessive for the lack of performance and just right for a perfume of fine quality and energy, and a rather useful warm weather option.

7 out of 10
11th July, 2018

Lilac Love by Amouage

A big burst of sweet jasmine on top. All the other flowers are well-blended. Barely any lilac and no peony, for my nose. A mild, nutty confection in the middle. Slight smokiness at the base with mellow patchouli and vanilla. I only wish the top notes lingered awhile longer.

Overall a very lovely scent by this house.
11th July, 2018

Very Irresistible L'Eau En Rose by Givenchy

Just when I thought I've smell the bottom in rose perfumery with Rock'n'rose, there comes a surprise.
11th July, 2018

Poême by Lancôme

La Sargantaine portrait of Júlia Peraire by Ramon Casas 1907
11th July, 2018

Tobacco Oud by Tom Ford

Complete Masterpiece

It is Dark, very dry, heavy.

This opens with a sweetness, then min by minute gets dryer and dryer.
A little boozy on the opening too.
Complex and has layers of perfection.
Love Love this, I think this is my favourite Tom Ford. Unfortunately tho this is better worn for the cooler or evening, also not many will recognise the pure heavenly perfection that this supplies in the bucket load.
Roll on the cooler weather so I can enjoy this!

Scent 9.5 - 10
Longevity 9 - 10
Sillage 8 - 10
11th July, 2018

Fougere d'Argent by Tom Ford

I own over twenty Private Blends and this one is, at least on my skin, the weakest performer of them all. The scent is interesting/pleasing enough but it’s in skin scent zone within 15 minutes! Coumarin, lavender and ginger gives this a distinctly minty accord. I don’t get ANY mandarin whatsoever... but it’s fresh! Super versatile- wears well day or night and all seasons. Definitely unisex- doesn’t lean any one direction although I’ll say I’d love to smell this on a woman. I’ll experiment with more sprays for my next wearing but man... sure wish this had more power/sillage/longevity.
11th July, 2018