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Shooting Stars : Lua by Xerjoff

I don't wish to seem trite. The opening of Lua smells like perfume should. Perfectly blended citrus segues into a bouquet of rose and iris. Then, pink pepper and lily of the valley enters. The heart is like a waltz. It is classic, well done - elegant!

Musk moves in. It's a luxurious musk. Light vanilla and sandalwood later. I don't think Lua is quite worth the high price. It IS well made.

... A fine, lipstick accord appears much later.
02nd December, 2018

Honey Aoud by Montale

Sweetened oud burst. Honey, almost a tobacco note hiding here. Powdery iris note. Patchouli and leather - gentle but, present. A pop of cinnamon. The oud here isn't long-lasting nor is it overly assertive. It was only a quick blast.

Later, vanilla and amber take over. Still a hint of iris and a touch of honey. I smell Tiare flower here.

This one also seems to have a Ping-Pong effect. Notes seem to come and go, bounce to and fro. I enjoy when that occurs. Just when I think a note is "done" I can smell it again.

Steady, smoky leather later on.
02nd December, 2018

Incense Extrême by Tauer

The name says it all. Multi-layered, has great depth. Coriander & petitgrain are perfect. Exotic incense and orris wood are perfect, too. Authentic smelling ambergris with its seaside, oceanic feel.

Remains a true incense fragrance throughout it's time on my skin. Long-lasting, too!
02nd December, 2018
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Les Heures de Parfum - II L'Heure Convoitée by Cartier

Beautiful fruity-powdery creation from Cartier!

L'Heure Convoitée feels more like a ladies' perfume than for men. Nonetheless...Carnation and iris open this niche fragrance with a really nice freshness, brightened up with neighboring clove. Odd that the Basenotes fragrance triangle doesn't list the strawberry which is fairly prominent here, adding a delicious, lush element atop the slowly emerging jasmine in the heart. Sandalwood and vanilla hold this pretty scent down with characteristic woody sweetness.

Very classy and subtle, L'Heure Convoitée smells well made and fit for a glamourously dressed lady ready to take on the night. :-)
02nd December, 2018

Les Heures de Parfum - I L'Heure Promise by Cartier

A fresh, woody green floral niche outing from the "Les Heures de Parfum" collection by Cartier.

L'Heure Promise opens with a green foliage quality from the herbs and petitgrain. What grabs me most of all is the iris - with its lovely cooked carrot, violet-like powdery character. The fragrance devlops and creamy sandalwood and a tasteful musk enter in to provide a nice finish.

This is a fairly light scent, with moderate sillage that never becomes harsh. Comforting, pleasant, classy...these would be my descriptions of L'Heure Promise!
02nd December, 2018

Green Leather by Daniel Josier

The notes scream Tuscan Leather clone, but in reality it's anything but. Daniel Josier purportedly was one of the noses to submit a prototype to Tom Ford of what would eventually become Tuscan Leather, but Ford went in a different direction.

I'll have to admit, at first sniff I was a bit skeptical; the scent was very, very fruity with a strong jammy raspberry that I couldn't quite figure it to be natural or not. It was, despite some other reviews, sweet to my nose and powerfully so. I revisited the fragrance a few days later (then a few more) and am happy to say this is quite a pleasant scent. Much like Ambre Tabac, it's incredibly well blended and comes across as a much fresher, vibrant scent without the darkness/harshness leather vibe of Tom Ford's offering.

Some would say, as a result, it's much more wearable and versatile. I would definitely say versatile though I never considered Tuscan Leather to be unwearable by any means and love its buttery-suede leather dry-down. The leather here is certainly more subdued and of the suede accord, but again, it's so well-blended that there are moments when I'm catching myself thinking "is that bit if sweetness from the raspberry or the leather? Or amber? Or is it incense?"

Bottom line is this is a somewhat playful, yet classy fragrance that straddles the line between both worlds. Projection is quite good (some may say beast-mode) and longevity is top-notch. It took a few wearings, but this has really, really grown on me.
02nd December, 2018

Magic : Dancing Roses by Viktor & Rolf

Apparently, this is one of the better selling outings in the niche "Magic Collection" by Viktor & Rolf.

Dancing Roses, though marked as unisex, is very much a ladies' scent. The nose behind this scent, Sonia Constant, really used her imagination to create what ends up as an intense, boozy (from the brandy) rose-cherry perfume. I can detect true rose as well as support from clarified lychee and saffron that compositely boost the rose's prominence. Though the notes aren't listed, I also sense an ambery, musky finish as well. I find parallels here to Tom Ford's amazing Lost Cherry EdP, which also has rose, cherry, and liquor contained within.

Truly, Dancing Roses is a happy, pleasant perfume that evokes feelings of pleasure and joy! I am not surprised that it happens to be one of V&R's best selling of the Magic Collection.

02nd December, 2018

Magic : Liquid Diamonds by Viktor & Rolf

REALLY unique, and a bit mysterious to boot. Viktor & Rolf's Liquid Diamonds is an abstract painting, where you have to rack your brain to pin down what you're smelling!

The fragrance notes seem solid and identifiable when read, but actually experiencing this concoction is another thing:

It's ultimately a bright, white floral composition with a discernible pink pepper start that progresses into a wormhole of sorts. Many comparisons to shampoo and / or soaps are on point, having a sheer cleanness that defies identification otherwise. There are swirls of citrus and musk floating inside the ethereal fragrance. Sharp, bracing, smelling like nothing else out there.

This scent, enigmatic as it is, feels more suited for ladies than men. I can't really find any other words to describe this unique scent; you've got to check it out in either a test spray or decant before deciding to plunk down a LOT for a full bottle.

It's not my cup of tea, and I don't easily reject scents for being unconventional (a la Comme des Garcons, who makes some really avant garde potions which may defy identification but smell wearable). I'll pass on Liquid Diamonds with a neutral, only because it alienates my personal tastes and preferences.
02nd December, 2018

Magic : Invisible Oud by Viktor & Rolf

A welcome oud-like scent entry by Viktor & Rolf in their "Magic" niche collection.

Invisible Oud definitely isn't the raw, super-cindering and dry stuff you'd encounter with Tom Ford, Fragrance du Bois, Montale, or numerous other in-your-face oud formulations. Instead, it's a decidely powdery, musky, resinous creation with a smidgen of woody oud nestled deep within. The obvious characteristics of Invisible Oud are the resinous pungence of myrrh and sweet benzoin, doused with white musk and the bare presence of oud wood proper, accented by pink pepper.

If you are seeking an oud-heavy experience here, this is not the fragrance for you. Although few scents out there truly have genuine, bona fide agarwood in them, with Invisible Oud, indeed the oud seems a bit underwhelming and "invisible." I don't think that V&R's aim was to create yet another smoky, beastly agarwood-centered creation; instead, it ultimately infers about oud with the other notes mimicking its elements.

Very nice creation that is reminiscent of Eau Sauvage by Dior, yet it comes across woodier with a slight tip of the hat to oud (barely discernible but there, if you "look" for it). Try before you buy.
02nd December, 2018

Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

Arguably, a living legend in the arena of men's scents.

Spicebomb both resembles and copies many other fragrances, and that's okay! In its own right, Spicebomb has what it takes to communicate confidence, friendliness, and good taste to others with its well-crafted potion.

It has the requisite elements of a brute masculine scent, with the tobacco, leather, and pepper as the dominant notes that get reinforced by deep resinous elemi, earthy vetiver, and of course the opening, uplifting citrus salvo of bergamot and grapefruit. It's suitable for party, casual, and even some formal occasions.

Be ready for others to pay more attention to you, even asking what you're wearing (although most would know after all these years) and complimenting you! :-)
02nd December, 2018

Spicebomb Extreme by Viktor & Rolf

It's every way loud and brash as the name suggests. It's the epitome of what a well-made, beast-mode scent would and should be in today's crowded arena of men's fragrances.

Spicebomb Extreme has unashamed sillage that leaves a definite trail for others. It takes what is so pleasant and memorable with the original Spicebomb and puts a supercharger engine into it! Personally, I like this flanker over the original because it gives me more of what I love: Tobacco, lavender, cumin, pepper, and vanilla are amped up and smell remarkable!

Try it before you buy it is my recommendation. If you like the original and don't mind cranking its volume up several ticks, then this is the flanker for you! :-)
02nd December, 2018

Magic : Sage Spell by Viktor & Rolf

Here's a really evocative member of the "Magic" niche fragrance collection by Viktor & Rolf: Sage Spell.

This is a fresh aromatic-aquatic fougere scent. Sage Spell has a retro men's fragrance vibe, especially with the use of sage, mint, and patchouli; for this reason, I can't say if women would flock to this fragrance necessarily.

The opening of grapefruit and pepper is classy, something I've enjoyed in uber-pricy brands like Clive Christian.
Wormwood adds a noticeable, bitter edge within Sage Spell that may be off-putting to some. I found it to work nicely alongside the sage's spicy quality. Though it's not listed as a note, I get the presence of smooth rock rose here as well.

It feels zesty green and clean like soap, and it's definitely one of the nicer outings with V&R's collection.
02nd December, 2018

Magic : Sparkling Secret by Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf's "Magic" niche collection has impressed me thus far. This outing is no different.

Sparkling Secret has an effervescent quality to it, true to its name. It's like having ginger ale soda mixed with citrus syrup (lime) and vanilla as the base, then add doses of floral and woody elements to enrichen the experience.

Fresh, fruity, tangy, kissed with ambery resinous goodness and light white woods. Sparkling Secret seems suitable for men and women, and though longevity may not be great, it is a delight to refresh the scent over time.
02nd December, 2018
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Magic : Dirty Trick by Viktor & Rolf

A really daring member of the "Magic" collection by Viktor & Rolf.

Dirty Trick is a woody-oriental fragrance, with a comforting presence of suede and powdery iris atop the animalic inky note which predominates here. I feel a strong resemblance to the dark forest vibe of Lalique's Encre Noir, with the earthy vetiver's dampness. Cedar is appreciated here, adding a nice, logical wood starchiness that soldifies everything together from the base.

V&R has created quite a masculine creation here (don't know if most women would click with it). I feel comforted and relaxed wearing this tricky potion.

02nd December, 2018

Magic : Lavender Illusion by Viktor & Rolf

This is the first of the niche "Magic" collection from the Dutch wizards at Viktor & Rolf that I'd tested.

First of all, the citrus caviar though!! A most unique ingredient that is immediately apparent in the liquid. This is from Australian "finger lime", which has pulp that is roundish and not stuck to each other like conventional limes. Clever element that is supposed to be chemically distinct from conventional lime, and it's exclusively in Lavender Illusion. It does smell like lime in the end.

This is a chypre fragrance for certain: Sharp yet smooth, warm and classy. Lavender smells really high quality and more multifaceted than what I usually encounter with the note elsewhere, with an increased flowery lilt beside the herbal character. Blackcurrant adds its deep fruity berry pungence. Love the pine note, adding a clean green aromatic edge as well.

Lavender Illusion isn't 100% unique, which would be assumed with the exclusive use of "lemon caviar." Yet, it is very pleasant, aromatic, soothing.

Don't know if I'd buy a full bottle ($200 or more), but I give it due respect for being so daring and wearable.
02nd December, 2018

Prada Candy by Prada

I get fruit before caramel. Despite this note, I’d name it a light (only) gourmand. The opening is very alcoholic and clean musky, with a bit of flower as well. The projection could be better.
02nd December, 2018

Verveine Narcisse by Creed

A very rare and elusive Creed to find at the time of writing this review and I was very fortunate to discover a partial flacon of this scent. The notes breakdown for this scent is rather inconclusive as almost every notes breakdown that I’ve found had a couple notes that were different specifically at the base. I would consider this a green floral scent. The opening consisted of lemon verbena which has both a citrusy lemon and floral elements. The lemon soon fades giving way to a dry grassy note accompanied by narcissus in the heart. The narcissus florals lingered into the base accompanied by mossy notes what would likely be oakmoss. I would say the drydown of Vervine Narcisse is my favorite part of this Creed. Aside from oakmoss other notes that were mentioned in the base include ambergris, amber, sandalwood, and musk. I didn’t identify these notes in particular but if these were in fact there, my nose wasn’t able to pick them up. Moderate silage for the first 2 hours before staying closer to the skin. The longevity was decent, I got at least 6 hours. The best time to wear this would be during the spring however I can’t find a particular occasion that I would want to wear this scent. Despite saying this I consider this more of a comfort scent, a scent that I would wear when I’m in the right mood. Overall, I consider this a very wonderful green floral scent, it’s a little bit different to what I’m use to smelling of this genre but it’s still a great scent nonetheless. If I can find more Verveine Narcisse at a reasonable price, I wouldn’t hesitate to make a purchase. This is definitely up there with Vintage Tabarome, Angelique Encens, and Scent of Oger amongst other rare elusive Creeds that I enjoy.
02nd December, 2018

Bayrhum Vetiver by Creed

Despite its elusive mythical status it’s a rather simplistic scent and I was fortunate to discover a partial flacon of this Creed. The opening consisted of pepper spices and bay leaves. It was fairly potent at the opening. The bay leaves provided a sharp bitter herbal accord while the pepper spices reminded me of cloves. It reminds me of the holiday season specifically being in the presence of a xmas tree. Its the smell that I get from the oils given off by fresh pine needles from the xmas tree. Holiday candles particularly the ones that have a xmas tree scent do share a similar smell as well. The spicy herbal accord lasted a while about 2 hours before giving way to a dry earthy green vetiver note. The vetiver does have some resemblance to Chanel Sycomore and Guerlain Vetiver. The vetiver drydown is one of a comfort scent in my opinion, very soothing and relaxing. Bayrhum Vetiver is the most vetiver based scent that I have smelled from Creed. Neither Original Vetiver or Vetiver 48 share the intensity of this vetiver note. There’s not a particular occasion that this would be good for but its safe to say that its better suited for cooler weather. This would be one to consider, should an opportunity presents itself, if one enjoys vetiver based scents and/or obscure Creeds.
02nd December, 2018

The Scent Parfum Edition by Hugo Boss

I didn't think that the original The Scent editions could be improved upon; I was wrong!

Hugo Boss' The Scent Parfum Edition is no joke! It has the dna of the original EdT and EdP bottles, but here it feels fuller, deeper, and richer than ever.

The use of iris and patchouli create a more concentrated heart within TSPE. The end result is a classy rethink of what I've known of The Scent, and the use of a black bottle reinforces this extremeness!

I have my eye on getting a full bottle of this; it's distinct enough from the other editions to be worthy of its own place in my wardrobe.
02nd December, 2018
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United Kingdom

Classic Collection : Vetiver Bourbon by Monotheme

Surprisingly good!
Initial blast is as expected for a relative cheapie, and I had all but written it off, as a generic citric and loosely vetiver.
However I kept getting wafts of something assuredly masculine, a nice fuzzy hum! I thought what else have I sprayed!
Could do with more heft, but alas, it's pretty darn good !
Worth a blind buy if you get it occasionally discounted at M&S.
02nd December, 2018

Bleu de Chanel Parfum by Chanel

Fruit purée, fougère, spiky woods.
02nd December, 2018

Black by Comme des Garçons

Hey! CdG Black smells familiar to me, yet also unique.

The licorice is of the anise-like black variety here, and it along with the incense, pepper, and birch tar give the fragrance a distinctive, sharp yet pleasant sweet spiciness that's legit! CdG Black has a burnt quality to it which is intriguing in itself. Cedar and vetiver - as used in other CdG scents - add a mellowing influence but don't douse the brightness too much.

Medium sillage, good longevity, and overall an energizing scent that smells "right." Great job, CdG! :-)

02nd December, 2018

Black III by AJ Arabia

Of AJ Arabia / Widian's Black III fragrance:

Starts out fresh and minty, touched with aromatic bergamot. I've smelled this combination before elsewhere...surprisingly, in non-niche colognes that weren't altogether great.

Here, Black III smells strangely unspecial, non-exotic compared to other scents in Widian's collection. Leather is noticeable, adding a warmth to the opening combo. Patchouli steps forward casually, as does some moss and vanilla powdery sweetness.

The resulting scent doesn't feel niche to me. It's an okay woody-spicy-leather fragrance that isn't offensive per se: Black III just is average, uninspiring, even a bit pedestrian and forgettable.
02nd December, 2018

Comme des Garçons White by Comme des Garçons

Enter in CdG White...

There is a resemblance to me in the opening of a spicy Indian dessert, with what smells sweet and radiant (doubtless, the coriander, cardamom, and pepper have to do with this, along with cinnamon leaf, nutmeg, clove and vanilla notes, inter alia). Nestled within are subdued trails of the flowers - rose, lily-of-the-valley, tagete (magnolia). Pomegranate adds a slight pungence amidst this flurry of notes.

Vetiver, amber and cedar emerge after a short while, but they aren't dominating at all, adding a warm, earthy support.

The end result is a spice-heavy scent having a bright, aromatic quality that is distinctive. CdG White reminds me remotely of other scents I have come across, but I can't remember which. In its own right, CdG White is a friendly, inviting fragrance that can easily be worn by either gender for casual occasions all year round. It'd be hard to offend others with this moderately strong scent...unless you go hogwild with the spray trigger!

A pleasant scent that is definitely worth checking out.
02nd December, 2018

Black V by AJ Arabia

My goodness! I really like the start of this exotic outing from AJ Arabia / Widian!

Black V begins with a fancy fruit mix that smells of ripe peach, a touch of lemon, and cinnamon stick bark (not bright, just barely peppery). Perceptibly, it's like a tangy Sweetart candy! Tuberose is a nice choice of flower here, adding its own sweet creaminess. I was constantly sniffing this dreamy potion after applying and found it to have a dark, edible quality with more goodies tucked within.

Vanilla comes slowly out, smelling like what is freshly scraped from the bean and adding a damp sweetness. Caramel is not candy-like, rather what emerges when sugar and cream have turned a rich brown in the heated pan. The theme with Black V is definitely, in a word, "dark" when it comes to the sum of the individual notes within.

I seem to be the only one on Basenotes liking this fragrance lol. :-) That's cool, to each his or her own. But IMO, Black V is a relaxing, friendly potion that I highly recommend sampling in decant form first (as I did). You can then judge for yourself how Widian's gourmand Black V fragrance comes across to YOU.
02nd December, 2018

Comme des Garçons 3 by Comme des Garçons

Comme des Garcons 3 is quite an interesting scent! The opening is a hit of vegetal notes that smell really natural, fresh and spicy. Cardamom and mace contribute to this thought-provoking intro, along with what I perceive are the various leaves present in the head.

It develops into an aromatic, dry grassiness with herbal freshness, resembling a super-fancy vetiver scent. Could it be the birch essence that also gives it a white woody vibe underneath? And jasmine adds an interesting floral twist that meshes seamlessly into the mix.

Nonetheless, CdG 3 waxes very green, crisply earthy and mysterious. I can see myself wearing this quality fragrance on a sunny, brisk spring or autumn day. Kudos to the company for creating such a delightful, imaginative scent! :-)
02nd December, 2018

Black II by AJ Arabia

AJ Arabia / Widian Black II:

Starts out with a moderate dose of plum (more the skin than the fruit), along with mandarin. Rose steps in very subtly to center stage in just a minute or so, along with a bit of sandalwood to add a smidgen of creamy starchiness, still undergirded by the fruits in the opening. Musk is quite low-key, and there are whiffs of vanilla sweet powderiness seeming to hold the delicate petals of the moderate dark rose.

I can see this working on a man, but I find it to be more suitable for ladies. It ultimately stays steady as a fruity-floral niche scent that is VERY costly; a decant of this is a highly recommended step, so you can assess if this tangy-musky potion would be worth a full bottle.
02nd December, 2018

Blue Encens by Comme des Garçons

An interesting, but a bit underperforming / underdelivering, "Blue" scent from Comme des Garcons.

Blue Encens starts out smelling a LOT like Mennen or Old Spice After Shave (not a slight against the fragrance at all), with a very spicy, bracing intro. The cardamom sustains this quality for a bit, keeping the fragrance quite spicy but stable; the black pepper may be acting as a reinforcer to this opening act. This has a frozen sort of effect perceptibly, with a mentholated character not too unlike Donna Karan's Unleaded (also having cardamom and with a bright quality).

It seems to remain this way onward towards eventual fade out; it feels like it disappears way too soon for an EdP formulation. Even after an extra layering, Blue Encens didn't develop as I was wanting it to, where I may get a sudden hit of incense emerging from the mentholation experienced thus far.

Instead, I only got a tiny sensation of cinnamon coming out after five minutes, and a possible whiff of very subtle incense stick...virtually speaking, from the cooled down incense ashes sitting in the incense holder, not the burning stick itself nor from smoldering, freshly fallen glowing embers off of the stick.

As another reviewer put it, Blue Encens comes across as transparent, hollow, having potential to transform into a more substantial "incense" scent but not quite doing so.

Not a bad smell per se, but I would need to layer this on three layers deep on myself for it to project even moderately, and longevity still wouldn't be more than a few hours. (This could all be my personal skin chemistry.)

Maybe this one will grow on me, but for now - a neutral rating from me.

02nd December, 2018

Velvet by Avon

This is scrumptious. It's a pretty straightforward jammy rose + patchouli but the fig pushes the jamminess over the top in a good way, for me at least, smelling like a mason jar full of fig/rose preserves so delicious I can practically taste it. What you spray is what you get, and it's a simple, linear pleasure. Luckily, that doesn't mean boring. It has monster projection and incredible staying power--well over 15 hours on my skin--though it's definitely a skin scent after 8-10 depending on how much you spray.

I wear fragrance for my pleasure alone, but I can say that I got more compliments on this in one evening than anything else I've worn in the last year, but that could just be because I misjudged its power and sprayed more than I normally would. What can I say, I'm not a huge fan of attention. And this one brings a lot of it.
02nd December, 2018

Made in Heaven by A Lab on Fire

well, I'm not a big fan of gourmands , so right away I had a feeling I wouldn't be too thrilled with this, and I was right...sugary/syrupy sweet...hard for me to pick out any individual notes...comes across as a syntho-blob to my nose...mostly can sense flowers...maybe some vanilla...just a tad earthy/herby, but not much...would probably be a thumbs down for me, but I'm giving it a neutral because this might smell good to lovers of all things gourmand...
02nd December, 2018