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Polo Blue Gold Blend by Ralph Lauren

Nice addition to the house. Smells a lot like the other Blues but seems slightly richer. A little more fruitiness in this one though. 7/10
03rd January, 2020

L'Homme Cologne Bleue by Yves Saint Laurent

Generic aquatic that is not bad at all. Smelled many times before, but again, not bad at all. Decent marine accord in this makes it a nice choice for warmer weather. 7/10
03rd January, 2020

K by Dolce & Gabbana by Dolce & Gabbana

Kind of sweet and basically generic, this one is very average. Nothing original about this one. D&G has to step it up with their fragrances.
03rd January, 2020
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Armani Code Absolu by Giorgio Armani

Armani Code DNA for sure. To me, it smells slightly lighter than the original. This one can be worn in warmer weather IMO. Has a fruity note which seems to give it that ability. 7.5/10
03rd January, 2020

Sauvage Parfum by Christian Dior

Smells slightly richer than the original. Also a little muted than the edt. If you're not fan of the loudness of the edt, you may enjoy this one more. 7/10
03rd January, 2020

Polo Blue Eau de Parfum by Ralph Lauren

Been a fan of Polo Blue for years and this is no exception. Smells very similar to the original, but with a little more depth. No problem purchasing this. 7.5/10
03rd January, 2020
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United Kingdom

Vetiver by Guerlain

The vetiver is so missing in the blend and the nutmeg so strong the this should be called "Nutmeg".

Lasts hours with fair sillage and is a great price at the moment. However, I love the smell of vetiver (essential oil) and this misses the mark for me.
03rd January, 2020

Bois d'Ascèse by Naomi Goodsir

The Goodsir website describes it as "RADICAL / MYSTICAL / STATEMENT" - wow, that sounds exciting!

Eh. None of the above.

Okay, maybe it smells a touch mystical, but in the way the apartment of that chick you know who claims to be a wiccan priestess (but by day she's an office assistant for a cosmetic dentist) smells.

Incense, a little campfire smoke, sweet booze and amber... You've smelled it before, even if you've never smelled it before. Perfectly nice, I guess, but perfectly uninteresting. Far more more commonplace than it thinks it is, just like the wiccan priestess.
03rd January, 2020

B683 by Marc-Antoine Barrois

Top notes of Photo In GQ Of Handsome Man In Suit hit you like a brick at first, but after dry down there's a Reagan Era Dinner Party Absolute that comes to the forefront and dominates.

Moderate sillage.

It’s VERY classical. Nothing unique here, it smells like what an alien would think “cologne” must smell like after studying scans of human magazine ads. I guess if you need one in the rotation for extended family get-togethers or forced fraternization work events, you could do worse. Inoffensive. Boring.
03rd January, 2020

Against Nature by Edition Perfumes

A neon herb garden. It's a big blast of green upfront, with coppery metallic notes not far behind. The green isn't a lush, mossy one though, but something harder. Think sclerophyllous plants that can thrive in dry conditions, like bay, acacia leaf, eucalyptus.

The metal... fusebox wiring, burnt out lightbulbs, pennies. It pushes it in the masculine direction for sure. Within a few seconds there's citrus, balancing it all out. Imagine a wild garden in the middle of an industrial scrapyard on a hot summer day, and you're on the right track. Could it go a bit MORE industrial? Sure. But I find there's a good balance here.

Keep in mind, some people HATE this one. It's those metal notes. You may love it but your significant other might be put off. Definitely one to test around others before buying blind.
03rd January, 2020

On The Road by Edition Perfumes

Quite original without being alienating (as Han's "Against Nature" can be) - it's both unique and easy-to-wear. Beautiful work. Love it.

It literally smells like a highway at first... hot tar, rubber tire friction on asphalt, a hint of exhaust...

Then there's citrus going on - I get bergamot more than lemon, and there's a hint of vanilla rounding it out, taking the sharper acidic edge off. Really well-balanced stuff. The pointed lack of any floral notes gives it a stoic, masculine quality, but that citrus and wee hint of lavender keeps it from being too self-serious.

It's like a big bruiser pulling up outside a bar on a motorcycle, and you think maybe he's there for a Budweiser and a fight but then he orders a hipster microbrew and chats you up and it turns out he's a professor of English Literature, and he and his wife run a Bed & Breakfast on the weekends.
03rd January, 2020

Divine Attraction by Initio

A new car with an open box of motel soap sitting in the passenger seat. Boring.
03rd January, 2020

Él by Arquiste

Pleasant... but nothing original or intriguing. At the price point, I would hope for something more than just “pleasant”

Well made, good longevity. But it’s like going to a Michelin-starred restaurant and just getting a salad. Sure, it’ll be well made, top quality base ingredients, but there’s no creativity to it.
03rd January, 2020
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Anonymous by Thallium by Yves de Sistelle

Omg this is bad. Cloying beyond belief, powdery, awful. Threw it out..
03rd January, 2020

Joop! Jump by Joop!

Oh Joop Joop Joop how I wanted to not like you and your slightly synthetic, better for a teenager than.. a bit older? But I do, good job, nice little dry down..
03rd January, 2020

Clouds' Illusion by 4160 Tuesdays

4160 Tuesdays Clouds Illusion EDP is one of several products of a campaign in 2019 in the Eau My Soul group on Facebook inspired by the Joni Mitchell song “Both Sides Now,” resulting in Clouds (with more natural ingredients) in both EDP and Parfum form, as well as Clouds Illusion (with fewer natural ingredients) in both EDP and Parfum form.

I chose the Clouds Illusion EDP in a 50ml size, and I’ve really been delighted by the fragrance since first smelling it. The principal notes are orris, narcissus, vanilla, hay, and sandalwood—recreations, as opposed to Clouds, which is composed of more natural (and therefore more expensive) ingredients.

Clouds Illusion is bright, sweet, powdery, and fresh, a mix of sweetness of the vanilla, powdery and creamy qualities of the orris, the lovely narcissus, and some of the pep of the hay, over what I perceive as a sandalwood base. It’s not sharp or screechy at all in the way that I fear orris/iris to sometimes be, but rather, it’s so harmonious and easy to wear, it’s really a flattering jack of all trades. It scratches my neverending itch for sweet fragrances while also offering orris in a lovely presentation that I find both comforting and easy to wear, along with narcissus, though the fragrance does not end up being overwhelmingly floral, so it’s a recommended try. Moreover, it performs well, like pretty much everything I’ve tried from Sarah’s catalogue, and good performance is always a plus.

Clouds Illusion (along with Clouds) is sold in the UK via the 4160 Tuesdays site and in the US via Krystal Fragrance. The US pricing is $180 for 100ml / $120 for 50ml, very much in line with most of the line’s pricing on this side of the Atlantic, and Clouds Illusion is a versatile fragrance with a high value, in my opinion. It’s frankly on my list to buy a backup bottle of at some point, because I really enjoy wearing a lot of it.

I’ve a sample of Clouds, as well (the parfum, I believe), so I’ll need to give that a full try too, and report back, but from initially smelling the few different versions on paper, I can advise that while there are some differences among the four, all four are great. I think Clouds Illusion EDP comes off as the lightest/freshest/brightest, but really, all of them are great and comparable, yet interesting in their own ways.

8 out of 10
03rd January, 2020
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United Kingdom

Blu Mediterraneo : Arancia di Capri by Acqua di Parma

The Capri orange sets the scene form the start, a restrained orange-and-mandarin sorbet note, not particularly sweet due to touches of bergamot and lemon being added and later in the drydown a bit of petitgrain too. A bit of sage adds a herbal note towards the end of the top notes.

The drydown is characterised by a cardamom that is gently spicy and quite bright, with whiffs of dried grass added at times.

The base is the most intriguing part on me, with a dark and glowing vetiver arising but without any woody or earthy characteristics. This is combined with a soft caramel that justs adds the right amount of sweetness and added depth to it, forming a lovely duo. There is a perfunctory and artificial oakmoss raising its head briefly, to be replaced by some predictably nonspecific white musks towards the end.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin, with the last three hours being essentially a skin scent.

This scent for cooler summer days has a pleasant initial phase but an unimpressive and overly generic set if heart notes. The base, however, is more interesting again, and works quite well together. Not a really bright Cologne, and lacking the edge to make it to a convincingly positive composition. 2.75/5
03rd January, 2020

Tel Aviv by Gallivant

This is my favourite of all the Gallivant perfumes in the Nomad travel/sample set. The opening smells like the beach in a Mediterranean country: aquatic, white florals, maybe ylang ylang and jasmine. (No citrus for me whatsoever, nor do I smell the blackcurrant bud.) After about 30 minutes, it becomes clean, crisp, bright, fresh, almost icy, a “cool air” smell like you get at the ice rink. On drydown: now perhaps some citrus is emerging, getting a tiny bit warmer though still cool and crisp, no longer chilly, slightly less aquatic. A hint of white musk; very sheer. I really like this one. Good longevity.
03rd January, 2020

Cape Heartache by Imaginary Authors

So odd...a big blast of pine air freshener and Bonne Bell strawberry Lip Smackers right off the bat. Like, what a weird combination. But it’s surprisingly not unpleasant. There’s a bit of smokiness there as well, but maybe that’s the hemlock? As it develops, there is a distinct note of plastic mingled with the strawberry that reminds me of a strawberry scented doll my friend had when I was a kid. I don’t know that I would want to wear this, but I like smelling it—it definitely transports me to another time and place: my friend Sarah’s bedroom when we were about seven years old, playing with dolls.
03rd January, 2020

Armani Eau pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

Almost a neutral, and solely for the strength. Which is terrible. And I sought out a vintage bottle.

However, the scent itself is fabulous! Soapy-ish, but not powdery. Lemony, but not abrasive. Spicy, but tame. Clove is listed, but dialed way back.

This is very classy, very office friendly, and very versatile. Quality juice, just needs some oomph behind it.
03rd January, 2020

Nobil Homo : Venetian Blue by The Merchant of Venice

Fresh, musky, woodsy-balsamic, blue, modern, finally peppery/restrained and super virile. Venetian Blue is a sort of more formal and refined Chanel Blue's uncle (in particular along the top stage) and an Acqua di Portofino Notte Intense's beautiful twin (iridescent, bleu-marine and exotic). Glimpses of blue and white-dark translucency pierce your ocular iris. I detect along the way (as soon as the mossy-marine blue vibe recedes) a sort of "Aventus-like smoky/earthy/tarry/cedary/amberish/fruity" fist under my nose as well. This juice smells yuppie, smells about Capri and Portofino in summer time. Intimate and mundane all at once. A typical example of olfactory italian craftsmanship and perfume-tailoring at qualified level.
P.S: dry down goes gradually losing a good part of its blue/mossy (vaguely ozonic) sharp feel in order of finally turning out really really close to the Creed Aventus PH-final trail (probably being Venetian Blue a tad spicier and woodier but missing any leathery twist).
02nd January, 2020 (last edited: 09th January, 2020)

La Fenice pour Homme by The Merchant of Venice

La Fenice Pour Homme could bè framed as a sort of Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud's cousin, with its basic main accord of fresh resinous musk, aromatic resins, musky/hesperidic leather and stark woods but where the Acqua di Parma's one pushes the accelerator on the musky/resinous (oudish) accord La Fenice Ph is more focused on a classic aromatic/hesperidic dry chypre formula (twisted in a more fruity/resinous vest) with its spicy/floral, ambery and woody-herbal aura. Violet, citrus and black pepper imprint the main feature to the whole olfactory creation, in tune with musky woods and fresh leather (a freshly musky piquant leather-accord). La Fenice is finally a more classically balanced, green, sharp/woody and mature creation if compared with Colonia Intensa Oud (which is stronger, more intense but less complex). Violet, spicy musk, "liquid" frankincense and fresh leather are perfectly connected and calibrated (never overflowing) in the whole assertive virile formula. In particular dry piquant spices, seasoned woods and amber provide a more restrained classic (melancholic) appeal. The fragrance is anything but theatrical, mundane, baroque or palatine but is definitely enjoyable and pretty refined.

02nd January, 2020 (last edited: 03rd January, 2020)

Ani by Nishane

The opening is a sexy and seductive mix of sweet citrus, edible vanilla and slightly smokey oud. There is also a rich, ginger spiciness that really takes the refinement up a few notches. Feels like an excellent cold-weather scent because it is a heavier scent, perfect for having others catch a whiff in the cool air, give a compliment and wanting to get closer. Again, very seductive and sexy. I'm fine with calling this unisex as anyone wearing this will smell great without issue.

Performance is quite good with projection that can be smelled a few feet away with minimal sprays. Lasts all day, which is good because it smells great.

02nd January, 2020 (last edited: 03rd January, 2020)

Portraits : The Tragedy of Lord George by Penhaligon's

Promising opening of brandy and I get a lot of soft leather, however it doesn't last and it's Barbasol shaving cream, and lots of it. Base is decent with amber and Tonka and slight wooden note. Smells better on skin than on paper. It has redeeming qualities but not for this price point.
02nd January, 2020

Zdravetz by Bruno Fazzolari

Zdravetz comes across as a very watery-transparent geranium/rose with something that hints at green notes; no discernible leather or suede. Unfortunately it smells dangerously close to scented products (shampoo or dishwashing liquid). One positive aspect is that this doesn't seem to turn sour on my skin. Vanilla is listed but I don't get any, and this isn't sweet. Not much personality here, and not sure why anyone would get this instead of dozens of other fresh florals at one-tenth the price. Perhaps Fazzolari's weakest offering (and I've tried them all except Unsettled and Feu Secret).

02nd January, 2020

Ungaro pour L'Homme III by Ungaro

Vintage stuff (Red box, made in france) is darker, woodier and sweeter. It's more connected with 80's and early 90's fragrances: a sweet dark woody fragrance.
Recent stuff (black boxes and black caps/red 'made in italy' boxes) is toned down, approaching 2000s casual style. No dark woods, just a inoffensive sweet (flerting with generic) smell.
02nd January, 2020

Black Afgano by Nasomatto

Although there have been several searingly sad and needless casualties of Nasomatto's recent reformulations - read that as drastic dilutions (in Pardon's case almost to homeopathic proportions) there are two survivors.
The fabulous Absinth seems untouched and Afgano has been diluted into socially acceptable levels.
It is no longer unbelievably potent but is solid so that you can maintain a certain anonymity with one gentle well placed spray giving you a well behaved little halo of fragrance. One can finally and incredibly use the term 'subtle' with this fragrance unless you go for 2-3 sprays.
You can still smell the ahem 'herbal' component but its nicely blended in. At no point did I get the munchies! Green woody resin incense all combine to a sum greater than its parts.
Black Afgano is seemingly so important to the Nasomatto range that a lot of the spin off brand Orto Parisi from the accounts of other reviewers seems to use variants of Black Afgano as bases for its own fragrances.
It is also fairly linear and lasts for several hours.
I personally am not entirely sure about the herbal component and perhaps it just conjures up pictures of students pulling out little wraps of erm resinous herb and quite frankly at these prices this is not the best association.
That said it is what it is which is pleasant, comforting, relatively unique and certainly worth a sniff on your fragrance journey although I doubt this will be your final destination.

Fragrance: 7/10
Longevity: 8/10
02nd January, 2020

Iris by Yardley

I'm a huge fan of iris. I never seem to get enough. Yardley's version does not disappoint. Dusty, powdery. Gentle, very demure. There is "something" underneath I can't identify - a tiny, musky, green thing, that lies on the skin. This fragrance is never loud. It lasts about 2 to three hours on me. It's inexpensive enough one can apply often. A good example of an iris perfume.
02nd January, 2020

Gardens of India / 79 by Parle Moi de Parfum

A rather gentle, unobtrusive floral perfume. A light, creamy feel. touches of sweetness, like a natural sugar. It's a rather safe, minimalist fragrance. Too expensive, for what it is. Leans more for ladies than, unisex. It's lovely, just not mind-blowing enough for my tastes.

A bit more sandalwood rears up later on, covering the floral aspects.
02nd January, 2020

Telegrama by Imaginary Authors

It’s my third or fourth wearing of Imaginary Authors’ latest release, Telegrama, and I can’t get enough of it. It’s fresh, sweet, chalky, highly interesting, and yet is reasonably agreeable, like other recent releases Saint Julep and Sundrunk, in that it’s accessible and fresh for fans for warm-weather-friendly fragrances only, but contains a lot of depth and nuance, like the aforementioned releases.

The listed notes are talc, lavender, black pepper, teak, amyris, vanilla powder, and fresh linens, with presumably the last of these being the “imaginary” note, an attribute common to each and every perfume of the house.

The black pepper, talc, and teak provide a viable contrast to the robust lavender—Telegrama’s standout note, in my opinion—and the vanilla powder, which acts as a sweet-yet-powdery anchor to the fragrance as it dries down. It’s linen-fresh yet sweet, slightly powdery (but not screechy or sharp), and just a bit woody, spicy, and chalky to provide some great texture and structure underneath.

It performs well, too—perhaps not a beast like Cape Heartache, Memoirs of a Trespasser, or A City on Fire, but just a notch down, which feels right, given the versatile type of fragrance it is. And its bottle design is as nice as ever, with a two-color theme to the usual one-color display, very much on the nose while somehow being a bit different from prior bottles’ designs.

Like everything that Josh Meyer releases, Telegrama is innovative and intriguing. I don’t own every perfume in the IA lineup, but I find it difficult not to admire the artistry in even the fragrances of which I’ve not purchased a bottle, and in that respect, I’d always encourage newcomers to the brand to try the full line and see what clicks with your personal style.

Telegrama is instant “love” for me, providing something new but also with lovable familiar characters (lavender and especially vanilla) but in a different story, the result being a perfume that’s both unique and versatile, as it feels perfectly suited for all seasons and situations. It’s among my very favorite releases from the house, just a touch below my favorite, Cape Heartache.

Telegrama is available on the IA website and great boutiques like Perfumology for what remains a fantastic price of $95 for 50ml, with the 14ml travel size available for $38. I deem it not only full bottle worthy but backup bottle worthy as well.

9 out of 10
02nd January, 2020