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Honeymania by Body Shop

Honeymania opens with sweet honey. However, it soon dissipates into a soapy so-called wildflower scent. On me it tends to be a little unpleasantly synthetic and I can hardly detect honey any more once those wildflowers kick in.

The longevity is around 5 hours on me. The sillage is moderate and comparing to some of the one-note offerings from TBS, is actually quite good. I find the wildflower part does give out a bright and carefree feeling. However, it's really a Flowermania IMO. This is not where you should looking for a sticky sugary honey treat.
06th February, 2019

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

A very bright, thick, white-floral perfume from Elizabeth Taylor.

Lily is immediately evident as a central player in this scent, and all the other notes seem to dance around it to create different accords: Herbal, floral, slightly resinous, creamy, earthy, and powdery. White Diamonds is slightly in the fougere class of scents, which gives it an old-school 1980's flair to it (but not in a gawdy, outdated way).

White Diamonds has gone on 25 years and counting as a staple at department and discount stores alike, and to this day it remains a classy, rich experience for women.
06th February, 2019

Vanille & Narcisse by L'Occitane

The opening of Vanille & Narcisse does have some black currants. It then soon evolves into a combination of vanilla, tonka beans and some yellow flowers, which strangely smells a little sour to me. Actually I'm not sure if I smell narcissus. The floral part slightly reminds of Lancôme Poême. Towards the end, with yellow flowers fading, the powdery vanilla and tonka beans combo also has some caramel-like aspect.

The longevity is around 7 hours on me. The sillage is moderate and manages to keep the intensity during the wearing. It's quite sweet and intense. Overdoing it will be tiring.
06th February, 2019
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Happy by Clinique

A pleasant citrus-floral perfume from Clinique.

Like it's male counterpart also by Clinique, Happy has a bright, white floral quality that is colored by citrus peel elements from the red grapefruit and bergamot. Happy is a rather clean, uplifting perfume with a slightly pungent edge that warms it down ever so slightly. I can barely recognize the individual notes from the dizzying array swimming around in Happy, save for lily, magnolia, orchid, laurel, and the Hawaiian flower.

Very similar to Estee Lauder's Pleasures perfume, as far as the bright white flower thing. Happy, fortunately, is not nearly as sheer as Pleasures, having IMO more depth and seems a bit more accessible for ladies of various ages (unless bright white floral fragrances don't appeal to them). Nonetheless, a decent perfume that, when applied with discretion, will leave a pleasant trail.
06th February, 2019

Beautiful by Estée Lauder

Really intense, old-school ladies' fougere that screams for attention!

Beautiful by Estee Lauder is shaped greatly by the ylang's sweet-powdery edge, tuberose's creamy fleshy touch, loud lily, loud bright jasmine, and warmed a tad by sandalwood and straight green vetiver.

Imagine your typical 1980's MEN's fougeres - Trussardi Uomo comes quickly to mind - and you'll get a good picture of Beautiful's character. Personally, it's bordering on gawdy and too bold. Perfect for the woman who wants to relive the vibe of bright, yester-decade perfumes without fear.
06th February, 2019

Pleasures by Estée Lauder

My oh my, Pleasures is a very bright floral perfume with a classic vibe to it. Very simple, soap-like airiness that - like the bottle color - says "white" fragrance.

The nature of this flower-heavy perfume makes it easy to overapply and become headache inducing. There's a sharp accord (lily? peony?) that even resembles certain bathroom air spray varieties - again, becoming more pronounced with heavier spray-ons.

Otherwise, Pleasures is a really fragrant, beautiful, and mature white flower garden that should be tried before buying.
06th February, 2019

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

Sensual, classy perfume from Chanel.

This is a floral-rich scent that is full of aromatic goodness, with the patchouli standing out from the other notes, with drippy rose petals, gorgeous jasmine and surprisingly strong lychee fruit pungence at the heart. Vetiver is dry and simple, seemingly holding hands with vestiges of the hesperidic head-note trio that lingers throughout the wear cycle. Musk is a light, white variety that adds a tiny bit of sexiness on the edges, next to the dab of subtle vanilla playing a background accenting role.

Coco Mademoiselle seems suited more so for formal evening occasions. A really nice part of the Chanel perfume collection!
06th February, 2019

Pink Sugar by Aquolina

My bottle of this scent is almost 5 years old, and seems to have gotten better with age. When I first bought this perfume I couldn't smell anything besides burning licorice/sugar. It was super strong and I got so many compliments but I just never loved the scent on me. Now that I am at the bottom of my bottle (and the liquid has gone from clear to yellow to almost orange) the scent has started to change. Rather than notes going off, it seems to have developed more complexity. I now get the red fruits and berries, and a more creamy rather than burnt smell. Longevity and sillage do not seem to have suffered a bit. It is the strangest yet pleasantly surprising thing to happen in my collection. I didn't think I would repurchase and if I did, I wanted to buy a tiny bottle. Now I think I might purchase the largest size again and get a start on the aging process without having to worry about it going "off".

If you're curious about trying this scent and you are into very sweet smells, you owe it to yourself to buy this at least once, and it's so affordable if you do! I bought mine for half the price it goes for in retail, and I've seen it for even less. (more like a quarter!) There's a ton of body products available which I might be tempted to look into next.

06th February, 2019

Dubai Gold by Bond No. 9

I thought this fragrance would be a love as many others are from this house for me, and the notes sounded absolutely stunning. Unfortunately there is something in here that punches my nose in a sharp manner, and causes a urinous quality to radiate from my skin. If I hadn't seen the notes I would've blamed jasmine because that note can sometimes go a little animalic. Since it's not here I'm puzzled about what could be causing that smell but it may just be the blend overall. I can detect the saffron after a while, but that pee smell never leaves. Something in this is not working with my body chemistry.

A positive for someone who doesn't have this issue with the scent would be that it has good sillage. It is not a good thing for me though. I won't hold it against you, Bond.
06th February, 2019

Vanille Extasy by Montale

This is supposed to have lots of interesting notes in it such as ylang ylang and mahogany and even jasmine, with the obvious emphasis on vanilla. The only note I truly smell is a cheap apricot (also listed). Almost no vanilla to speak of, and what is there is not the kind of vanilla I'd expect from a high quality niche house. It smelled like one of the cheap fragrances I wore in high school. It smells like something Bath & Body Works would release as a limited edition. Sillage and longevity were decent but not as intense as I'd expected, and fortunately for myself I was able to forget I was even wearing it after a few hours.

Scent is subjective and I understand that what smells cheap on me might not smell like that on someone else but I was taken aback at how generic this smelled, and when I remember how much this house charges for it's fragrances I was actually almost a little offended. Now I've heard lots of great things about the house of Montale, but after this release I'm a little disappointed. I have a few more samples from them but my patience is already wearing thin.

I'm giving this a neutral rating overall because although I'm extremely disappointed by the quality of the scent, it doesn't smell bad. But I would never recommend this to anyone. For a scent that's similar to this, but in my opinion a little better at a much lower price, I would recommend Coty Exclamation. That's right, Coty. Make a trip to your closest drugstore and save yourself at least $150 bucks (USD)

06th February, 2019

Private Show by Britney Spears

Another semi-gourmand perfume from Britney Spears.

Private Show has a moderate sweet candy vibe to it, not as tangy as Fantasy and having a brighter, fresher quality - like you'd smell in a clean mall, emanating from some nondescript fragrance shop. Floral notes are rather light, adding tart accents to the dominant hesperidic duo in the head. Can't detect the iced coffee (and I drink those all the time, LOL).

Upbeat and friendly, Private Show is a credible perfume that especially younger ladies could enjoy.
06th February, 2019

Fantasy by Britney Spears

Whatever else you may think of Britney Spears, Fantasy comes across as a genuinely pleasant, nicely blended perfume.

Fresh, tangy, sensuous...this is a friendly wear, unpretentious and balanced, in no way smelling cheap nor childish. Doesn't smell like cupcakes per se, more so the fruity buttercream frosting some may have. Even then, it's not cloyingly sweet, and it borders on gourmand though it's more properly a citrus-floral.

Really nice perfume that seems wearable by women of any age.
06th February, 2019
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United Kingdom

Viking by Creed

I really am enjoying this more and more as I wear it. It just continues to grow on you. In time I would not be surprised if Viking gathers momentum and becomes a classic. It may not achieve cult status but I see this taking a prominent place in the lineup as more people warm to it. Now, I'm not overly keen on the opening but thankfully this somewhat confused stage settles down quickly. For me, the dry down is just so elegant and sultry - the basenotes are where its at with this one, all being held together with that fantastic haitian vetiver. The only negative I have is related to performance. It just doesn't have the legs or projection of some other Creed's, most noticeably Aventus, which lets be honest, sticks around forever.
06th February, 2019
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United Kingdom

Eau des Sens by Diptyque

This sounds smug but I don't remember even purchasing this but there it was boxed up in one of my drawers.

It reminds me of an old style fougere fashioned around orange blossom.

It has a fresh and crisp barbershop pulse to it and lasts a whole day.

Not the most complex of fragrances but a mighty fine wear and I will be wearing this a lot.
06th February, 2019

The One for Men Eau de Parfum by Dolce & Gabbana

A fruity warming amber scent that is just so easy to grab and go, it has an inviting coconut vibe in the dry down and a bit of tobacco, I get good performance and the whole composition feels very well put together and smooth. I'm on my second bottle now and have enjoyed many good moments in life wearing this.
06th February, 2019

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

Habit Rouge is classic in every sense of the word. A refined Gentleman's fragrance for all occasions. Probably not quite in the league of something like Heritage but still very nice. Wears light on my skin.

06th February, 2019

C for Men by Clive Christian

CC is pricey, but CC delivers on complexity and quality. Leather, Tea and Tobacco take a whole slew of wood n florals for a ride.
06th February, 2019

Tabac Vert by Rogue Perfumery

The initial blast I get is akin to paint thinner. But this blast is short lived (say 90 seconds) to an acrid tobacco leaf. Over the next hour the tobacco cedes to the cedar, and both mingle closely while not joining together in an accord. About an hour and a half in it reads to me as a dusty cedar. Elegant.

I get the wood paneled cigar room motif mentioned. Its close, but to me it smells like a wood paneled study in a rich old house. The same décor and ambiance, but there has not been anything smoked in this room except maybe a nightly pipe in a long time. Nothing ashy or burnt, just many leather bound books on the wall and assorted trinkets from a life well-lived.
I enjoyed this more each time I smelled/sampled/wore it.
I saw someone mention a makeup bag, or powdered makeup. This is one of those things that if I think about it while I smell this, they do smell similar. But if I am not thinking about it, it doesn't draw that to my mind.
06th February, 2019

Mousse Illuminee by Rogue Perfumery

Now this is something else. When I was a young lad my mother would buy us a bar of soap on a rope every year for Christmas. One year I hung a bar on my wall and used it for target practice with a blowdart gun. Little pieces would fall off all the time. It hung in that room for over 10 years. This smells exactly like that soap. I remember these smells deep in my brain somewhere.

Sweet moss with a stripe of pine. To be honest I have a hard time breaking this one down. It is blended well so that the scent seems to be one. Strength is beastly. Longevity is forever. Smells more natural than anything I have smelled in a long time. This is a HARD thumbs up for me. The quality is off the charts. I would recommend this to anyone who is in to fragrances.
06th February, 2019

Touch for Men by Burberry

Burberry Touch for Men (2000) must have seemed downright mellifluous to the nose after the rather plain-spoken pure 90's freshness that was Burberry Weekend for Men (1997), which along with Ted Baker Skinwear (1998) and Penhaligon's Quercus (1996), more or less encapsulated the popular lemon-powered "sons of Blenheim" neo-barbershop style British masculines were going through in the latter half of the decade. It was time for a change, and although not everyone was on the same page for what that change should be come the year 2000, Burberry thought it should be more in line with the new vibe straight men were borrowing from portions of the gay community with their "metrosexual" style: an urbane and bookish vibe with a touch of feminine flair that made it safe to play with things like perfume notes perceived as "for girls". Part of this trend continued into the mid-2000's, which is where we get several overbearingly sweet gourmands for men, and the exceptionally good iris-heavy classic Dior Homme (2005), but for Burberry's part of the trend, we get what is basically a light men's ambery musk. Burberry wasn't the first to this theme, and the underrated house of Moschino arguably did it better with Uomo? Moschimo (1997), which didn't utilize a violet note as the dominant accord like Burberry has on display here, but the Burberry name attached to this juice ultimately made their take on the style more popular. Compared to Weekend for Men or even the previous (second reboot and third overall) eponymous masculine Burberry for Men (1995), Burberry Touch for Men has a bit more individuality, feeling less like an inclusion on a common trope like those other two, and more like something signature to the house itself, if you ignore the close comparison to the aforementioned Moschino scent.

Burberry Touch for Men has the same sweet citrus opening of Uomo? Moschino, but swaps out that nice iced lemon cake hedione vibe of the Moschino for a richer mandarin opening, but the real star of the show is violet. The violet note on display in Burberry Touch for Men sits somewhere between the dryness of Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel (1975), and the voluptuousness of Dior Fahrenheit (1988), sans the gasoline "barrel note" that makes the Dior feel scandalous. Ozonics were also reaching a headache-inducing crescendo so this wasn't even close to the loudest thing on the planet at the turn of the millennium, but compared to the previous decade's glut of fresh this and aquatic that, a violet note in a masculine felt almost like a relapse into the wild 1980's. From this violet jump-off point, Touch takes us on a piquant roundabout with black pepper and cedar, which makes this semi-powdery and appropriately masculine enough for the ascetic "down the nose" classic British interpretation of the upright gentleman, but the feminine violet never fully lets go. There is also supposedly an oakmoss note in the middle, which is an unusual place for it, and my experience smelling many oakmoss-heavy chypres from days gone by tells me that there is indeed a peck of it here, but I guess it is just for diffusion of the cedar, since oakmoss is good at projecting flanking wood notes (surprise). Vetiver, tonka, and what smells to me like an unlisted ghost note of fresh tobacco leaf greet the nose last, on a bed of ambery musk, which is where Touch becomes almost like an amalgam of the twice mentioned Uomo? Moschino and Versace The Dreamer (1996). Wear time is just within tolerances for an eau de toilette at about 7 hours total time with modest sillage, but Burberry doesn't really make screamers anyway, so this is expected from the onset of the first spray.

I'd use Burberry Touch for Men as an office scent, as it has somewhere between a dress casual work vibe and a casual romantic "second date" kind of feel, meaning somebody might find this romantic because of the amber and musk, but the stiff violet or starker elements in the base steer it away from being a night prowler just enough to keep it safe for the cubicle. I like Touch for Men, but I have so many things that could scratch this same itch more effectively that I can only recommend it as a semi-unisex violet experience for the man that wants to walk into an Ulta or Macy's and buy his fragrance without shopping around. Anyone a little more invested in "The Game" as the dudebros call it, can do much better in their hunt for something more distinctive and attention-getting, because for as challenging as this might have been in the apologetic fragrance mindset of the 90's, it feels very staid several decades removed from launch. This lack of daring in the long term is a larger problem of house Burberry itself in the masculine fragrance arena, since they didn't start taking marginally larger but still-calculated risks until Burberry Brit (2003) and Brit for Men (2004) came along, followed by the excellent Burberry London (2006) and London for Men (2006). Since then the house has mostly fallen back into its safe ways, which is unsurprising considering the motif of their apparel, so perhaps the key to truly enjoying Touch for Men or any of Burberry's offerings is to have a desire for conservative style that only flirts with the bold. Such is the way of the "tamed violet" in Touch for Men, which while interesting in premise, isn't enjoyable enough in execution to get higher than a neutral rating from me, but go see for yourself since it's easy to test the stuff in stores.
06th February, 2019
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United Kingdom

Eternity by Calvin Klein

The opening note includes a mandarin part - giving lightness and freshness- and white florals - mainly muguet. This all is combined with a whiff of a green herbal element. Bright and pleasant.

Later on I get an ambery woodsiness that combines with a very soft and pale patchouli impression.

I get soft sillage, adequate projection and four hours of longevity on my skin.

A light daytime spring scent that starts in an agreeable fashion, but the drydown is very generic and not particularly enticing. 2.75/5.
06th February, 2019

Acqua di Giò Profumo by Giorgio Armani

Very very good. Regular Gio, vintage strength, plus a touch of incense. That is what this smells like to me. It reminds me of the original when the original first came out. It seems to have lost something through the years. This is the one to have, if you are going to only have one.
06th February, 2019

Red Vetyver by Montale

I am almost finished going through a full bottle of TDH... Yes, these 2 are very similar, but I have come to the conclusion that I like RV least , to my nose , it's more robust and aromatic ...better support action from spices and woods...good blending and balance...gonna get a bottle of this instead of another bottle of TDH...
06th February, 2019

Hermèssence Myrrhe Églantine by Hermès

An beautiful ambery rose mostly from the grounded myrrh.

The rose in Myrrh Eglantine reminds me of that in Galop, but is more restrained.... it is midway between a full blown jammy rose and a dewy fresh rose.

This dries down to a warmer resinous myrrh base but never becomes fully oriental, but keeps in line with the house water colour style. Kudos to Christine Nagel to bringing a new expression in the Hermessence line without violating its style integrity.
06th February, 2019
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United States

Bouquet Massai by Parfumerie Generale

Bouquet Massai

A strong entry in the creamy florals category, with a heavy focus on magnolia and peony. There is a slight salted caramel note balancing the tartness of the peony. I really smell the tropical tolu and I get a mild sunscreen vibe from the fragrance as a result. It begins as a heady, creamy floral that causes an unfortunate frontal headache. It calms down after a minute. I detect a generous helping of a cedar synthetic along with the stated cashmeran. There is perhaps too much peony and tolu in here for what I’m looking for, but there certainly is a lot of magnolia. Elegant.
06th February, 2019

Alien Man by Thierry Mugler

I am pleasantly surprised by Alien Man, thinking it was going to be "odd" or hard to like, but this is modern, sweet, fresh and has some uniqueness, mainly coming from a feminine lean in the opening that never goes too far. The main things that stand out to me are the leather and amber in the drydown. It’s pleasantly familiar like the smell of the sweet, floral leather of Fahrenheit still on your jacket from the night before. I get a similar, softened version of the drydown from Ombré Leather.

Performance is okay overall with 2-3 hours of decent projection. Longevity is good with the skin scent lasting to about 8 hours.
06th February, 2019
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United States

Mito Eau de Parfum by Vero Profumo

Mito EDP opens with a lush Sicilian lemon, so juicy that you know with an ache that it will not last. And sure enough, in a few minutes, we have a pithy, mealy, squeezed out bit of lemon from the edge of the saucer. Here there begins an earthiness that is like the garden freshly turned, but you are not the gardener and are catching its scent from a distance. You are a passerby on a walk on a sunny day after a rain in a clay-laden place. Shortly you walk through an herb patch and accidentally crush some of it. Perhaps a bit of rosemary or thyme, too late in the orchestration to balance the lemon as in an eau de cologne. Soon as you resume your walk, there is the odor of something vaguely floral on the breeze, combining with a mineralic odor of rocky clay soil and a stronger tinge of herbs and greens. As you continue your stroll, you identify the floral odor: a Magnolia tree nearby has begun to bloom. You press your face into one of the lower blossoms, catching a whiff of its spicy pollen and waxy petals. The dusty trunk mixes in and there is still the herbal glossy greenness of the substantial leaves.

Mito is not a purely floral magnolia: it's magnolia as it smells not in a bowl of water, but still on a tree-- the dirt, the pollen, the leaves. It's a magnolia set in a well-maintained garden, verdant and stately. It isn't exactly the magnolia I know here in TN: it's spicier. It's a magnolia grown in a hotter, drier soil, so that it is less musty and more spicy than they can be here.

The drydown is spicy in the way of pollen and various tree barks, with the faint creamy waxiness of magnolia petals.

Taken as a whole, this work is so much richer than I thought a green perfume could be. A distinctive work, yet totally wearable.
06th February, 2019
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United States

Magnolia Romana by Eau d'Italie

Herbaceous, herbal, greenish, and floral. It gets the magnolia tree smell really right. But I’m totally missing the rose-mint-citron-creme of the blossom. Nicely done and doesn’t leave me scratching my head.
06th February, 2019
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United States

Fleur de Lalita by Parfums Dusita

A bright, green, rubbery jasmine/tuberose with some strong bitter underpinnings that give it interest. The opening is fairly shrill, but for the musky woody base (ambrette). I know it says the top note is Magnolia, but at the opening the above is what I smell. Later a subtle rose/magnolia accord trills over a strong musk. The magnolia here is a magnolia accord I recognize from other compositions, where the magnolia is more symbolic than actual. It’s a pretty one, and it’s really more about the blend than any specific flower. In some ways the floral blend reminds me of Joy, but Joy layered over ambrette and musk and woods.
06th February, 2019
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United States

Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine by Grandiflora

I’ve been waiting forever to get a sample of this. Luckyscent was out of stock of them for months. When they emailed me last week to say they were back in stock, I was on it!

First there is a strong sour citrus/fruit accord that can be surprising if you’re not prepared (I wasn’t). With no fresh magnolias in bloom to compare to, I’m going to have to go by recollection. From my remembrance of last year’s magnolias, this is very like the ones in full bloom that have been on the tree for a few days and while still firm and waxy, are browning around the edges in the sun. There is that aspect of rot that one finds in a gardenia a few days old, but this rot is not mushroom/cheese rot like gardenias, but lemons that have sat in the bottom of the refrigerator drawer for too long. It’s greenish and bright and sour and a bit spicy. The magnolia here is not a very creamy one, but there is a peppery bite like the magnolias here have. It’s not the rained-on, greenish, barely open ones that wet your nose when you smell them, but the wide open, pollen-dusted variety. There is probably just a touch too much lemon here and not quite enough creaminess/waxiness, and the floral accord here probably contains too much orange blossom. But really, this is pretty great!

As it starts to dry down, the sour accord and the orange blossom pipe down a bit and it feels more sheer and wearable— like something I might risk wearing to work. This has possibilities.
06th February, 2019