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    Green Irish Tweed by Creed

    A kind of magic personified in three words : Green Irish Tweed.
    Not originally created by Merlin the Wizard himself right from his secret book of magic spells but rather by another legendary magician in perfume industry Monsieur Pierre Bourdon.
    Basenotes reviewers, fragrance lovers, connoisseurs, Epicureans…Everyone knows this masterpiece.
    Work of art, sober and easily recognizabled by its beautiful and mysterious black matte flask, it reminds me Led Zeppelin's album cover "Presence" where a family is watching a strange object, centre of attention on a table : Bottle could be the same 'thing' with the same attraction. Indeed, GIT means presence, elegance, charisma and that's why I'm not astonished to see how many famous people own it : Richard Gere, Pierce Brosnan or Robert Redford, Hollywood's finest cream.
    Because the "juice" itself is magnificient, brillant, clean, versatile, never aggressive, subtly measured. The essence of masculinity, an unforgettable scent for every place, every moment.

    Opening starts gently with a fresh verbana and a hint of lemon. Follow then a middle note of violet infused with a sandalwood base. Green herbs, floral, slightly sweet…Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine yourself walking on an emerald garden with a breeze from the ocean surrounding.
    Obviously, some reviewers have mentioned similar notes with Davidoff's Cool Water. I agree with them but difference with GIT is that drydown is the real signature, using the magic touch of ambregris. The chemical body reaction takes place and then Heaven and Mother Earth are reunited together for a ride through the stars. Feels so cool, confident as if I was protected by the scent. Good longevity too, it lasts roughly four hours on my skin. Expect many compliments, especially from ladies. So, Green Irish Tweed is my favorite and IMO probably one of the best masculine perfume ever. A real gentleman fragrance. A timeless classic. Often imitated but never equaled. Nothing more to say...

    05th November, 2011 (Last Edited: 06th November, 2011)

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