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    Green Valley by Creed

    I'm very excited about this one, because I view it as the Creed that out-Creeds their star player, Green Irish Tweed, in spite of (or thanks to?) their similarities. I think that they've captured some of the points I liked about my long lost Gendarme Green, and combined them favorably with GIT. The opening is a crisp, sharp, sweet blue-green, which turns very astringent very quickly with a short-lived lemon and a longer-lived spearmint. This all sounds very familiar I'm sure, but GV is dustier and grassier than GIT is at this stage. The mint and herbs give it a more mountain-meadow vibe, whereas GIT is down on the plains where it's warmer but the AC is on via the cooling influence of the violet. GV even brings in just a trace of those strong, pithy herbs that seemed so over the top in Chevrefeuille Original. All this time it's been a bit shifty and uncertain, but once it finally settles down, the base is one of the cleanest, brightest, truest grass scents I've encountered. It has less fruit and more sunshine than Greenergy or Bobby Jones, and not as much violet as GIT, as if sweet herbs from Burberry original or D+G original had been introduced. The biggest advantage GV has over GIT, though, is its strength and longevity. I can smell the full grass experience pretty strongly after many hours, under circumstances where GIT would have faded to a mere violet memory. Being forever in the shadow of GIT, GV doesn't get talked about as much, but is very worthwhile to seek out as a substitute or on its own.

    06th November, 2011

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