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    parfums*PARFUMS Series 4 Cologne: Vettiveru by Comme des Garçons

    If you are a fan of vetivers, you will want to bathe in this stuff! First off, it is a true Eau de Cologne, meaning it is very, very light in terms of sillage. It comes in a big seventeen ounce splash bottle. And you WILL have to splash it on quite liberally to get a good application. Rub it on your neck, arms and wherever...It doesn't project much, but it lingers for a long time.

    As for the actual scent. Its a very raw earthy, slightly dirty vetiver in the tradition of Goutal's Vetiver, yet it shifts back and forth to a green, fresh vetiver scent like Mugler's Cologne. And it has shades of the bitterness that is so "texture-like" in Guerlain's Vetiver. And it also reminds me of chewing gum, with its fresh topnotes. A perfectly balanced composition, with touches of floral notes and a dry bamboo-like accord.

    It's very addicting stuff, i'm finding. Both clean and fresh-soil earthy, it's the ideal skin scent. A bit salty and citrusy. Vettiveru is like an all-star team of the notes of all the classic vetivers. I just want to wear it every day. Just always remember its an EDC so it's not a sillage monster, you have to put ALOT on. You'll probably have to use one whole sample vial in one application. But then again that's why it comes in a seventeen ounce bottle. Everyone needs something like this in their 'drobe. One of the best I've seen in a long time.

    23rd December, 2005

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