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    Comme des Garçons 2 Man by Comme des Garçons

    I bought this in the summer, but couldn't really wear in until fall/winter. At first I thought it similar to Gucci PH, but 2MAN evolves more and moves in different directions. The first thing that struck me about 2MAN is that it seems to combine pieces of other CdG scents. There are bits of CdG 2, Odeurs 53 and 71, Avignon, and Vettiveru all lashed together in this scent. If you are a CdG enthusiast, you will be able to pick these parts out. Sometimes I have a hard time deciding which CdG to wear out, and 2MAN lets me wear more than one in a way. My brother said it smells like "yellow Dial soap, and like a "stick", but in a good way. If you think this scent is a rip-off of Gucci PH, then do an A/B test. Spray each on a separate arm and wait about five minutes. The Gucci gets sweet and vanillic, but it stays within a certain narrow band between top to bottom, as a whole.The 2MAN seems to blossom in that the top notes spread out and the bottom seems to get deeper and it has a wider range. Plus the 2MAN has more quirks... I really detect alot of the oddball metallic things that Odeur 71 has, slipped into 2MAN. After ten minutes on the skin, Gucci PH and 2MAN have both changed so much that I find them pretty much nothing alike.

    The bottle is one of the coolest bottles I've ever seen, I should also mention.

    23rd December, 2005

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