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    l'eau de parfum #2 Spiritus / land by Miller et Bertaux

    I just bought a bottle of this after having a sample for a while, not being able to make up my mind if i liked this stuff or not. It's VERY different. Avant- garde.

    It begins with a kind of pickled-ginger note, and it has a note not unlike bread crusts. There is also an incense note. A kind of "off-white" incense smell. A bit of dust. But at the heart, there is a tobacco note and all kinds of stuff I can't identify. It's heavy on exotic spices and has kind of an all-spice character.

    I describe it like this. Imagine a giant framed art print. Like a test pattern on a TV screen- nothing but vertical lines...this scent is like that. Here is the color scheme for the lines: White, off-white, yellow, tan, beige, grey, and grey that is just a tad darker.

    It took me forever before I decided that I really love this scent, and it is QUITE wearable. Very mysterious, calm, rebellious, and not even close to smelling mainstream. Almost impossible for me to describe. It doesn't fit into any of the fragrance families. Really an odd duck.

    On a side note, the bottle and packaging are really great concept-wise. The bottle has two little glass pebbles that slide around on the bottom. Well done.

    Even though I'm a fan of this one, buying blind may be risky, because it's so "out-there"- try it first!

    09th February, 2006

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