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    Kiehl's Original Musk by Kiehl's

    This is possibly one of the most delicious musks I've ever tried. Forget Narciso Rodriguez for Her, Kiehl's simplistic musk takes the cake.

    Opening quite feminine and fragile on the skin, Kiehl's Original Musk is a mixture of soapy powder and delicate florals, with only a subtle spiciness underneath it all.

    It's sexy in a very clean and crisp sense. I imagine it to be something you'd wear while curled up near a fire on a warm rug next to your lover who whispers sweet love poems into your ear. To put it in basic terms, Original Musk is sexy in a strict, conservative way, that tends to be more romantic than wild or exotic.

    There's something somewhat animalistic about musk despite its clean and soapy feel. It blends perfectly with your own natural chemistry, making it very personal and inoffensive. I find it in some ways, highly addictive.

    I can be anosmic to musk at times, however in the case of this fragrance, I was able to smell it throughout the duration it stayed on my skin, which was well over six hours.

    I'm a little dubious to see this fragrance listed as a unisex fragrance, simply because it's so feminine and subtly sweet on my skin. However I won't rule a man wearing this out of my mind completely, because I haven't had the chance to smell this on a man's skin just yet.

    14th November, 2011

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