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    No. 5 by Chanel

    Luscious and chic at that time of the past this chemical concoction turns out still current nowadays. It's unique, indeed instantly recognizable. Synthetical and floral-aldehydic this is a chilly and powdery scent that smells like a cloud of soft ambery musk over which are scattered petals of pink and white roses and jasmine. A proud iris enhances the sophistication of the middle part on the side of lily of the valley and this is the heart which is a perfect balance of floral notes. After few minutes of a slightly citrusy fickle blast this blend turns out incredibly cool and glamour with its initial floral whiff of sensual ylang-ylang but it does it paradoxically with a retro and nostalgic touch as well as you'd make a plunge in a colonialistic age of high class's ladies in white clothed strolling along the Royal Pavilion with their umbrellas under the sun. Some sweet woods impress a right dosage of woody delicate mildness. The end is milky and woodsy with a touch of severe patchouli, a rooty hint of vetiver and a subterranean aftertaste of orange. The milky effect is anyway not creamy or resinous despite amber and vanilla but instead powdery and airy because of the fluctuating and aerodynamic effect of aldehydes which impress a sort of balsamic frosty substance to the smell anticipating the glamour talky temperament of many aromatic and balsamic powdery creations of the modern market. This piece of history deserves respect and i do even if with its cleanliness it doesn't satisfy fully my ideal of naughty and dissonant femininity.

    18th May, 2011 (Last Edited: 15th November, 2011)

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