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    Infusion de Vétiver by Prada

    This strikes me as a cousin to Creed's wonderfully overcast, slightly sweet and ashen ionone packed Vetiver (1948). The ginger notes do alot to give this impression. I've heard someone else describe tarragon as almost a "chilled butter" kind of smell-- and I get this impression here. The opening gives a buttery, cool almost honeyed introduction. There is a rush of pepper and coriander--a bit like an ice cold martini of the finest gin. Then I get the base of vetiver-- it's like a very toned down Encre Noir type of woody vetiver note.

    Though I was initially a bit underwhelmed by Infusion de Vetiver, I began using the shower gel and it made me understand and appreciate the subtle facets of this scent. It wears close to the skin, but I've gotten very nice compliments on it from coworkers after I thought it had worn off.

    I have and wear a wide range of vetivers. This one has got to be one of the lightest and softest-- and to me, those are valuable attributes. It's very safe, crisp and clean, but the buttery tarragon/ginger notes give it an almost musky, savory culinary character which is unique. It makes me think of something that would go with crablegs and a nice seafood dinner. I also get a bit of that bubblegum note that I associate with two of the other Pradas for men (Infusion D'Homme and Prada Amber pour Homme).

    I'm a huge fanatic for Infusion D'Homme, so it was a no brainer that I'd pick this one up. It's similar and though they both contain vetiver notes, Infusion De Vetiver's is much more prominent.

    Not the strongest scent in the world and sometimes I do refresh after a few hours, but it's just a great smelling EDT-- the topnotes are unique and give a new flavor to the overplayed vetiver theme. Nice balance of clean and earthy. Maybe a bit minimal, but that goes along with the "Infusion" concept. I enjoy this one a lot.

    14th August, 2010

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