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    Eau de Campagne by Sisley

    Visiting my friend Marcel in his hospital bed the other day, I was surprised to find him in a mood that was almost ecstatic. "As you well know, mon cher Nitram," he informed me, "I have long been anxious to recapture lost time. Well, here I have a veritable bottle of precious, elusive memories! At the first sniff of Sisley's Eau de Campagne, I was immediately transported back to my childhood! There I was, all of eight years old, dressed in my little sailor suit (de rigueur attire for children of my generation), crawling through the summer undergrowth at the bottom of our garden. The smell of cut grass and tall, dusty nettles, warmed by the sun, surrounded me on all sides, interspersed with the occasional whiff of herbs and tomato plants from our kitchen garden. Although a somewhat delicate child, I was determined to keep on crawling, in the vague hope that, somewhere in the midst of all this fragrant foliage, I would meet up with my first love Gilberte, also eight years old, and, nose to nose, we would declare our undying devotion to each other!"
    At this point in his monologue, Marcel was interrupted by a huge, frowning nurse who informed him briskly that he really should stop getting so excited and eat up his tapioca pudding.

    19th November, 2011

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