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    Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

    Controversial scent, i'm anytime puzzled and uncertain in my effort to express my consideration about it and in the strange work of clearing up my taste. Powerhouse scent, too dated, obnoxious, still modern fragrance? I really don't know, what i like about this scent is the undeniable sensation of nasty, dirty, sexy and postindustrial freshness that emerges when you wear it in a cool late afternoon of spring before to pick up your girlfriend for going out together in the downtown or to a club (in black leather clothed and, yes, why not, full of grease in your hairs). The opening of DN is very citrusy and aromatic, the lavender of the top notes plays a starring role throughout the following development of the fragrance and in its splashing, watery projection. The balsamic elements of the heart and the base, i mean mainly juniper, pine and oakmoss, side by side with lavender and the herbs, impress to this scent that nasty frozen dimension which features the soul of DN. The patchouli of the base pushes up the masculine trait which, even thanks to the balsamic elements, starts soaring higher and higher. Ended the evolution i clearly smell in the aromatic air the gentle note of jasmine. I would like there had been added an hint of sandalwood ( or an hint more of sandalwood) to balance the excess of balsamic and aromatic elements that turn the scent may be dated, too watery and too anchored to an old concept of masculinity. This is my complaint.

    09th July, 2010 (Last Edited: 19th November, 2011)

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