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    Midnight Poison by Christian Dior

    Poison pour lui?

    I believe that this certain creation could have been released alongside the original Poison from 1985 in an alternate timeline. To me the scent comes of as a "structurally sweetened" Antaeus by Channel.

    Comparisons aside, strictly speaking of Poisons, this fragrance stands out to me. It is without a doubt the simplest Poison, yet carries the most complexity in according the notes than any of the others in my opinion. For example, oranges and bergamot in the top, so what? Those are very commonly used notes in many fragrances. The middle only consisting of roses, pale, soft and slightly sweet. And concluding of a oh so common base of vanilla amber musk and patchouli. Surprisingly, as with a few other scents of post millennia miracles, Midnight Poison pulls all of the notes together in to one solitary aroma.

    The start is very aromatic, sweet and slightly moist; dewy or even humidified. Heading further into the scent that humidity stands firm and is greeted coldly with drab, dead and dry floral musk which, despite how awful that sounds, fills me with olfactive joy indicative of fall. Viewing the final grasps at life, it's last takes of air, Midnight Poison shrieks, yet nothing comes from the creatures mouth, dusty woods with a dissipating powdery/sweetness are all thats left upon conclusion.

    A misunderstood man often taken as a malnourished woman.
    Midnight Poison.

    23rd November, 2011

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