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    Odeur 71 by Comme des Garçons

    A very hard to wear fragrance or better an anti-fragrance, as written, the scent of the chaos over the planet, the odour of the dust on a lightbulb. This is a scent for amateurs, collectors, confrontationists, Naturalism's followers and sons of the Postfordism. I  wish to pubblically express my gratitude to my friend  Alfarom for the Odeur 71's sample that has sent to my address. There is  a lymphatic and grassy note of wild weeds barely cut and rubbed on human skin not so easy to get the feeling with (this is the main feel i smell) and there is an irony sheer characterizing tone whose many wrote about. The clash of the two opposite vibes plus an insertion of smoke  produces that sort of electronical effect that seems a sort of plastic-burnt smell after a short circuit or better a sort of synthetic xerox-toner smell. On the side of this metallurgical smell you can detect something of musky, soapy (i mean like a bath foam) and delicate in a sweet and melancholy way. I smell also wood or better smell of fornitures and shelves with plastic and paper inside. I detect the smoke, the moss, the air but not the incense. Some mysterious flowers are cleverly blended in the chaotic mix. The outcome is a unique and weird smell as yellow as the schizophrenia.

    24th November, 2011 (Last Edited: 25th November, 2011)

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