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    Vetiver Extreme by Guerlain

    This is a truly great vetiver...wonderful, actually. I love the sensuality and depth that the pepper, tarragon, nutmeg and cedar give this - along with the fresh top citrus notes of bergamot & lemon along with artemisia. The vetiver is always there - from the top to the excellent drydown. This is nice, warm and rooty vetiver. Not overtly dark like Encre Noir's version (which is a different and a wonderful fragrance as well) but, definitely darker than Guerlain's standard rendition. Note that I am speaking just of the vetiver - not the tobacco, which is noticeably absent here in Vetiver Extreme. I really like the incense and tonka bean added to the basenotes versus the tobacco - more modern, yet still rustic and very earthy. I don't want to say that this is "Extreme" - it is difference of notes and subtleties, but definitely still Guerlain's touch and the epitome of class. I have a passion for vetivers and own several and have tried a fair number (with more on my "to do" list). What I love is the richness and composition of this Guerlain bottling - personally, I think it is a 4.5/5 stars and a great scent for cooler weather - but could also shine in the spring and perhaps summer evenings at formal events. It exudes sophistication and class. My body chemistry has an affinity with this's like a natural expression of self - bold, confident, masculine yet refined. I can put a nice 4-5 sprays on and then refresh with a couple later in the day...this is oh so nice. It projects wonderfully and the longevity is there (about 6+ hours or so for me). I cannot possibly figure out why the negative comments against this. If any other name was on the bottle (other than Guerlain), it would be considered a strong rival (read: possibly superior) to the "Classic" itself and winning over people by the droves...I believe we sometimes smell with our eyes first and that is not fair to our noses' interpretation. That is fine - I hope that keeps the price point lower for me. ;-)

    29th November, 2011

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