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    Anucci Man by Anucci

    Anucci Man is marketed for men, but I do believe women may enjoy this as well. It's green and flowery, perhaps due to bergamot and jasmine. The lavender makes it smell very soapy. And I'm not sure what gives it a bit of a Bowling Green "grass clippings" smell -- perhaps the bergamot? It projects very well -- good sillage. And longevity? Well, I spritzed one time on my arm yesterday, and I still smell it on me nearly 24 hours later, although the sillage is much much less, practically nil, by 24 hours. No problem with longevity there, at least for me.

    The drydown is mostly a musky amber, maybe a trace of jasmine and lavender still. It's almost like a very beautiful-smelling laundry detergent smell, similar to Jennifer Aniston (jasmine/musk/amber) but without the yucky lily smell that I dislike, and a HECK of a lot longer lasting. (Jennifer Aniston lasts a maximum 4.5 hours on my skin.)

    If Jennifer Aniston is laundry detergent for Winston Smith, then Harrison Bergeron's laundry detergent of choice should have been Anucci Man.

    04th December, 2011

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