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    Someday by Justin Bieber

    Out of curiosity, today I let a sales lady spray a card so I could sniff this creation by Honorine Blanc. I don't think she thought the look on my face meant I liked it, so she spritzed it on her arm instead to let me smell. Fruity. Not offensive. Eh. Rather generic. It smells a lot like one of the Curve flankers that I cannot name specifically because those did not leave a lasting impression on me either.

    It's a young girl's perfume. No civet to offend. No musk to allure. No oak moss, or even fake oak moss, to add a touch of complexity. If it had any vanilla or tonka bean, as many of Britney Spears' 'fumes do, I might like it more.

    The bottle has cute squishy vinyl flowers on top. (I squished them because I was curious.)

    Honorine Blanc, according to Now Smell This, also made "Twilight Woods" by Bath and Body Works. And that one did not impress me either. She also made Beyonce's "Heat Rush" which I smelled recently. If these three are any indication, Honorine likes her fruit. A LOT. Does she do anything else besides fruit? I have to wonder.

    04th December, 2011

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