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    Dark Rose by Czech & Speake

    I don't think to be able to add anything new and substantially different to the other reviews. Becauseof its oud-rose-saffron-wood accord Dark Rose is in my opinion a Black Aoud's younger sister, less dense and heavy in medicinal vibe, more dreamy and ethereal in rosey temperament, less aromatic-green-spicy in the note of saffron and with a more appealing,but far less bold, "boozy-creamy" character from berries and light fruits. Some hidden flowers whirl around in the general subtlety and the rose is less dark and more regal, fresh, delicate and soapy than in the Montale one. The dry down is woody with a starring note of sandalwood. I feel more the woody, soapy and liquorous sensation in here than the aromatic, dark and woodsy Black Aoud's hypnotic and exotic temperament. Obviously this one is a more wearable scent with a less strong, though equally durable, initial obscure and surly temperament. Even the exotic trail (expecially from the saffron) is here less pronounced than in the ideal older brother. This is a delicate classy fragrance with an assertive temperament. I don't see the dark side of this smell or better, Dark Rose exudes a mysterious and silent feel, a touch of loneliness as a walk in a graveyard during a fall afternoon. I agree with Off-Scenter when writes that after the other-worldly spirituality of the oud-rose combo in Homage and after the bolder oud-rose combinations in the more daring Montale beasts this one could be perceived by many as possibly superfluous; it's plain anyway that the wish to wear a lighter, more demure, gentle and less heavy combination of the two main notes is a good reason to give a real sense at this fragrance. Silent and nostalgia in a bottle.

    08th December, 2011

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