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    Davidoff Adventure Eau Frache by Davidoff

    Tried it in a Duty Free in the Congonhas airport, So Paulo, and finished buying a bottle. To my nose is the kind of lemony sport scent, and a watery one. It is not sharp, pungent, harsh or acid, neither smell like some cleaning product. I was surprise because didn't care a bit about Davidoff's Adventure itself. To me Eau Fraiche smells distinctive in somehow, and alongside Dior Homme Sport is my reference of what would be a nice lemony sport scent, with some elegancy (purely subjective opinion, since I don't have suficient elements to classify this or that as a classy or elegant scent, in a more objective way, or in a more Luca Turin/Tania Sanchez's way). I can not tolerate Gucci by Gucci Sport, and Im not so thrilled about Versace pour Homme and even less for Allure Edition Blanche, but this Eau Fraiche however is easily likeable.

    09th December, 2011

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