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    Happy by Clinique

    I feel the need to defend Happy's honor. Not because it is the ultimate powerhouse of all women's fragrances--it is far from it. I need to do so because it is a fragrance that defined Generation-X girls as women who did not need to let their fragrance define them nor let their fragrance announce their presence as our mothers' fragrances did in pre-Happy years.

    I do not want to imply that Happy led a revolution of "passive" scents. However, ask any thirty-something woman today what fragrance was prominent in her perfume cache and she will most likely confess Happy was not only in her collection, it was the one used most often. I call it "passive" because most scents that predated Happy were strong "power" scents (see Red Door, Safari, or Red by Giorgio). They were not bad scents but it was time for a change and Happy led the charge along with Sunflowers.

    Maybe my age gives me away but it does not smell dated to me. I grew tired of it by the time I was twenty-five. I have rediscovered Happy (and all of its sibling scents) recently and fallen in love all over again.

    It smells simplistic--like a white-floral-tinged glass of Sunny Delight--but it was borne out of a need for scented simplicity. Admirably, though, for such a simple scent it is very distinctive. Happy cannot be confused for any other scent but it is often apparent that many post-Happy fragrances were inspired by it.

    Not bad for the Gen-X slacker of fragrances.

    10th December, 2011

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