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    Jaguar (original) by Jaguar

    this is a spicy,aromatic,virile powerbomb with a high recognition value- one spritz that last forever with an unbelievable intensity !
    As I always say, a perfume is something very personal- either you like it or not.
    Jaguar is a typical scent of the end 80ties: powerhouse fragrance similar to oscar de la renta pour lui, duc de virvins by houbigant, egoiste platinum by chanel etc.
    To me this fragrance is quite ordinary and simple ( already the think jaguar drivers would choose this fragrance as a signature fragrance? I donīt think so!)
    One splash of Jaguar and it kills you with itīs power -already the opening is too strong, too heavy, too aromatic and too spicy-too much of everything and this is what I detest-it is not refined, subtle,etc.-itīs too linear! Having a look at virile and handsome scents you may think of azzarro, devin, aramis and yatagan and even the very special kouros but in comparison to Jaguar these fragrances are much more interesting and taste definitely better in a well rounded manner- and are more pleasing.Maybe Kouros stands out but it is definitely more exciting and challenging than Jaguar.
    Nevertheless Jaguar ( what a horrible name for a scent?!)is in comparison to all these light aquamarine metrosexual trash of these days a spirited attempt- itīs a manīs scent-no doubt! - genuine, authentic and masculine! Which company would dare to launch such a scent 2011- no one!!! 2011 perfumes are all exchangeables.......

    12th December, 2011

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