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    Private Collection - L'Ombre Fauve by Parfumerie Generale

    L'Ombre Fauve is a particular ambery fragrance that despite preserving all the nuances and complexities of the precious raw material (i mean amber), holds on its trip towards the end of the development being averagely dry, decidedly mossy and finally powdery (powdery woods) with a moderate level of sweetness, a featuring earthy note of aromatic-dry patchouli, a touch of incense, sharp spices and a plain musky note. The spices get a complex work in here in order to mantein balanced and steady the level of mellifluence and to imprint a dusty, exotic and a bit rough vibe throughout the evolution. The sweetness is basically made of amber and dry woodsy in here. The usage of incense is minimal in my opinion and it comes out in the first stage of the trip, dusty and a bit minty. May be some woodsy and resinous labdanum is blended in the mix and the animal vibe which many talk about and that i feel minimal (just present) is brought out by the combination of amber and leathery labdanum. The smell is basically amber and musk under my nose and the amber is not brewing or caramellous under attack of mellow fruits or waterfalls of balsams. The amber is simply a bit animal, powdery-incensey ,a bit dusty-earthy of patchouli and spices and finally mossy. I agree who with writes that it shares some similarities with the more animalic and dense Mazzolari Lui but just in the sense that both are amber-patchouli fragrances with a notable addition of woodsy musk-moss in the blend. Endly the two beasts are different and Lui is far more surupy, animal and resinous under my nose. An interesting woodsy fragrance from a great brand.

    12th December, 2011 (Last Edited: 13th December, 2011)

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